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  • you're here since 2016? :woow:

    • Lmaoooo yeah i like kind of took a hiatus. Back then i used to argue with Drew for hitting on Tzuyu at such a young age, argue with Blinks and Onces because i was a red velvet staaaaaan and i made the “Loona debut thread” !!!! I remember the OG nonsense 🥲

    • oh i remember drew :suure: never changes

  • hi

    • Its a commentary on overall popularity, and i even say i prefer black pinks music in this thread :uh-uh-bunny:

    • yeah ik dw i didn't take the thread seriously since you made it as a response to lulus threads about MYs being quiet in the forum :pepe-notes:

      i was just trynna make a joke but it flopped ig :peperain:

    • Sorry usually people on AKP try to fire shots and im a bitch as a defense mech

    • understandable tbh

    • Look at us coming together after miscommunication! AKP users could neva!!!

  • You're an underrated user. You made some interesting threads.

    • That’s so nice! I used to be on the old forums a lot more and I think I was probably more recognizable as a user lol