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  • Hiii

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  • :pepe-high-five:

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    • Heyyy :groovins:

    • Hey hey hey

      I thought I was following you but I didn't :eyes:

    • Hahah its okay! I always forget to follow users tbh :pepe-sad: not used to it yet

  • eunchae in the 3rd picture of your signature :lover1:

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    • Are we gonna speak english now?? hahah the whole concept of that photoshoot was sooo good

  • γειαααα

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    • Γειααα! Δε περιμενα να δω καποιον απ'την Ελλαδα εδω χαχαχ

    • ούτε γώ χαχα

    • Εχω συνηθισει να γραφω στα αγγλικα τοσο πολυ εδω που νιωθω οτι εχω ξεχασει τα ελληνικα αχαχα

      Ειμαστε και οι δυο billlie stans :froghype:

    • μου ναι πολύ περίεργο να μιλάω στα ελληνικα για kpop

      είμαστε και οι δυο tasteful :yesr:

    • Και εμενα, δεν ξερω κανεναν που να του αρεσει χαχαχ ουτε καν το λεω σε κανεναν βασικα συνηθως ;(

      Bias Tsuki να φανταστω? :ooo-bee:

  • Hi tiki oppar :pepe-flirt:

    femaleidols — yunaevis:YUJIN ♡ LOVE DIVE (DANCE BREAK)

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    • I thought Bob was calling me oppa too :cryingr:

      Hey Violet chan :ooo-bee:

    • eyy bob would NEVER call someone oppar till she uses my dp!!!

    • LMAOOOO hey u had the pepe dp not my fault!! Cant wait for Bob's violetification :ooo-bee:

  • tiki how was i not following you pepe-ooh

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    • I wasnt either pepe-ooh

    • then lets pretend this never happened Marge at 2x

    • Yeah, nice to see u on my wall after we've been following each other so long buddy!:pepe-high-five:

    • you forgot my wall posts already ? :pepe-hips:

      next time i wont delete them :pepe-high-five:

    • interesting :melon_think:

  • can you allow me to create a discussion with you ? It will help me track contestants pls

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  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

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    • Well nothing to lose! ....right...?

    • I don't think so :eyes::eyes::eyes:

    • Dont scam me out of my akorns!! :pepe-torch::peperun:

    • you don't have that much anyway :alpaca-smug:

    • ...thats why im participating.... :pepe-onions: but u didnt have to call me poor like that :pepe-puddle:

  • I'm giving you a gift for helping me out with the PIXY badges :p. Hope you can buy them soon.

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    • Omggg thank u so much, you are so kind :borahae: the things i wanna buy here keep piling up lmao

    • As a multi I feel you LOL

    • Lmao now i have to hold back from buying pixy badges..and especially the group badge which is sooo pretty :pepe-onions:

    • what are you saving for?

    • Itzy's for now and i'd like to save for whenever BP has a cb ;( could it be never? yes i am aware but... fjfjhf and other groups or solos i stan..im sure le sserafim will also have their badges at some point and then i'll have a problem there too :pepe-shoooketh:

  • akorns juseyo :pepe-hype::pepe-hype::pepe-beg:

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  • eyy!! all you comments :*:*:*

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    • Thank u for making a thread where the weirdos showed themselves, i took notes :pepe-notes:

    • eyy!! threads like that always seem to attract some strange opinionss...sigh

    • It could have ended at "yes that is weird" but no, it somehow got weirder than even what the thread was about :pepe-life-support:

    • people are always reading into shit and trying to pick apart what ever women say...

    • Exactly :pepe-puddle:

  • ur yeji sig :lover1:

    i saw ur comment on zuzu's thread that u like thriller+slasher movies and i like them too so i wanna ask for some recommendations but i figured it's not appropriate quoting u on zuzu's somber thread hehe :pepefrog:

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    • Hiii :borahae:

      Horror movies and series are my favorite :excited-bee:

      Recommendations hmm..have u watched hereditary or midsommar? What exactly do u like?

    • yess i've watched both :mvbee:

      my faves are slasher thriller movies :mesmerized-bee: but any other thriller movies would be fine :farmer-bee:

    • U should watch "raw", its quite an experience :eyes:

    • wow nvr heard of it before thank u :ak_ireneheart:

    • Thank me after watching it lmaooo have u watched the 2018 version of halloween?

  • tell me pls

  • your aesthetic :love:

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  • Hiya

    I saw Billlie on your sig :eyes: I wanna make for Belllie've friends :pepe-full:
    Whos your bias? :lover3:

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    • Hi <3

      It hasnt been easy to pick a bias tbh lol its kinda changing often between Tsuki and Sua :pepe-sad:

      I assume yours is Tsuki :pepelove1:

    • Whoaa! I bet you were pretty happy with the Tsua Knowing Bros appearance then? :pinky-salute:

      It's Tsuki and Siyoon! :comfort-bunny: Siyoon caught my eye first with their debut trailers, but when they finally debuted I started noticing how cute Tsuki was :claps:

    • Yep! Even more happy since i was a wizone and my bias was Chaewon lol

      Ah Siyoon bias wrecks me sometimes honestly ;( she's so young but so talented its crazy

      And Tsuki is seriously the cutest :cryingk:

    • Wow :omgr: Chae is so talented, I hope everything goes well for her in LSFM

      Siyoon is literally the best :sob-bunny: She's so cute, funny, talented, EVERYTHING! :pinky-not-fair:

      Tsuki <3 Whenever someone talks about cute idols, my mind immediately goes to her. The definition of ADORABLE :cutes:


      Thanks for the follow btw :pinky-salute:

    • Yep Chaewon is rly talented and passionate and i hope things get sorted out abt LSFM ;( that was NOT the re debut i was expecting

      Tbh all the girls are so charismatic in billlie, if i wasnt biased torwards Sua since i followed her back when she was on UR i'd be having such a hard time in the beginning when choosing a bias lmao

      Tsuki comes to mind whenever someone talks abt cute idols too and also abt great performances :mesmerized-bee:

      And thank u for following me back :borahae:

      What's your favorite billlie song?

  • Thanks for the follow back! :send-love-bunny:

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