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  • 🤍

  • Farewell :pepe-mommy:

  • You were one of my fav users here. I'll be sad to see you go

  • this isn't fair :pepe-sad:

  • For people who are curious -

    "Anywayyy. Ill be taking a break from akp or leave entirely yall, those who have me on discord know how to reach out if they wish 💜 This place is an actual shit hole and people are disgusting so adios! Bye for now 💜"

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    • Damn why so suddenly ;( My taste twin is gone now

    • I think more blinks are going to start leaving tbh

      anons are getting worse :mukbang:

  • :wave-cry-raccoon::sadr:

  • :pepe-onions:


    • I'm just on my bed reading my notifications. And I left Korea :-(

    • Wbu?

    • Naurrr but did u have funnn? Did u try good food? What did u seee??

      Im baking a pie to eat and im starving rn lmao and about to play Tomb Raider :ak_irenechickendance:

    • I wanted to stay more time ;(

      I visited almost everything in Seoul but the vibe of the city was so good. I just wanna go back :pepe-puddle:

      I tried a lot of food but the Korean food is not my cup of tea tbh :pepe-peek:

      Good you're baking a pie it might be tasty :pepe-onions:

      Hardy likes Tomb Raider cuz of Lara croft boobs :pepe-smug:

  • honest thoughts on DICE ? :pepe-tea:

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    • I dont understand its existence :pepe-narrow-eyes:

  • Hey auntie Tiki. Uncle Hardy ruined your mariage :cursing:

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  • Yo Yo how have you been foe?

    uWu 1
    • Ayooo, i'll reply in ur msg in a bit, been kinda weird lately :ak_miyeonapproves:

    • oh ok! talk to you there then.

  • TikiTiki, your profile pic is so beautiful. :send-love-bunny:

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  • Rosé was so fucking using that guitar!

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    • HELL YEAH!

    • I meant to add *hot!!

      Now I want a pop-rock anthem from her

    • for some reason i read it even without u writing it :pepe-life-support:

      i was thinking the same, she really needs this sound for her cb :pepe-onions:

    • But but but i thought its not hip hop, they are fakes, cringe and they're gonna humiliate themselves on the VMA's! :lisa10:

    • Girl, do you feel the shift? They feel it too :pepe-toast:

    • Lmaooo i feel nothing, i only keep seeing shitty threads on main :pepe-just-smile:

  • I love your new dp :lover1:

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    • AFTER MAKING FUN OF ME FOR MY HEIGHT?? NO THANK UUUU!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    • Okay I'm sorry for that and I send you some love from me :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2: :pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2::pepelove2:

    • u broke akp with the amount of pepes u send lmaooo :pepe-life-support: okay okay i forgive u enough pepes!!!!

    • thanks Tiki :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

    • Lmaoooo ENOUGH PEPES FJHFJFH :pepe-bonk::pepe-laser-eyes:

  • Rich flop

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    • Why are u calling me a flop youngin?! :minnie-ranting:

    • because I can oldie

    • Watch how u speak to ur elders! :aespa8:

    • sure old lady let's see if you make it 7 years more :p

    • UHM RUDE!! :itzy22:

  • @TikiTiki your sigs not working

    if you used ezgif dont, they delete gifs that you make there after an hour so you need to either upload your gif to somewhere else or to akp and use it

    • Smhhh flops! need to re do that shit fjjfh

  • Hii

  • bro I'm bored ;(

    • Ey same! Listen to some music Itsy :pepemusic:

    • I was, both reggeaton and kpop, I need a sugar boost or smth

    • Ohh reggaeton! Been into Bad Bunny lately :groovins:

  • your Ryujin + dreamcatcher aesthetic looks really good!!!!

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    • Thanks loveee <3:borahae: I noticed u have somewhat matching aesthetics with someone :eyes:

    • :send-love-bunny:

      I do we have been matching for almost a week now :cheer-bunny:

    • I just noticed lmaooo im a flop sorry :waterr:

    • lol happens to me too don't worry <3333

    • JFJFHFH cuties tho :borahae:

    • Hellooo how are u, definitely not Rose's husband?

    • I'm fine and you?

      I'm not Rose's husband

    • Im gewwwd! Still a bit upset over what happened to Ultra but.. ;(


    • Yeah I'm also upset ;(

      And I'm not flexing I just love my keyboard :finger-heart:

    • Fuck that creep who got her number


      I got a little trick on my keyboard too tho...


  • your Ryujin dp was nice :pepepizza: Yeji looks good as well ngl

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    • Im still trying to figure out an aesthetic wait- :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    • Stayc girls it's going down :pepepizza:

    • oh lol idk her name but she looks good she is from stayc right

    • YESSS ITS ISAAAA!! The one who sang the legendary chorus part in stereotype :pepemusic:

      Done with my aesthetics too :froghype:

    • yeah I knew it was her but I didn't know her name the only members I kno by name are Yoon, J, and Sieun.

  • :jeongyeon3:

  • tiki your aesthetic game is finally good :pepe-toast:

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    • also are you planning on watching the one piece live action :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    • Yes..im scared but yes.. :pepe-shoooketh:

    • just imagine how luffys stretchy arms will look :pepe-life-support: its either going to be very bad that it becomes a comedy or... idk :pepe-clown-walk:

    • Im having war flashbacks to death note.... :pepe-onions:

  • I changed my aesthetic faster than you this time :eyebrowsr:

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    • sure :pepe-annoy:

    • I'll change when u least expect it :pepegrin:

    • same here :pepepizza: in fact I wasn't even planning to change my aesthetic today I just did it because my hands did it :melon_think:

    • Ur hands have a separate will?? :melon_think: thats a cool power itsy :melon_think::melon_think:

  • Hey I like your sig :pepe-toast:

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  • Hiii

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    • Heyyy :groovins:

    • Hey hey hey

      I thought I was following you but I didn't :eyes:

    • Hahah its okay! I always forget to follow users tbh :pepe-sad: not used to it yet

  • eunchae in the 3rd picture of your signature :lover1:

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    • Are we gonna speak english now?? hahah the whole concept of that photoshoot was sooo good