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  • I think I forgot to say this to you earlier, but I’m really happy to see someone like you on here. There aren’t a lot of Cubs, much less ones that are open about it, and even fewer that support both Stray Kids and Woojin. I know not everyone on here exactly likes him, to put it nicely, so I admire your bravery. I hope to see you around a bit more. If you ever want to get to know more Stays/Cubs, I’m a Woojin supporter (I don’t quite want to call myself a full on Cub yet, but only because I’m still getting to know him better), and I know @WinterStorm1 is a Cub as well, but I’m unsure if they stan Stray Kids or not.

    Also, I can’t believe that I probably forgot to say this before, but welcome to AllK-Pop and happy one month anniversary of joining here (give or take a few days, I’m close enough). If you ever need any help around here, I’ll be happy to help.

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  • Ah monbebe and universe? Taste all around :pepe-toast:

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  • Not always active here or on social media, recently deleted discord and reddit as of NOV 18th. IG & Twitter as of July 2022. Sorry not sorry.

    With that said though, please remember its okay to delete some social media if it makes you feel bad or overwhelmed. Your mental health is important. 💙

    • I could not agree more. Mental health always comes first.