• I wanna wish you a happy birthday on your wall because I'm not like the other girls :itzy36: anyways, happy birth. <3

    Pusheen : Pip's Happy Birthday 2018 - Pusheen

  • what if it isn't what it is :melon_think:

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  • Good morning ,Beautiful lady

    i want to join the blink guild, :-) what should i do?

  • Hello itiswhatitissssssssssssssss,

    I have a very important question

    Why did you put 2 extra s’s in your username? So instead of itiswhatitis it’s itiswhatitisss

    i mean, itiswhatitisss seems fuller like less plain but why? I personally have theory i’d like to share:

    You were typing your username *click click click* but then you realized something one s stands for style but you want to be super stylish so you added 2 s’s

    so it would be:




    instead of

    just a plain old lonely s :(

    so is that the case? itiswhatitisss

    orrrrr (i have another theory)

    you were typing your username *click click* and itiswhatitis was taken so you added a s BUT it was also taken so you just stuck with 3 s’s

    3 s’s was a good idea though! good job.

    anyways, back to the original question…why did you add more s’s?

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    • nnn you're always so funny :cryingr:

      Yeah the one with 1 s was already taken :cryingr:

      I also wanted to be unique ig :shyr: I decided to add 2 more s's instead of completely scrapping the username :sweatr:

  • Just wanted to remind you, you're one of the best users here

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    • Thank you! :omgr: I think you're one of the best users here too tbh, your taste >>>>

  • Hey, I remember you from the old AKP

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  • Heyyy it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. I missed you!

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    • I've missed you too! How are you? :lover1:

    • I’m good, just finished off my summer school with a grade 97% so that feels great. I wouldn’t have gotten the same results if I had done it in school.

      How have you been bestie? ❤️

    • I'm great...not much going on irl right now so I just lurk on AKP these days.

      Did you like Seventeen's latest album? :pepemusic:

    • Ofccc, it honestly is such a great album. I personally enjoyed it more than Semicolon. All the tracks were a no skip.

      How did you like this album?

    • tbh I loved it! I think my favorite is definitely Heaven's Cloud, all the other tracks were really good too. I really do think Seventeen have one of the best discographies in KPOP and they didn't disappoint! :pepemusic:

  • tiss my fellow staff can i get an opinoin ?

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    • sure.

    • do you think we should have like an APOP section?

      just like the jpop one?

    • What is APOP?

    • american music.

      So like

      'Apop '

      'Apop artist threads'


      At the bottom of the forum i feel like akp has lots of western stans lurking around

    • apop wont be the name btw lol

  • Is it just me or do you just claim threads cause you wanna be first :eyes:

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  • This may be very very unusual of me to ask for but donate akorns pls

    staff members get everything for free anyways so where will those akorns go???

    Look, I even made u a akorn crown:


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    • Can't you ask another staff member :sketchyk:

    • Johnny wouldn’t answer me +I’m scared of him

      2yr closed their wall :(

      Superyeah..I feel guilty asking him for akorns

      Ripia said no +he’s broke

      Ves will definitely not give me any

      ZestyMochi I also feel guilty asking them for akorns

      Um, I think the rest I’m either afraid of, I’ve asked for too much akorns from them, they won’t give me any or they closed their wall so that just leads me back to u

    • So are you gonna give me akorns or do I have to take my akorn crown elsewhere :akorns:    :pepe-comfy:

  • I looove TXT Lovesong/I Know I Love You :lover4:

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  • Can I get my anti-romantic membership please? :omgr:

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    • omg I swear you posted something here but now it's gone :S I think I accidentally deleted it :(

    • it was just something I hadn't given you in like 9 months.... :-P


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  • Tiss how have you been? I miss talking to you 🥺💜

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  • 57220-5969-standing-lookingu-50-1-gif

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  • who is in your pf?

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  • miss you:(

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    • I miss you too :(((((((((((((((((((( I hope your feeling alright :oops:

    • I’m ok.. not any better health wise :( but I’m still pressing on. hope ur doing ok, too.

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  • well i guess

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  • donate me some akorns please :pepepizza: :pepe-sad:

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    • Why? :whatr:

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    • im poor :pepe-sad: ur rich :pepe_akorns: i want akorns :pepe-comfy: you have akorns :pepe_akorns: the reason :boredr: is that im sad :waterr: and akorns :pepe_akorns: make me :happyr: happy :lover4: i also want a badge :lover2: and still wanna have 1k :pepe_akorns: afterwards :yesr::sadr::shyr: pls :sweatr1: huening kai i want :shyr: but poor i am ;( spend akorns i cannot :pepe-sad: akorns you have :love: donating will change my future :pepe-sad: thank :pepelove1: actually want soobin maybe :-) but maybe hyuka :pepemusic: i save :pepepizza: i get txt member tho :pepelove1: u lub txt, right? :pepe-excited: me too :peperain: gib akorn so i get a member :pepeflushed:

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    • :pepe-back-away: How many do you want?

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    • enough for badge :pepelove2: or enough so i save for badge in a day :pepelove1: any amount :pepe_akorns: i appreciate :pepelove1:

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    • :cursing::cursing::cursing:;(

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  • We both had the same thought of changing to an orange theme for the Aespa NL colors :-D

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  • You had a Ryujin dp and now a Winter dp I muss say you have a really nice taste :|:|:|

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  • YOUR AESPETICS! (that's the new word lol) I'm in love.

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  • itiswhatitisss.png

    I made you an new cover for your profile if you want to use it

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  • ‘Tis Kaz Brekker from the shadow and bone tv show (played by Freddy Carter)

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  • tiss play me lol its just a game...

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  • why do you show the links in your sig btw??

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    • I don't do that on purpose :waterr: It just happens.

    • post the image link in source only not link

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  • I love your pfp!!

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  • semi-hiatus

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  • Can I have 7 akorns, please? :pepefrog:

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  • Do you want to play hunger games?

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