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  • A wet paper towel. Day 1 for resilience.

  • courage to be reflective, strategic, and focused in the face of constant distractions and opposition

  • It's courageous of me to ban myself..

    I know the hiatus will extend until my last breath because I'm strong-willed and make an effort to do good..

    Goodbye to the strangers I met on here. I think it's polite to say goodbye now so you don't experience discomfort when you realise and accept I haven't returned..

    Goodbye.. The mind forgets and the heart changes so take it easy.. Goodbye.


  • Love your display picture! :O))

    • Hi

      I do too. I don't know what the emoji means on the end of your comment.. I'll give you bod and assume it's a nice meaning


    • Idk it's just something that I do kind of became a habit :O)) oh look I did it again out of habit XD people the the O is the nose and the ) or )) is the smiley face but it's not! the O is the mouth and the )) is the chin and double chin! >_<

  • we gonna play chess