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  • i still don't get the point of following but i just remembered you followed me a while ago (when i didn't know what it was lol) so i thought to follow back :D

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    • same. I can't see click on a tab to see the recent activity of the people I follow. I just follow users I like and to let them know I enjoy reading their comments or interacting with them.

  • When did your sig and dp happen :starec:

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    • i made it my aesthetics the day after the pics came out. it's nice that i can see the pictures anytime i post something :love:

  • omg that jennie dp :pepeflushed:

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    • she is so gorgeous. The Calvin Klein pics killed me

    • I swear I was not expecting them to take it so bold at first but I loved it so much :pepecry:

  • Who's in your sig? she's a beauty

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  • I hope you’re ok. I miss you!


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    • yeah, i am okay. I am preparing for a big exam so i won't be really active here.

      I also miss all the Neo City members <3

    • Ah! Good luck on your exam!


  • I miss you! 2x

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    • I also miss all the Neo City members <3

      I am preparing for a big exam so i won't be really active here.

    • Good luck! :cheersc:

  • hello Hoalat!

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    • hi zsh. welcome back :pepe-excited::pepe-excited:

      you're back right in time for EXO's comeback

    • yes thats the reason why I unbanned my account. :)

      Im intrigued on what the comeback is going to be this time..

      How are things going on with you?

      And I have never asked this before. But who do you actually stan? Lol

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    • Apart from covid messing up a lot of plans everything is fine.

      tbh going by the definition of stan i don't stan anyone. These days i am just a kpop fan. i have a set of artists i always check out and probably buy their album. here on the forum when there is a comeback a thread is posted and i usually check out songs and add them to my playlist. i don't pay attention to anything apart from the new music releases

  • i have a jun ji hyun dp now :pepelove1:  :pepe-simp:

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  • :mukbang:

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  • fellow czennie hellooo!

    I still remember your iconic title oof can't forget it xD

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  • Thank you for following me! :lover3:

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  • HaoHao recommend me good kdramas juseyo :cursing:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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  • thank you for the follow

    As always why follow me?

    what is it that you see?

    am i interesting am i great?

    nice to meet you I'm selfmate


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    • You make the best comments on AKP!

      Nice to meet you too. I am Haolat

    • Thank you...tell me a little about yourself besides your gender and age which i can see on your profile.

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    • I am currently studying Computer Engineering (hoping I can graduate next year if everything goes right). I am from Nigeria currently living in the U.S. Apart from Kpop I am a big fan of Kdramas and The Weeknd.

    • Nigerian...nice

      I've never met a Nigerian before.

      how did you get into kpop

      Personally I prefer C-Dramas more than K dramas but that's because I'm Chinese

      Which is interesting since I prefer Kpop to Cpop...

      (I wonder why :/ )

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    • I got into Kpop through Kdramas in 2011. My neighbor used to watch kdramas. One time she was watching a Kdrama and i decided to watch it with her. The drama we watched was Dream High ( a musical teen rom com starring idols like Miss A's Suzy, IU, Tara's Ham Eun Jung, 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoug). I really enjoyed the drama then I found out that most of the cast were Kpop idols. I goggled Kpop and Shinee's Lucifer came up. I was like what is this, it looks weird but catchy and their dancing looks good. Then I searched for shinee listened to ring ding dong, replay, and so on. At the same time, I was also getting deeper into Kdrama world when Boys Over Flower had a lot of hype and I had a lot of lee Min-ho fans around me. At that time it was Kdrama >>>>> Kpop in my country.

      I have only watched 2 Cdramas becoz of Diliraba Dilmurat ( I am a fan of her hmmmm beauty).

  • another person who likes saay ! <3

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  • I always remind myself "Work hard in your 20s and live freely in your 30s"

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  • Thank you all for the birthday messages :iloveyoub:

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday! :) :)

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  • Happy Birthday! ♥

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • HBD hao hao

    :!: :!: :!:

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  • happy birthday!

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  • happy birthday, hope your day is going well

    eat lots of yummy foods today !


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    • thanks. and yes my day started well with a lot of sleep. :lover3:

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  • HAppy birthday !!

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  • Happy Birthday


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  • Happy BDay don't know you but still Happy BDay


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  • Birthday Cute GIFs | Tenor

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    The Ultimate Decadent Chocolate-and-Cream Layer Cake Recipe | Cooking Light

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    • thank you. i will enjoy the cake :love:

  • based on the music on your thread, I've come to the conclusion that your spotify playlist collection is jamming. i just know it. lolol

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    • + i just peeped the H.E.R. album cover in your header.

      confirmed, you are one with the Jams. lolol

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