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  • I love your Jennie badge!! One of my favorite photoshoots from The Album.

  • hii

  • it would be very kind of you if you could suport the badge-petition for the Japanese group JO1, even if you don't interact with anything at the end, just give me your name on the list by buying it and I'm happy, thank you in advance

  • ur username reminds me of pj masks

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  • i was busy with bigbang badges :boredr: i had to set up round 1, it will be posted tomorrow. it took me an hour and haven't even finished it ||


    how was it? did you like first episode :pepe-hype:

    i'm afraid to go to kdrama section

    • have you seen it? before i give spoilers

    • Nope! It will have to wait till tomorrow. I got sidetracked by bigbang badge thread 😅

    • okay. i will try to not give spoilers

      With the first episode, i am not sure if i like it or not coz they are just setting the scene for the story now. Some things i didn't like are the intense stares like the director or whoever is in charge should tone it down. Also, i felt like this episode is a tutorial on how to seduce a rich married man. From the synopsis, it sounds like a typical revenge drama. Still looking forward to the next episode even though i have some complaints.

    • I typed everything and then it all got deleted, the page for some reason refreshed and there was no draft ;(

      Let me type it again.

      Lol at stares and seducing rich man. I'm exciting, I'll watch it tomorrow. It will be easier to form opinion with watching two episodes in a row.

      I cannot wait to see ratings. Did knetz really cancelled her or was it just talk lol

    • The ratings of the first episode is around 3.5%. Not bad for a cable network. I am not sure what the Korean side thinks but among international fans some are not watching coz of the scandal while other are sticking with her coz she is a good actress.

  • do you know who the girl in your sig is? :pleading:

    • Her name is Adut Akech. She is a model

    • She's gorgeous :claps: I have heard of her before. She's quite well known

  • i counted. out of 21 badges you bought:

    9 actors

    2 dramas

    5 kpop

    5 colours

    queen of kdramas!

    if you have other faves make a petition, atm we have Gong Seung Yeon and she's waiting for another actor/actress to start her event

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    • i want a Seo Yae Ji but i am not sure if people will support it coz of her recent scandal. I also want a Moon Ga young badge. I will make a petition later today

    • i'll make her badges :D i'll support it and we need to find three more. yes, what she did wasn't nice but it's not the end of the world. she's a great actress and should come back doing what she does best. hope she realized her mistake and learned something from it.

      maybe we should wait a bit.

      moon ga young is a good idea!

      i wonder when will cha eun woo will get his badge. i mean, is astro going to get their badges, or people don't care about the group but only about him as an actor

    • I feel like a lot of people here don't even care about Eun woo as an actor but he is still popular in the drama world. I am not a fan of his acting but i am a fan of his face ^^

    • i'm sure everyone else shares the same opinion ^^

  • you also bought park hyung sik badge :pepe-excited:

    i will never not find it hilarious that you have 8 badges displayed and that only one of them is kpop :pepe-joy:

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

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  • Dilraba <3

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  • Happy birthday! :giftr:

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  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?


    Thank you! :lisa5:

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  • i still don't get the point of following but i just remembered you followed me a while ago (when i didn't know what it was lol) so i thought to follow back :D

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    • same. I can't see click on a tab to see the recent activity of the people I follow. I just follow users I like and to let them know I enjoy reading their comments or interacting with them.

  • When did your sig and dp happen :starec:

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    • i made it my aesthetics the day after the pics came out. it's nice that i can see the pictures anytime i post something :love:

  • omg that jennie dp :pepeflushed:

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    • she is so gorgeous. The Calvin Klein pics killed me

    • I swear I was not expecting them to take it so bold at first but I loved it so much :pepecry:

  • Who's in your sig? she's a beauty

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  • I hope you’re ok. I miss you!


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    • yeah, i am okay. I am preparing for a big exam so i won't be really active here.

      I also miss all the Neo City members <3

    • Ah! Good luck on your exam!


  • hello Hoalat!

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    • hi zsh. welcome back :pepe-excited::pepe-excited:

      you're back right in time for EXO's comeback

    • yes thats the reason why I unbanned my account. :)

      Im intrigued on what the comeback is going to be this time..

      How are things going on with you?

      And I have never asked this before. But who do you actually stan? Lol

    • Apart from covid messing up a lot of plans everything is fine.

      tbh going by the definition of stan i don't stan anyone. These days i am just a kpop fan. i have a set of artists i always check out and probably buy their album. here on the forum when there is a comeback a thread is posted and i usually check out songs and add them to my playlist. i don't pay attention to anything apart from the new music releases

  • i have a jun ji hyun dp now :pepelove1:  :pepe-simp:

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  • :mukbang:

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  • fellow czennie hellooo!

    I still remember your iconic title oof can't forget it xD

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  • Thank you for following me! :lover3:

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  • HaoHao recommend me good kdramas juseyo :cursing:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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  • thank you for the follow

    As always why follow me?

    what is it that you see?

    am i interesting am i great?

    nice to meet you I'm selfmate


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    • You make the best comments on AKP!

      Nice to meet you too. I am Haolat

    • Thank you...tell me a little about yourself besides your gender and age which i can see on your profile.

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    • I am currently studying Computer Engineering (hoping I can graduate next year if everything goes right). I am from Nigeria currently living in the U.S. Apart from Kpop I am a big fan of Kdramas and The Weeknd.

    • Nigerian...nice

      I've never met a Nigerian before.

      how did you get into kpop

      Personally I prefer C-Dramas more than K dramas but that's because I'm Chinese

      Which is interesting since I prefer Kpop to Cpop...

      (I wonder why :/ )

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    • I got into Kpop through Kdramas in 2011. My neighbor used to watch kdramas. One time she was watching a Kdrama and i decided to watch it with her. The drama we watched was Dream High ( a musical teen rom com starring idols like Miss A's Suzy, IU, Tara's Ham Eun Jung, 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoug). I really enjoyed the drama then I found out that most of the cast were Kpop idols. I goggled Kpop and Shinee's Lucifer came up. I was like what is this, it looks weird but catchy and their dancing looks good. Then I searched for shinee listened to ring ding dong, replay, and so on. At the same time, I was also getting deeper into Kdrama world when Boys Over Flower had a lot of hype and I had a lot of lee Min-ho fans around me. At that time it was Kdrama >>>>> Kpop in my country.

      I have only watched 2 Cdramas becoz of Diliraba Dilmurat ( I am a fan of her hmmmm beauty).

  • another person who likes saay ! <3

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  • I always remind myself "Work hard in your 20s and live freely in your 30s"

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  • Thank you all for the birthday messages :iloveyoub:

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday! :) :)

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