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  • Never noticed you on the old forums but you are very funny! :whistling:

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    • I've been called a lot of things but funny isn't usually one of them so thanks!

  • Where would u post your current affairs threads now :(

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    • I kinda think it's fine that there isn't one - for one it attracts a lot of spam, second there's a lot of questionable stuff there that goes unnoticed; lastly, another user tries to bury any threads that isn't his so in respect, I'm kinda doing the same which doesn't feel right to be honest.

      Perhaps it could be revived eventually if a decent number of people requests it back.

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  • always nice to see someone who is actively interested in games.

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  • Hello! I am glad to see you will still be here with us in this new forum (*´꒳`*)

    I look forward to continue hearing movie recs from you in the future too! Although I have lots to see atm lol ☆

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    • No problem. I've said it before, for better or worse, I want to see this through :D

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