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  • hi hiiiiii!!! Sorry bout the game mix up but you still killed it!! Are you a sone or just a taeyeon fan?

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    • def a sone, but taeyeon is my fav (obviously) lol

      what abt you (:

  • omg my eyes suck ass, you're a Taeyeon stan :pepe-excited:

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    • yes purr best vocalist ever, queen of kpop

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    • She is my favorite vocalist in kpop. And Rain my favorite song :pepe-comfy:

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    • my fav songs from her are Time Walking On Memory, Set Me Free and Bye

      bye is so good but pretty sad :waterr:

  • Thanks for the follow :happyr: , I'm Ira btw :lover2:

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  • thank you for the follow!!

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    • no prob <3

      also stress>>>>> its so good lmao

  • Thanks for the follow <3

    Nice to meet you!

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    • no problem

      nice 2 meet u 2 <3

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    • Thanks <3

      So what groups do you like?

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    • well taeyeon is my ult soloist obvi, ngl i listen to a ton of different groups, but ill list like my top groups/soloists

      Taeyeon, TWICE, LOONA, BTS, BlackPink, Day6, ChungHa, SNSD, IU, STAYC, Weeekly, (G)-IDLE, DreamCatcher

      needless to say, im more of a girl group stan lmao :happyr:

    • BTS, BlackPink, Day6, STAYC, and DreamCatcher are bias groups we share <3

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    • nice! i love being a multi-stan cuz theres always something to listen to but sometimes its hard to keep up lmao

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