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  • Are you just a lurker now?

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  • thanks for the akorns! :wow::thumbup:

  • I just keep on chasing that feeling

  • what happened to your mina pfp :/

  • 'sup my new zealand friend

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    • Sup you still around? How's akp land the past year?

    • I'm always around my friend

      since the mass exodus

      different people have come up and lots of people have gone

      I think overall guild action is down dramatically and threads are down but postings around the same

      how about you? you doing ok? still having back issues? did you have a nice new year/xmas break?

    • yeah all is good, a big event is coming up I'll dm you since i dont really want it out there.

      MY back has been mostly good especially since I have stayed off the computer, in that upright position isnt good Lol

      Wbu? hows the family?

      and yeah i expected guilds to decrease I was always a bit iffy about guilds but oh well.

      who are you liking for the chip this year ?? I am rocking with the clippers

    • big event huh?


      that's good - everything else healthy?

      good if you didn't already know I'm now a father of two lol

      I want the kings to win since javale mcgee is on them but realistically? maybe the mavs since luka's balling out of his mind this year

  • Good to be back tbh. Not as staff this time just as a toxic user