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  • ACEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been?????

    • Howdy!

      I'm all good, thank you. How about you?

      Vacation started for me since the 20th. :twerkingpepe:

    • OOO that's great! hope you are enjoying your vacation!!

      I'm pretty good actually! thanks for asking

  • :ak_mumukissu:

  • Have you seen Hyunsuk's ceremonial kick off for FC Seoul? My man did great so proud of him

  • you didn't follow me back...


    • Just followed back, hehe. I also added you back in the auto tag list. You'll be tag next time it will be used.

    • Aww! Thanks for adding me to the list!!


  • Yoo bro can you please remove me from the lesserafim badge thingy please? also I'm going to donate 100 akorns just in case anyone needs some to pay for their badge

    • Aww, okay. No problem. :oops:

      How are you? :finger-heart:

    • Thank you Ace! I appreciate!

      Pretty good, hbu?

  • Hiii

    • Hello Hilary! Welcome back. :pepe-pj-green:

    • Thanks! How have u been?

    • Also, I'm not really back, I just came here for a while but I'll be back on july 25 until august..

    • All good and hustling for akorns to pay bills. :pepe_akorns:

      School is back by August, right?

    • Ohh, what badges?

      No, July 25..

      Also are u going to the BP world tour?

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

  • hello uncle :finger-heart: I am here for my allowance :finger-heart:

    • What allowance?? :pepe-tinfoil-hat:

    • The allowance you are supposed to give me :finger-heart:

    • Your uncle's broke (but keeps signing up). :pepe-shame:

    • i see that lol :pepe-hehe: ive, nct,and more Good luck getting all those akorns! Cheering you on <3

  • What badges do you want me to vote for?

  • bro what kang daniel badges you want me to vote for?

  • you stan blackpink :danceb: seems like I know nothing about you

    Like 1
    • I stan many groups. :pepe-flirt:

    • you do honestly

      What other groups do you stan?

  • Are u saving up for any badges?

    • Yes, wayo? :whatb:

    • Oh, was just asking if u have akorns to spare. What is it btw? Treasure static badges?

    • YES :mooning:

      And many more pending I wanted to buy :pepe_akorns:

    • Oh, I see. Good luck!

  • hi, why did you sent me 77 akorns?

    • So you could buy the Second Step LE badge if you want. :froghype:

    • aww thank you <3

  • Hello ACE! How are you doing ?

    • you flop left me hanging :cryingr:

    • LMAO :angryr:

      Sent you akorns so you can get the bundle!

    • Thank you kpopace I will pay them back soon :pepelove1:

  • Akorn donations pls :pleading:

    • What are you farming for this time? :whatb:

      My akorns currently reserved for pending badges. :pepeflushed:

    • Billlie LE badges

      Ooh, it's okay then :nervousk:

    • I see. The pre-order is really tough. :cryc: :pepelove1:

      Are you aiming for member LE badges too?

    • Yeah ;(;(

      Mhm :yesr:

    • All the best! Time for you to spam. :pepe-hehe:

  • I don't think I have ever talked to you, sup how is life?

    • :angryr:

      All good. Spazzing more than working! :pepe-hehe::pepe-sad:

    • bwahhaha as you should (your pockets might hurt later though :pepe-sad: ) btw if its okay for me to know what is your job? you don't need to answer if it makes you uncortable though.

    • Sales. :blowing-kiss:

      That's why I have flexible time. Still tough tho. :pepe-life-support:

    • oooooo thats cool :froghype:

      lmao are you online during work?

  • don't forget to vote for lee do hyun and han so hee!

    Love 1
  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3
  • Hello 😈

    Long time no see


  • i just realized ive never seen you before :pepepizza:

    • Hello! :froghype:

      Oh really? I'm pretty active. :pepeflushed:

      Nice meeting you. :pepelove1:

    • helloooo

      yeah...unless i have nd i forgot-

      nice meeting you too <33 NOW OFF TO THE IMPORTNAT QUESTION

      what groups do you stan?

    • Maybe we just don't engage much in similar threads. :pepe-notes:

      I'm a multi-stan! All my badges/trophies are my ults tho.

      I know and listen to most groups. :pepe-smug:

    • hmm...maybe.

      ooooooo wait if tthose are just your ults....then how much do you stan altogether??????????

      i see. You like kingdom????? (the group)

  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :pinky-salute:

  • Donate akorns :waterr:

    • You have more than me. X(

      I'm saving up for future badges I might avail. :akorns:

    • butbubtbtbutbtubtutbtubtbut :pepe-sad:

      okay, i'll move on to the next person:omg24:

    • Happy Halloween Oli! :pepe-hehe:

    • Kamsamnida :blowing-kiss:

  • :mukbang: