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  • Hello! Will you be coming to @bangtan-hoodie and @kittykitka 's wedding?


    It's today at 12pm CST <3

  • hello thanks for follow

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  • thanks for following me, fellow weeb

    • No problem, thanks for the follow back 8)8)

    • Favorite anime ?

    • oops sorry just saw this, honestly I think it might be Madoka Magica? I grew up watching a lot of magical girl animes so it grew on me pretty fast, esp since its darker too. Do you like Kakegurui?

    • Lol you guessed it. It's my favorite. Not to mention I have the fattest crush on Midari and Mary.

    • The good taste really showed with Mary :eyes: fav since ep 1

  • hello i dont think i've interacted with you before

    thanks for the follow but why me though ?

    • You seem like a overall logical and cool person. :-)

    • why thank you so as i ask everyone tell me something about yourself?

    • Well idk what to say lol, Im currently procrastinating doing my school work lol. BUt uhm Im not an interesting person at all, I also have a cat and a toxic ass family.

    • toxic family?

      do you still live with them or at uni or school ?

      i've never had a cat before you prefer cats to dogs ?

    • Yea Im currently at home due to the pandemic. My city is doing really bad. But I like both. I just dont like little dogs. I like big sweet dogs like pits. Probably because I was always around my Uncle and his two rottweilers.

  • Thanks for the follow! <3

  • thank you

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