• I. Introduction

    Chaein is a south korean singer under RBW and the vocalist, rapper and dancer of the girl group PURPLE KISS.

    II. Career

    In 2011, she appeared as a contestant on the competition show K-Pop Star 1 failing to pass the auditions. In 2014 she returned to K-Pop Star 3 being among the 12 finalists.

    In 2014 a representative from YG Entertainment shared with a media outlet that YG’s CEO had his eyes on Chaein while being on the judging panel, recruiting her for the company.

    Sometime in 2019 Chaein left YG Entertainment and in February 2020 she was introduced as a member of RBW 365 Practice Project.

    On July 28, 2020, she was revealed as the sixth member of PURPLE KISS.

    III. Chaein Facts

    - She’s a former YG trainee.

    - She was a def dance company’s student when she was young

    - Chaein co-wrote and co-composed their 2nd pre-debut single “Can We Talk Again”.

    - Hobbies: drawing, dancing.

    - 3 words that describe her are charm, excitement, and funny

    - She has two dogs named willy and bella.

    - She likes colour hot pink.

    - She love to eat cakes, she can ate the whole cake.

    - Chaein appeared on a sbs show called sbs star king when she was 6.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)