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  • Wendy is beautiful in your profile pic

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  • I appreciate all your posts in the guild <3:happyr:

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  • You seem so nice and you love WENDY!!! So... Hope you Have a great day every single day in order to behold the greatness of WENDY!! :happyr:

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    • Thank you. You are sweet. Wendy is a fairy who sings like an angel.

  • for u


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    • Thank you. It's so beautiful. It would make a nice signature.

    • you're welcome! I thought of you when I found it ^^

    • Nice if I remind people of Like Water. They will remember it. :-)

  • Finished it! would love your opinion if it's accurate or not before I post on YouTube

    hope u love it


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    • You did a good job. It's pretty accurate once again. :-)

    • any other requests?

    • Not really for now. I will tell you if I have any.

  • Do you have any How would Red Velvet & aespa sing requests? I notice u stan for both!

    • I am a casual fan of Aespa and not really a MY but maybe how would Red Velvet sing Black Mamba ? And how would Aespa sing Happiness ?

    • I've done How would Red Velvet sing Black Mamba

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      But I can do How would aespa sing Happiness!

      Could u tell me if the link above is accurate please and thank u

    • You have a Youtube channel ? Great. I will check it out. I like Red Velvet, Twice and Blackpink. This line distribution is accurate. SeulWen have the harder parts with Joy sometimes. Irene and Yeri have the lower parts which fit their voices.

    • thanks! I take requests all the time and have a variety of videos I do boy and girl groups even Western solos

    • It's cool. Tell me if you do Happiness for Aespa. :-)

  • Your Wendy aesthetic is beautiful :pepelove1:

  • Love your profile pic!

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