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  • I thought I was following you already but I wasn't:ak_bunny3:

    • yay thanks for the follow :ak_irenechickendance::ak_jiheonheart:

    • No problem! I don't usually use the follow option and sometimes I might forget to follow back rip but better later than never :ak_bunny3:

    • I followed all the guild members I interacted with so I don't get you guys confused with other people :pepe-hehe:

      I was lost when I first joined :ak_bunny14:

    • Understandable, we all were confused especially with the new forums as before akp was different :ak_bunny3:

  • Thanks for the akorns, and congrats on the win :claps:

    • Thanks and I hope you'll get your subforum very soon :blushing::claps:

    • ..we already have it :eyes: lol

    • lol really, I didn't check :pepe-hehe:

      well congrats on having a sub forum :pepelove1:

    • Thank you :pepelove1:

  • :cutes::smirks:

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  • bro we have an event happening in last week of July, the akorn farming one. And it will last for a week

    well the guild with the most posts wins but we don't know the prizes yet

    Anw i hope you can join us ♡

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    • Yeah I will be joining

    • Let's win this :pepe-cowboy:

    • I think Kireta added me to the participants this morning :pepelove1:

    • ah that was different, I think that event will happen in the first week of july and it's mostly trivias/quizzes

      We just have to spam post in this event to win :pepe-hehe:

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    • ohhh :pepe-hehe: , then let's win them both :pepe-excited:

  • i hope you enjoyed the game :lovec:

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    • yes it was really fun :claps:

    • thank you guys for playing, that made my evening :lover4:

    • we used to play every weekend but these days everyone is busy with work or school :(

      hope you could join us in the next game again

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    • yes hopefully :claps:

  • Thanks for the follow :blushing::pepelove1:

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  • i noticed you are more comfortable posting in the guild now


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  • Thank u :lovec:

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  • :blushing::lovec:

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  • :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

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  • thanks for the follow :pepelove1:

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  • hi

    do you want to buy exo's badge? I can help you with akorns :pepelove1:

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    • Hey!

      Yes I wanted to buy an exo badge, but was confused with the akorns thing :cryingk:

      thank you so much you're so sweet :pepelove1:

    • okay I'll transfer you akorns :pepelove1:

      you earn one akorn for every post

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    • Oh thank you so much :pepelove1:

    • you're welcome and btw you can join our guild once you reach 100 posts

      I hope you can do it before the cb :blushing:

    • I missed my chance to spam kai teasers thread yesterday :cryingr: