ladidaladidadida You make me cooOOool.

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  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~
  • OMG FANCY JIHYO :love:

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    • Fancy Jihyo is arguably the most powerful Jihyo.

    • Not when this exists :siptear:

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    • She really goes off. Our mighty goddess.

    • YESSSS :lover1:

  • I love you :pepecute:

  • I noticed you had the Sulli Badge
    May she rest in peace
    :pepe-comfy::pepecute::peperain::pepecute::peperain::pepecute: :pepe-comfy:
    :pepe-comfy: :peperain::pepecute::peperain::pepecute::peperain::pepe-comfy:

    • Ah, yes, I made a request for a Sulli badge and was grateful the forum team published it. I was, am such a fan of hers. I especially liked her solo EP, and I had been listening to it repeatedly prior to her death. She was so beautiful and lovely. Her death was such a tragedy.

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    • I didnt know about FX at the time
      but i learned about her death on tiktok
      she will always be safe and have love from me and for all who loved her!

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  • I love your dp!

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