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  • <3 92 LINERRRSSS

    • yeah, i am glad ro meet you

      I heard many good things about haha

    • WAIT ABOUT ME? O // O
      I'm just a melon, nothing special

      nice to meet you too!

    • yeah about you, people really seem to like you

      I hope you didn't have too much of a stressfull day

    • awww really. Recently I've been feeling the opposite. But that makes me happy to hear.

      Stress will come and go. The good times outweigh it.

      How are you?

    • kmc people like you a lot haha

      I am good, a bit exhausted these days

      Shouldn't we start a guilde with people our age, or is it just better to be all inclusive? What do you think?

  • Thank you for the follow daddy :*

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  • :*

  • Hi! I see you are Jin's age, nice to see another adult on here! ;-)

    I'm Jaeda! I'm in the Megachurch Guild, and it looks like you're joining

    You can message me if you need help with anything! :thumbup:

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  • Hey, your back! How are you, are you feeling better?

    • hey yeah i guess i am

      How are you?

      I wouldn't say better, just more persistent lol

    • kinda ok, since they're going to start going hybrid they've been loading me with homework and it's all due on Friday :sweatr: but my health has been holding up lately. And I have to be on point too cause will be changing teachers since I have to stay virtual.

    • i am glad to hear that you're health is keeping up!

      The rest... Well that kind of sucks

      I hope you'll finish everything nicely until then

  • MINSOO!, are you the one in your dp?

    • omg why lol?

    • idk, it kinda looks like hyunjin from skz but idk

    • ah because of the long hair? Ahaha

      It's kind of the quarantine hair style

    • Yeah lol

      So it is you? if so your hair looks nice...that's it

      also nice jacket

    • no lol

      I won't probably put my pic up

      But it looks very similar to me

      I don't own this acne jacket lol too broke

      This is jongsuk

  • Hey when you come back onto forums when your feeling better or in need of a rant, ping me in your thread to be your personal hype person :pepe-cowboy:

  • why thank you my good friend

    why did you eventually decide to follow me though?

    • you told me to and i am a victim of peer pressure.

      No, i kind of like what you say and how you say things, as simple as that.

      Nice to be your friend haha


    • well in that case tell me about your self my friend?

    • alright, this is going to be awkward, let's go.

      I am Minsoo/ Minsu/ 민수, or Michael, that's my westernized name

      I am into kpop pretty much since birth, due to the fact that i was born in sk but moved to europe germany when i was 11.

      I am an illustrator and i am kind of lame

      I like salty foods, and i am not really into sweets

      My favorite number is 11 일일 it's kind of a korean joke...

      Hah.... Yup. And i am old, like i finished studying old.

    • well if you've checked out my profile on the introduction page then you'll know I"m pretty old too (36) if not go check it out you'll learn a lot about me lol

      I'm curious to know exactly how old you are. I assume you are male from your name.

      One thing I would like to ask is are you more Korean or German...since growing up in Germany since 11

      Because I, myself am Chinese Australian and I have been in Aust for 30 years but I still consider myself to be very chinese, chinese values, ethics, Confucius and all that...

      do you feel the same for your Korean heritage or are you more German in that sense?

    • Oh damn, what a relieve!

      I am turning 29 in a month, so you're not old to me hahaha

      Yeah i just checked your profile, thanks mate

      Yeah i am male, last time i checked i was lol

      So this is kind of a difficult question, in germany i am a korean person, even tho i already think of myself as a german citizen.

      In korea people treat me like a foreigner most times cause i have some mannerisms that are not typically korean.

      My dad speaks fluent german, he already was able to speak german before we moved, cause he studied in Munich. I would say we are quite alike, we enjoy the german culture a lot. My mother on the other hand is quite different. She travels back to korea 3 times a year, cause she misses it very much.

      I would call myself korean, even tho my korean has become quite bad, for a native...

      I still identify with korean culture, so do my parents and i could never live without. If people ask wherr i am from i mostly answer: korea, but i grew up here in germany.