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    Sad 4
    • i wasn't here when the initial drama happened. i'm sorry you have to leave due to bullying. not surprised tho. i hope you feel better now and i hope you'll eventually come back. :pepelove1:

  • Fake army spreading hate


    Jokes aside don't be too upset over that thread


    • Aww, you are so cute. Thank you! Your message is really cheering me up right now. :lover3:

      Maybe the timing was not very smart and I see that some really have a problem with it.

      I will not address "serious" topics in the future.

      Thanks again. :pepelove1:

  • Yo bestie hi guess who I am

  • sup bestie :froghype:

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    • :love::love::love::love: kitty!

      how are you ????

    • I'm doing good :lover3:

      Just enjoying my summer 😎

      It's a good time to laze around and do nothing :happyr:

      How are you :blushing:

    • Sounds good :love:

      Same. At least on the weekends. ;(

      at the moment the weather here is rather bad. Much rain, clouds and little sun.

      I hope we get news from blackpink tomorrow. Then the week starts well and ends fantastically with BTS new song. :love:

    • I would love to trade weathers with you :pepe-sad:

      we're currently going through a heatwave over here :pepe-life-support:

      Some people have even died.

      Getting blackpink news and bts song?????

      That would make my month :lover1:

    • Yes, your heat wave even made it in our news. I hope you do not suffer so much. In 2018, we had a heat wave for two weeks and it was terrible. <3<3<3

      Of course no news of Blackpink. Why??? :cryingr:

      But at least we will get BTS. :lover3:

  • Long time no talk

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    • Yessss :pepecute:

      How are you, sweetheart? :pepelove1:

    • I am good how are you sweet heart

      I a having a badminton game that I am so excited for

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    • That sounds nice :omgr:

      By yourself or on TV ? :whatr:

      I haven't been able to do any sports for a long time. In my country, sports are still forbidden because of corona.

    • No no no school sports and I am trying to get yuna to do jae a licky licky

  • wdym both groups want u as a fan? they don't know u :|

    • I don't know if they want me. But I'm sure they don't want Akgaes.

    • Don't be too sure. We spend as much money as u maybe even more.

  • how have you been doing ? :pepelove1:

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    • hey :lovec:

      I'm fine, thank you and you?

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    • I'm doing pretty good ❤

      Just working through finals right now, which is fun 😒

      I haven't seen you around these days :pepe-sad:

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    • Oh god, sweetheart. I'm sorry for the late answer.

      Right now I have so much to do. Today, thank God, a little less. So please don't be angry with me. :blowing-kiss:

      How are you?

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    • It's alright lmao :cutes:

      I'm glad you have less to do tho

      Summers coming up so we deserve to kick back a little :smirks2:

      I've been doing alright

      Still bogged down with finals unfortunately :oks:

      But that'll all be over in two weeks thank god

      Have you been enjoying the bts teasers? :eyebrowsr:

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    • When will your finals be over?

      I'm incredibly excited for the summer. The corona numbers are going down in our area, so I hope the restaurants and stores open again. :cheersc:

      What's it like for you guys? I always read in the news that you are far with the vaccination. Are the stores open where you are? :whatb:

      I love the teasers, oh my god. I have to be honest though, and say that I don't like J-Hope's hair color. :nob: I have always hated yellow hair, but still he looks very good.

      What do you think of the teasers?

      I'm so excited for the song. I'm sure it will hit #1 in the US just because is a BTS song, but I don't really care about that. I just hope it meets my taste.:)

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  • Hello! Will you be coming to @bangtan-hoodie and @kittykitka 's wedding?


    It's today at 12pm CST <3

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  • happy birthday!! :iloveyoub:

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  • Happy birthday baby :pepelove1:

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  • Happy birthday! <3

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  • Happy birthday luv :cutes:

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  • Happy Birthday Cookie! :lover3:

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  • Happy bday cookie :cursing:

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  • Yo yo

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  • Love 1
    • heyyyy <3<3<3

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    • hey ;( I missed you ;(

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    • missed you too! ;( how have you been?

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    • ok and I think leaving for awhile was a good thing 😜 but I missed interacting with y'all here. How are you 😜?

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    • Yes, sometimes you just need some time off. When I had a lot of stress in my private life, I was hardly active here. :|

      But now I'm doing well again, especially after Rose's solo. :love: :love: :love:

      I'm very glad that you are back! :love:

      What do you think of the new forum? :-)

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  • help a fellow armyblink out by donating 100 akorns pleasue :peperain:

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • were from the same place :pepe-excited:

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  • I've come over because that other thread was getting way too long :eyes::eyes:

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    • Lol, you are right. I was now and then also quite confused where to look. :eyes:

      I'll just reply here to your last message.

      I always think about whether I should ignore haters, but then I'm also too curious what idiotic stuff they have come up with, haha. :pepe-cross:

      I think 280K is a very good number considering it's the second biggest live concert after BTS (or the third biggest) but just that a girl group can do something like that is admirable. Normally it's always the boy groups that are have the biggest concerts or album sales.

      But I would be happy if it were 300K. That would then just seem much bigger, although it is only a small difference. :pepe-use-head:

      I'm curious when Youtube and YG announce the official numbers. :pepe-cute:

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    • ah

      Didn't mean to confuse you sorry :happyr:

      I also have problems with ignoring haters sometimes :sweatr:

      It's just so easy to argue with them, next thing i know its been 10 pages and I've made a fool of myself :sadr:

      280k is not a bad number

      the way some people are trying to make fun of them for it does rub me the wrong way :annoyedk:

      even numbers are better tho like you said

      300k would be so much better :teeheek:

      it's hilarious how we keep missing each other. I feel like we're in opposite timezones or something :cryingr:

      what country are you from if you don't mind me asking?

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    • Haha, it's all good. You're right, the other chat has become much too long. :D

      I wonder when YG will share the official number. :/

      Do you happen to know how long it took for Big Hit to share the official numbers? SM did it with NCT too, so I think something will come from YG as well. Especially because we don't know where they got 280k from either. :|

      I have the same with Haters. ||

      However, I always try to end the conversation quickly. On the one hand, you don't want to have anything to do with them, but on the other hand, you have the feeling that you're looking the other way and not helping your faves.... X(

      We have a big time difference, if the show was at 11pm for you and 6am for me. I come from Germany and you? :) <3

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    • I hope yg shares the numbers after the rebroadcast or something.

      I wonder if those will be counted as well 🤔

      Ik a lot of people who decided to skip the show and watch a rebroadcast because it was very late for them.

      I don't know how long it took bighit but I remember being shocked at how quickly they put it out.

      Bragging about bts, as they should :siptear:

      Germany huh


      that was an unexpected one

      I don't think I've ever spoken with someone who came from German :teeheek:

      I suppose you're bilingual then?

      I'm from the trash land known as the united states

      That is a very big time difference isn't it ?


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    • I mean, I can understand when people say they don't want to pay for an online concert or it's too late or too early. I don't know if I would have gotten up at 3am.... probably, but not everyone is as extreme as me, haha. :P

      Big Hit does it right and supports BTS where they can. :danceb:

      I never understand that about YG. :wilds:

      Sometimes you get the feeling that they aren't interested in Blackpink's success. Which is pretty stupid when you consider that no company in this world would sabotage the best and most successful product of itself. :mads:

      United States? :love: Wow, I really want to go there. You have so many beautiful places.

      I wouldn't really call myself bilingual. :S I understand a lot because I read a lot of books in English and the world of Kpop is dominated by English, so I have no choice... my grammar is okay (I hope), even if I make a lot of mistakes :pepe-cringe: , but my listening comprehension is a disaster, haha :pepe-cute:

      I also sometimes don't know how to express myself. But many people in Germany have this problem. I don't know if it's the same in other countries.

      Can you speak a second language? :saint:

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