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    I want to say that i don't gang up on anybody.

    I always insert myself on others's fights so no surprise on my side :pepepizza:, but i appreciate this unexpected br sweet moment kkkkk

    thats true surprise br moment LMAO

    I can't like I used to love fight but I got so tired of discussions lately I still discuss as we can see but I feel tired rather quickly ~ I always envy your energy mona for real :flying::flying::flying:

    and btw i dont like sounding like I am being "superior" sadly I did sound like this on this case BUT i just came in because it was someone that i like and think of as a friend, i wont pretend i would do it if i wasnt friends because discussions kinda take too much time (i mean several shades of gray people are anyway) therefore i am not trying to sound as if i am doing the "right" thing

    this was 100% personal so that's that no moral basis only personal issues

    Ok, I fucked up. If you tell me I fucked up I trust you.

    Sorry Pink, I apologize for taking over from the old forum things that I assume were you or were you.

    Yes after all Mona is right, everybody got a clean slate in this.

    Also pinksz I don't have a superiority complex, I have an inferiority one, that's why I am always combative and try to prove myself. Even at 40 years old. It's quite lame tbh, but I can't help it.

    That's okay about the apologise, just don't try to put others down on this manner when fighting because that's a bad look imho I came here because I felt you were being too rude with omni in the way you speak it felt like you were putting him down on a personal level and I felt like this was crossing the line and omni is someone I personally like

    and also i did bs in the past totally but i dont have an alt so i think you are mixing me up w someone else? lol but that's fine though I just expect we don't have to fight over those stuff

    Damn, me blocking your alt really hurt ya, yeh?

    You are so predictable.

    ok you are totally mixing me up with another user

    i dont have alt lmaooooo

    but wtv floats your boat dudeee i know you are so stuck up when you think something you think you are 100% right and no one else have rights not even to say how they feel

    honestly i wont go preachy as you because i wont sink that low

    i just wanna say good luck in your future on math

    oh everyone i know and care knows about the shit and fights i used to get

    but do you know what aleszzz i kinda had a moment where i thought to myself oh i am being a fucking jerk over kpop? and you are here being a jerk over math and as far as i know you are even a effing jerk to people close to you but i wont talk much because i am not a shallow asshole

    lets look at the bright side at least i am not throwing a hissy fit over stupid math because someone else posted it?

    what was the matter alesszzzz are you upset you werent the one who made the thread?

    you can judge me all you want it must be such a happy state of mind lol specially when you choose being this rude and carrying fights lmao

    you are such a butthurt one

    and why should everyone know you? BTW you are not famous alexs get over yourself sometimes your head is so far up your ass you don't even realise how pathetic your attitude is towards others i don't feel like calling out too much because i am not getting money for babysitting but i find your attitude rather childish specially for someone as preachy as you honestly why like do you even self reflect? i dont give a shit about math neither about this situation but you have no rights to talk like that to people you have a serious superiority complex by the looks of it?

    yeaaah the only right thing you said on your reply is that we can't detect sarcasm by a forum and you should know better since you are so smart, isn't that right?

    or is everyone imbecile but you?

    oh please dude you are being a jerk to someone else over stupid number just get over it

    honestly dude do you need be this rude though? like wtf

    is that necessary? stop and think for a second you are being a little rude for no effing reason

    does math rustle your jimmies that much???

    haha its true i cant run away from my taste for super barbie aesthetics xD i remember i watched a bad series (ok it wasnt bad bad but very disappointing) because of the aesthetic of the main character! its scream queens the name of the series but sadly its very bad the ending lol for both seasons like just watch for the fashion and personality of the main character srsly

    idk why but Fine makes me sad like maybe its the song lyrics I feel way like omg this is so sad the same about happy (ironic) i just... idk i am too sensitive, srsly. Fine was the lead track for her first full album from this album i have tons of fav songs lol tho fine is sad the album is like super good 1000/10

    I loveee Karina she is my favorite in aespa so far, followed by ningning, winter and giselle on this order but they are still so new i can change my favorite ranking? idk lol in time... ooh i understand i dont know much about vocals i did liked their encore stage a lot and i think winter and ningning did fine they are still rookies we gonna see way more, and i think i understand what you mean people do be praising winter's voice a lot specially actually on this cb savage i have noticed that winter caught a lot of attention i guess its because she is pretty and talented? she seems like they say an ace! but i kinda prefer ningning voice so far? lol its still too soon to decide anything hahaha but i can tell i listened to savage way more than bm and nl but thats fine i totally got what you meant!

    yeaah i did watched the video it was saved here but i forgot to reply because i watched some days later when i had my mind more in the place so i could pay proper attention to the video! haha i dont remember who was but i am thankful for the thoughtful rec!

    thats true people have different views in what cross the line or not this can be a little difficult to enter on a debate about sometimes what i find sad is when like the person clearly changed and like it was a past mistake sometimes even soo young and people go after like a witch hunt i just find this sad... i also dont like how people sometimes judge someone based on harmless (i rlly mean harmless lol) opinions but yeah

    haha thnk ÇÇ i do try to hold some of my dramatic stuff but thats difficult xD i think i will only go back to her the doctor close to december i have to bare this? i guess? like my stomach is super in agony rn LOL

    oh yeah i simped for Lucius Malfoy LMAOOO I cant help it ))): and Snape was a great character

    Victor was way more impressive on the book I was so upset how the movie treated him and Fleur I wont even start or else its gonna be another dramatic rant lmao the movies are fine and very fun no doubt but as far as i am concerned the books are way superior

    HAHAHA OOH THAT WAS FUNNY NOW I IMAGINED MARRYING NARUTO LOLOL noo i dont think our personalities would blend well together XD I think hmmm Sai, Sasuke or Shikamaru would blend better with my personality! HAHA WHY AM I CHOOSING NARDO VERSE HUSBANDOS what my life has become... but thats fine! you can pick a husbando from naruto ? lol hmmm YEAH IF IT WAS GINTAMA THE ANSWER IS ONLY ONE

    KATSURA <3

    hahaha cant judge a girl... :cryingk:

    omg its 3 am and i rambling stuff

    ah yes the chunnin exams were sooo cool and the last arc of the classic anime too we had nice neji action its sad how i dont get to see hyuuga fighting anymore ÇÇ but naruto and hinata's younger daughter himawari has byakugan so maybe maaaybe she can learn hyuuga jutsus in the future?

    still miss neji because he was the genius of the clan so i think he would be so strong rn...

    oh about sangwoo i put on spoilers because sometimes i did get spoilers randomly like that so i think huh what if someone else get spoilers randomly like that too? i know it sounds paranoid haha but it kinda happened to me so many times already i feel like no one should get surprise spoilers even if the chances are sooo thin oh yeah i like him not because he is a good person

    lol sorry for this mindless rant of mine xD i didnt even made any good point sorry

    ah sometimes when i am watching anime or series i have to go back to few scenes because i kinda spaced out ugh while reading books this is the most common scenario lol like i am reading a book and my brain reads a page automatically while not paying attention its a weird thing our brain does

    hahaha dororo sounds rlly good then! do you have easily to watch? hmm i guess i have seen it on amazon but i am not sure...

    i remember when youtube had many good cartoons (even some in dub where super fun) but hey majority went down sadly

    cool then mob psycho had an actual ending? different from one punch man right its still goin on i remember they are the same author? but like i much more prefer when they give an actual ending, hm usually the manga is the canon source, but there are very rare things like when the anime comes first then they make a manga (like madoka) but the manga doesnt count? you know its like lol sometimes its the other way around but in general like yeah the manga is the canon source (speaking of which i find funny when people debate what they consider canon like? canon is what is in the manga or source xD there! i can't with discussions like that when the manga explicit show the canon stuff you know?) so if i ever get into the promised neverland i will only read the manga which is sad its quite fun watch animes sometimes

    haha I do worry because I am very upset with myself and my own condition rn i feel like i cant do anything right lol sorry for like venting too much but like lately i am gettin easily sad and tired so it kinda its hard sometimes to make sense please do forgive me ÇÇ

    oh then I am always being a boomer here lol I am such... I feel old yeah hahah but being the same old you is like doing the same things as always? i am like that

    hmm yeah i used to write stories but they were mini stories! of horror maybe? yeah but i dont think i have the same heart and idk brain anymore i feel like my brain is getting dumber and dumber

    when you think about making a manga what do you think? like genre and characters?

    I would love to write a shoujo about a mermaid LMAOOO like but that would basically the little mermaid but i am basically just gonna watch the classic

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    ainda to meio doente então se eu dar reply ruim ja sabe KKKKK AH MEU DEUS EU TAVA TÃO DOIDA QUE ESQUECI DEE EXPLICAR o que tava preso é meu cabelo ele vive preso, ja ouvi falar q isso da dor de cabeça mas ontem ele ficou solto mt tempo o dia todo praticamente e tive dor de cabeça do mesmo jeito Ç_Ç é uma enxaqueca muito forte fico ate com nausea (e eu nem boto nada p fora p eu tenho uma trava sabe? eu lembro q ja peguei uma virose q era p por pra fora e eu n conseguia ai so ficava doendo meu estomago por dias e dias foi dps do carnaval foi mt tenso tomei o pior remedio do mundo chamado plasil ACHO esse remedio da reação horrivel e eu ouvi falar q é mt comum essa reação parece q vc quer arrancar a sua propria pele sabe? KKKKKK ok eu sei q é loucura mas é tipo isso uma agonia horrivel)

    enfim desculpa passei muito tempo falando sobre mim

    ah sim siim assiste the king loves eu pelo menos achei top demais KKKKK aaah eu amei o fim e Yoona ta maravilhosa como sempre!

    SIIIIM cinderella man é super antigo eu tinha assistido assim quando conheci kpop lol pq tinha Yoona la então fiquei mo hypada naquela época eu assistia mais as coisas xD

    ah entendi poxa eu me pergunto pq a gente tem esses sonhos ÇÇ eu sempre relacionei meus sonhos c SNSD a vontade de ver elas ao vivo de vdd sabe tipo se elas viessem pro BR lol ja esse de Jungkook N SEI DE ONDE VEIO KKKKK foi mt random xD acho q é pq falavam mt nele? sla

    AH vc ta aprendendo coreano? que legal eu acho a pronuncia dificil sabe? isso é mt legal! eu nem sabia que eles falavam diferente em dorama historico isso acontece pq tipo a linguagem era assim sabe como aqui era mais formal? não sei? pode ser esse o caso?

    eu acho q é super de boa ficar famoso ou famosa pela beleza mas se eles estudam pra melhorar sua atuação é um bom plus n é?

    hmm vc ve mt dorama isso é bem legal, esse ai tem algo de terror mesmo? kkkkk bem... eu gosto mt de filme de terror coreano sabe acho muito bom mesmo Ç_Ç eu to c um ainda p assistir aqui lol ja mencionei ele pra vc certeza faz semana q ta na lista e essa lista n anda lol realmente tem mt dorama policial eu me pergunto vc gosta mais policial ou mais dorama de suspense? tipo aquele da classe? qual era mesmo o nome ai?

    qual vc ta vendo agora? de dorama ou sla série Ç_Ç

    mas olha vc ta bem? pq vc foi pro médico? que medo, eu tenho medo de medico eu espero q esteja tudo bem ai! DDD: