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  • Hii Pink! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • HELLO! sorry for the late reply! I am doing good how you been doing? :DD

    • it's okay! good to know you are doing good, I am too!

      anything new with you since we last talked? :check-bee:

    • thats nice! hmmm okay something rlly new... i painted my nails fist time in YEARS no joke (ok thats not interesting lol) I was just finding this funny I think my days are rather boring sorry! ÇÇ the funniest thing happening to me those days was... when my 2 cats basically broken the ceiling (its just a particular part, not entirely just on the kitchen ~actually not even the kitchen more like an extention OH SORRY MY ENGLISH SUCKS SM TODAY) and my male cat got lost on this tiny event and all it took hours for him to get out, my female cat Pandora left me as soon as I called her (it was very early in he morning so people woke me up just so I could call her she doesnt attend others lmao) lmao but the other... the lost one... tony... he didnt knew what to do lmaooo so we are now with a tape holding that part of the ceiling (but its transparent so its all good lol) ok i am just boring sorry! it also reminds me how I am waiting for a keychain come it has been 1 month +! aaah i hate mail service here Ç_Ç I am glad you are doing good! watching anything cool? oh i have finished the dorama beyond evil and its awesomeee

    • that's amazing!! i have never painted my nails like EVER cause I'm still not allowed to lol. it is interesting, my days have been boring too, lmaoooo haha, it's okay, i can still understand it and i can relate...

      what keychain are you waiting for? just watching kpop vids and enhypen contents but other than that, nothing actually, i've been so lazy these days lol, ooh what's it about?

    • its a keychan from singapore it has been 2 months already i guess idk i am very sad lol its totally our country's mail failure system! i just hate that... its not even funny... sometimes i dont buy stuff because it just wouldd take forever + it would cost 2 x the price! its pure clownery

      AAH i see... i was never forbid to paint my nails i was just so lazy i am still tbh lol but I will keep painting i guess idk why it makes me feel better i guess its self steem issues

      absolutely i have been lazy those days and i am genuine pissed at this country mail system i feel like i am goin insane

      waa you rlly like enhypen right? i was listening to some classics such as

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      its about a city small city that has secrets and serial killer stuff goin on... its rlly cool! i was very surprised by the dorama :DD

  • Pinksz I have some enha song recs for u.. Tell me what you think!

    • yaaay you can send me any songs you want I am playing games a little so soon I will listen to your recs I love love when people send me songs



    • ok, I'll send you songs next time when I have time...

      Ikr, it's sooo good!

    • YEAH

      I still listen to them to these days specially the first 2 lmao feel free to rec me songs :DDDD

    • Yes! I'll send u songs next time!

      Btw, love your Hyuna aesthetic!

  • Hi!

    • hi there :DDD whats up

    • hello! nothing much actually

      btw I love your Krystal aesthetic..

      also what groups do you stan?

    • thank you! I love Krystal <33 oh rlly I know how its my weekend was kinda meh but it was okay more cool days are yet to come! I stan all on my badges + SHINee + Red Velvet + SuJu + Hyuna (she is one my fav idols) + 4Minute + Exo + Triple H + troublemaker + Exid + Zico +Dawn! and I listen a lot (wouldnt say stan tho its difficult to explain) to Big Bang + BP + NCT + and more rn my brain is like zzzz

    • what about you? :DDD

    • my stan list is really long so I can't tell them all rn but my ult is enhypen and my bias is jungwon..

      also what should I call you?

  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

    • done :DDD

      no worries <3333 glad to help

    • obrigada my angel!!! :finger-heart::borahae:<3 you're the sweetest ever!! :send-love-bunny:

    • no problem glad to help <3333

  • hi pinksz :borahae: would you like to join our merryland guild? do you like momoland? :pleading:

    • oh thank you very much for your invite! I only listen to them casually and my guild is the BR one but I feel very flattered to be invited! n_n

    • omg! i hadn't noticed your guild designation with the two hearts! im so sorry! :pleading:

      come visit us anytime you want in Merryland! :borahae: We love guests! <3 Thanksy

    • ooh thank you! <3 you are very kind

    • so are you :pepelove1: thanks for the follow back :send-love-bunny:

  • Is it just me or is Toneri Otsutsuki super good looking like whoa. I know he's supposed to be a bad guy, but why did they make him so pretty :pepe-peek:


    If I was in Hinata's spot I would've ditched Naruto for him :pepe-flirt:

    Too bad he's on the moon now

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    • I guess Hinata just loves Naruto too much haha (I think it's cute) but it is true that he is good looking! ~ for me the hottest Naruto villain is Madara (alive) tho :((( I would say Itachi but you know he aint a villain totally lmao

    • Mm, yeah. Lol :smirks2: It is pretty cute how she loved him through out all those years, since the very beginning.

      He's pretty hot too :lover1: Hmm, Itachi is a pretty weird case :melon_think: But if he was a full-on Villain he would be up there with the top evil models lol

      This might be kinda weird, but Orochimaru is good looking sometimes too

      Like the Log vs Orochimaru thingy in Boruto, where he had his hair tied up :ak_hyunjinnom:

      Could only find this gif of the episode


    • OH hahahah I can't tell if Orochimaru is considered good looking by the fandom in general everyone agress he is a weirdo (but I aalways admire someone with a exotic taste okay) lol I like his design on Boruto too ~ he is a little interesting he did all that crap and is allright LMAO thats okay it happens, for Itachi is funny because he is not evil but at the same time he did the end of the clan hahaha yeah it wasn't his fault but he did... And thats why everyone hates Danzo lol ... if Itachi was full villain he would be one of the hottest villains ever ÇÇ

    • Yeah, the fandom isn't very fond of him :cryingr: In Naruto he looked really...old, but in Boruto he looked :pepe-flirt: Itachi is a Anti-Hero (someone who doesn't have the hero attributes, but it kind of still considered one), no? He only killed his clan for the greater good afterall :melon_think: He would've def been at the top of the list if he was a full Villian though, you're right :siptear:

    • haha Itachi is complicated totally Ç_Ç but at the same time I love him! hmmm do you think Orochimaru looks old in Naruto classic and shippuden? I think his looks the same because he can change bodies so he can not only look young but his body keeps young so he never gets the time putting weight on his skills... thats why he still active on fights? maybe you prefer his looks on Boruto haha

  • rawr

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  • I like your Tsunade aesthetic :lover1:

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    • thnks <3 I like her a lot :DD hm naruto has many lovely characters for me :pepelove2:

    • You're welcome <3 She's so cool :lover1: Yess, Naruto has really interesting and cool characters :ak_gyuriescite:

    • YES! <333 love naruto games too Ç_Ç too bad they so expensive in my country like lmaooo

    • <3 Whoaa, the games are so cool too! I had Ult Ninja Storm 4 before, but I didn't know how to play lol :smirks2: Aw :wilds:

    • I love ninja ultimate storm 4 I have it lmao like I can't play online tho because everyone is already way too pro-player (in a sense they already count even frames I cant reach this level lmaoooo) and I am bad lmao I can play pvp in other games tho

      one game I am looking at is ghost wire 100% (i know it aint anime but I suddenly remember about) looks so DOPE

      not gonna even... this game looks so perfect and I cant play first too expensive second I dont have ps5 LMAO

      i am gonna rest in poor <3

  • thanks for the follow my friend and as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself which I don't already know lol

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    • I thought I followed you already haha I am sorry I am so slow

      hm... something you dont know? ok

      I write poems sometimes but I end up deleting or throwing them away

      if not poems maybe short horror stories <333

    • have you always been interested in writing and poetry?

    • yes, i always have liked them but i am no expert ))):

      do you like writing too?

    • not writing per se since i can't be bothered to put pen to paper but I do like making up random stories...

      like usually my stories will have a moral or a point so I can teach my son certain lessons without actively telling him yes/no etc

      he loves my stories so I keep making them

      and I would say the only artist I stan is eminem with stan being my fav song so from when i was younger I really liked lyricism and rhyming

    • OH I RLLY like Eminem too I love his word plays and lyrics of course i am not a native english speaker so some of his lyrics my like not be of my understanding however i do get he is a great artist i find him to be very talented! oh thats so cute you tell stories for your son! do you tell him also fairy tales and such?

  • hmmmm the whale agenda? lol ok but you think this cute? :eyes:…whale_cant_do_the_tricks/

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    • YEAH it is

      whales are so majestic

  • Why you confused?! :mad:

    • well i think thats because im dumb, sorry :(

    • no, you're not dumb! :cryingr:

      You simply didn't reply fast enough, thus! I forgot what the punchline was! :waterr:

    • aaw :pepelove1: thnks i am dumb tho one could only wonder how i go through the day alive

      yeah yeah i do am slow on this forum lately, but to be fair this is applies to all my life LOL

    • *Capybara is amazed at this accomplishment*


  • Welcome back fellow HyunA enthusiast! Let me know if you need any help with anything! I will help as much as I can and if I cannot assist I will find an Mod to help you <3

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    • thank youu, you are very kind! are you a Hyuna fan too? :omgr:

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    • Yes! Me and @LilyM are the two biggest A-ing on the revamped fourm. We both were mildly active on the old one but are super active here now.

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    • I am a fan of Hyuna too! I am here since the start but I am still not that used to the forum, I am getting used to it now tho

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    • It takes some time to get used to but it is okay. There are many who are willing to help if you need!

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    • yes, it does take some time, I am still not that used to it but I will be fine ~I hope? LOL I am kinda scared at how slow I am but thank you again <33

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  • hey!!! Thanks for following!!!

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  • hi :lover3: ty for the follow love ur aes <3

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    • no problem! :claps: thnks for following me too

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  • hi :') ty for the follow!!

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  • Hi :lover3:

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    • Hellooo <3  :D

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    • How are you?

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    • fine even tho I hate sundays lol what about you? :D

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    • good too,. Why did you hate Sunday? Isn't it weekend? :whatb:

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    • yeah it's but I always felt sad af in sunday this day always gimme bad feelings for no reason I can't explain LOL but yeah it's weekend gonna take my day to play some games and forget about this weird feeling I have every sunday, idk how it started I have it since small? but anyways sorry if it was too weird I just freaking hate this day lmaooo

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