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  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?

    Thank you! :snsd5:

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  • thanks for the follow my friend and as I ask of everyone tell me something about yourself which I don't already know lol

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    • I thought I followed you already haha I am sorry I am so slow

      hm... something you dont know? ok

      I write poems sometimes but I end up deleting or throwing them away

      if not poems maybe short horror stories <333

    • have you always been interested in writing and poetry?

    • yes, i always have liked them but i am no expert ))):

      do you like writing too?

    • not writing per se since i can't be bothered to put pen to paper but I do like making up random stories...

      like usually my stories will have a moral or a point so I can teach my son certain lessons without actively telling him yes/no etc

      he loves my stories so I keep making them

      and I would say the only artist I stan is eminem with stan being my fav song so from when i was younger I really liked lyricism and rhyming

    • OH I RLLY like Eminem too I love his word plays and lyrics of course i am not a native english speaker so some of his lyrics my like not be of my understanding however i do get he is a great artist i find him to be very talented! oh thats so cute you tell stories for your son! do you tell him also fairy tales and such?

  • hmmmm the whale agenda? lol ok but you think this cute? :eyes:…whale_cant_do_the_tricks/

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    • YEAH it is

      whales are so majestic

  • Why you confused?! :mad:

    • well i think thats because im dumb, sorry :(

    • no, you're not dumb! :cryingr:

      You simply didn't reply fast enough, thus! I forgot what the punchline was! :waterr:

    • aaw :pepelove1: thnks i am dumb tho one could only wonder how i go through the day alive

      yeah yeah i do am slow on this forum lately, but to be fair this is applies to all my life LOL

    • *Capybara is amazed at this accomplishment*


  • Welcome back fellow HyunA enthusiast! Let me know if you need any help with anything! I will help as much as I can and if I cannot assist I will find an Mod to help you <3

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    • thank youu, you are very kind! are you a Hyuna fan too? :omgr:

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    • Yes! Me and @LilyM are the two biggest A-ing on the revamped fourm. We both were mildly active on the old one but are super active here now.

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    • I am a fan of Hyuna too! I am here since the start but I am still not that used to the forum, I am getting used to it now tho

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    • It takes some time to get used to but it is okay. There are many who are willing to help if you need!

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    • yes, it does take some time, I am still not that used to it but I will be fine ~I hope? LOL I am kinda scared at how slow I am but thank you again <33

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  • hey!!! Thanks for following!!!

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  • hi :lover3: ty for the follow love ur aes <3

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    • no problem! :claps: thnks for following me too

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  • hi :') ty for the follow!!

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  • Hi :lover3:

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    • Hellooo <3  :D

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    • How are you?

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    • fine even tho I hate sundays lol what about you? :D

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    • good too,. Why did you hate Sunday? Isn't it weekend? :whatb:

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    • yeah it's but I always felt sad af in sunday this day always gimme bad feelings for no reason I can't explain LOL but yeah it's weekend gonna take my day to play some games and forget about this weird feeling I have every sunday, idk how it started I have it since small? but anyways sorry if it was too weird I just freaking hate this day lmaooo

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