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    make him come back bestie i missed Seho interactions on arcade so much 2x

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    • Noooo someone bring him back I can't do this ;( </3 I miss them together so much </3

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    • I finally caught up on Busted and watched their episode the other day. The way they were attached at the hip all the time they didn't even try :sadr:

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  • :pepe-excited::pepe-excited:

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    • liiitc I miss you :crys:

      How are you? :pepecute:

      What are your favorite bsides in DFTF? :cutes:

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    • Nighty I missed you too :pepe-comfy::pepe-excited::iloveyoub:

      I'm alright. Just got a new phone hehe :pepe-life-support:

      How have you been :pepe-excited::pepelove1: Is school in session?

      My favorite is definitely No Matter :blushing: A vibe from start to finish!

      2nd fave maybe Just As Usual :melon_think:

      Wbu? :lover3:

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    • :iloveyoub::iloveyoub:

      I've been good too! School is officially over in one week so I'm excited :pepe-excited:

      omg No matter is my fave too! (with Runaway) :pepe-hype:

      I love Just as usual so much too, it's such a great song :pepe-sad:

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  • I love your aesthetic :blushing:

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  • Nighty :pepe-excited: :pepe-excited:

    Guess what :pepe-cowboy:

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    • What :pepewhat:

      I hope it's good news :froghype:

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    • Suho hunger games :pepe-cowboy:

      Suho eras, you and me (were partners), kireta and lost (they’re partners), and dream baekhyun

      Does 11 pm Friday your time work for you :pepe-excited:

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    • Oooh let's go! :pepe-cowboy::pepe-hehe:

      Yes that works for me :pepelove1:

      This is going to be fun :pepe-hehe:

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  • It's important that you backread the wedding thread :eyes:

    Lots of big things happened

    Well you won't have to worry about fighting with my mom anymore :peperain:

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  • Wait Nighty :danceb:

    I didn't recc you a song called Kal Ho Naa Ho, just 2 songs from that movie; Maahi Ve and Kuch To Hua Hai

    So which one of those two do you want :whatb:

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  • Make a discord :wilds:

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    • Oh you already came to ask kekeke. NightChamp get a discord challenge.

      LOL 1
    • I asked multiple times but she says she's too lazy :crys:

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    • I finally have a discord account :pepe-hehe:

      Send me the link by DM @litc:mooning:

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  • :pepe-excited::pepe-smug:

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    • :pepe-hehe:  :pepe-excited:

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    • Make a discord Nighty :wilds:

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    • We need six bridesmaids total :/

      Who do you want to ask :pepe-hehe:

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    • omg I always forget and I'm lazy :wilds:

      I'll create a discord acc... Someday :pepe-life-support:

      Why do we need six bridesmaids ?:pepewhat:

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    • Do it soon :wilds:

      3 bridesmaids for each of us so 6 :pepe-hehe:

      Let’s ask Kireta :pepe-hehe:

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  • Oh I just noticed the new sig!

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  • New profile picture! Looks cute :lover1:

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  • Same age and Suho biased too :lover3:

    Of course I had to follow!

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  • thanks for following uwu <3

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