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  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • Hello :mvbee: I'm doing good, just busy with life I guess. How about you? What's up?

    • Good to know you are doing good! I'm doing good too! Nothing much, just school works and all, you?

    • Work and chores mostly... How's your term going so far? Doing good?

    • I see.. Ig so, I had exams a few weeks ago but the results aren't out yet..

    • I hope you aced it, hang in there!

  • oi, are you gonna buy the Yoona 1st gen badge?

    • I can't I need the akorns for the special SNSD badge

    • I mean, if you farm you might have enough time left? You are nearly at the LE badge amount

    • I'm tired of farming haha, I'll post less after I get the special badge

    • very relatable @.@

  • hellooo <3 I wanted to ask whether there is a SNSD guild or artist thread somewhere?

    • No guild but we had a pretty active artist thread which unfortunately got deleted. I ask the mods if they could recover it but they couldn't. Feel free to make a new one!

    • I am so confused- do you know why it got deleted?

      And how about we form a guild instead? It's pretty much the same format, but you can buy individual badges at one point?

    • I don't know how to form a guild, and I also don't want the pressure to keep it active haha

    • lmao, I do get that xD

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

  • Thanks for the follow fellow SONE :!: :!: :!:

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