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    Truly incredible, this could have been interesting discussion but alas

    Yep. I personally would like to see some momentum on having promotions focus less on music shows. At least reduce the amount of them every week. They were good for their time when the Internet was still young and it was hard to see your favorite artists in better than 240p, if at all. But nowadays we got live streaming, high quality uploads of performances and dance practices, and even video chatting with idols. I'd gladly take acoustic performances, behind the scenes videos and more concerts and fanmeets over six "live" music show performances.

    I'm me, and I'm calling her lazy. Because she is. The fact that it isn't "mandatory" for her doesn't make her any less lazy to not put in the same work as everyone else. Would you ever tell your boss, "I don't NEED to do this so I'm not doing it?" Because that's a great way to end up unemployed.

    Your logic is incredibly flawed.

    Since when does not following what others are doing mean you are being lazy? She says the process of recording for music shows is long and flawed which can result in sub-par performances, which is true. Idols have to wake up very early to rehearse but have to wait a long time for their turn to shoot. And they do this many times a week depending on how many music shows they want to promote on.

    Maybe for rookies that's what they have to do for lack of a better alternative. I'm not suggesting music shows should go away. But for established acts, they are a big time sink which can be better spent on other activities such as concert/fanmeet preparation, and producing better content such as live clips, performances on Killing Voice (and other show), and variety shows.

    Just because you're the type of person who's okay with doing what you're told to do without ever questioning the process, does not mean that others who aren't afraid to point out flaws or suggest better alternatives are "lazy".

    It's easy to say something you disagree with has "no relevance," but I'm afraid you've not done anything to prove SNSD's "technical" proficiency at singing. And what does that even mean? That they're using the correct technique? Because that's not going to magically improve a mediocre voice. If you want me to name a group, how about their own successors? Red Velvet absolutely blows them out of the water vocally, both in terms of their main singers and overall harmonization. It's not even close.

    For starters, how about being able to reach the notes in the songs they're performing live? Not sounding flat or sharp for the highest or lowest notes? And if we go with how professionals evaluate singing ability, how about projecting sound from the vocal chords instead of sounding too throaty or breathy? Ability to perform vibratos? Agility? Not straining but being resonant when belting?

    Whether someone has a voice you like or don't like has no relevance to these singing abilities.


    Taeyeon >= Wendy (both among the best female vocalists in K-pop)

    Jessica > Seulgi

    Seohyun, Tiffany > Joy

    Sunny > Yeri, Irene

    Some of the performances I've based my comparisons on:

    If you disagree with any of the comparisons I'd be happy to hear your arguments.

    But otherwise like I predicted you chose Red Velvet which is absolutely not an "average" group in terms of vocal ability (arguably they're the second strongest in 3rd gen), so already your claim that SNSD are below average falls flat.

    Hyoyeon has a god awful voice for starters. One of the worst singers in all of Kpop. Yoona, Yuri & Sooyoung are all well below average. Sunny is too high-pitched. She comes on and it's like listening to a song by the Chipmunks. Tiffany went to the Christina Aguilera School of Faking How To Be a Good Singer. She's highly overrated. No one even paid her any mind until Jessica left and she swooped in to take more of the lines, and there's a reason why. Her and Seohyun only made it into a sub-unit thanks to Taeyeon's politicking, not because they deserved the showcase.

    If we're talking about the technical aspects of singing, most if not all of what you said has no relevance. SNSD has five good technical singers which puts them well above the average vocal line of a K-pop girl group (in fact easily among the best for the popular girl groups). Feel free to name a group outside of Mamamoo or other lesser known vocal-focused groups like SPICA, and we can compare best vs best, 2nd best vs 2nd best, etc.

    I'm also curious what you would consider an "average" main vocal and an "average" sub/non vocalist, and I'm fully expecting you to name me well above average ones because otherwise, you'd look silly.


    I'm only keeping track of the five major awards shows listed in the first post. Of course that doesn't mean the other grand prizes don't matter, it's just hard to track every grand prize awarded in existence (especially for older groups) because some shows don't award Daesangs anymore, some award shows simply don't exist anymore, or some are just a one-time award show.