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    I meant in terms of general public interest, he used to be everywhere in Korea, routinely top surveys, etc.

    My point was he's not as big anymore as he was in Wanna One, and the same goes for most members of Produce groups.

    Chungha and maybe Sejeong are quite literally the only Produce members who's public image elevated to a great extent after their project group disbanded.

    So hes getting all those high profile cf deals all by himself but doesnt have public interest?

    hes not as trendy but hes still an household name. It is weird to expect someone or something to stay super trendy for years (trends are meant to die down at some point) but it doesnt mean they're not doing well anymore. cf deals, brand reputations, tv guesting invitations and ratings, etc(he does well in all of these) are actually better and more objective indicators

    On what basis do you base yourself to say that kang daniel isnt as successful as hes used to be in term of cf? Since his solo debut he endorsed/ had collaborations with puma, pepsi, givenchi, kakao friends mexicana chicken, KKT to name only the really big brands he worked with ...Most of these are bigger deals than what he got during w1. And this without the push or the backing of a big company since he is now on his own and independant. So i wonder where is the assumption that he s not doing as well with cf coming from?

    I love eveything about this song except for the chorus and this is so frustrating for me.

    The song only needed a decent chorus to be amazing because the verse parts are already really good but the chorus kind of ruined it for me...

    Why does Produce 101 say that there could be a permanent group but never had been one
    has there been any group that has lasted the longest from Produce 101?

    The original premise of the show was to debut a temporary group composed of the winners from a given season. The contract of the group from the first season only lasted a couple of months but seeing the huge success of these groups mnet kept making their contract longer and longer for each season (first season group (IOI) lasted 9 months, 2nde season (Wannaone) lastes 1.5 years, 3rd season (izone) lasted 2.5 years). The fourth season winner group (X1) was supposed to last 5 years (which is not that far from a regular kpop group contract duration) but the scandal happened so they had to stop promotion prematurely.

    It is difficult to make those groups permanent because the members all come from different companies. Eventually they always end up breaking up because there are too many parties involved, making it difficult to please everyone's own interest and to come to a common agreement.

    Sometimes i feel like peoole on allkpop are a bit out of touch with what is really going on within the korean entertainment industry. Daniel is literally one if the most successful male idol soloists. He is the second best selling soloist with other 1 million accumulate sales in 1 year, own his own company, has lots of cf deals and collaborations with big brands like puma, givenchy, kakao friends, pepsi, mexicana and all of those were acquired thanks to his own reputation because he doesnt have any big company to back him up.

    For the people believing the brand reputation, he is topping them too (was second in the last one for example) and gets a magazine cover almost every single month.

    Daniel is literally an household name in korea.

    He is lacking in western international recognition but it doesnt make him a nugu. International fame is pretty much useless for the moment and does not bring that much money.

    If you feel bad for him you should feel bad for 99% of idols too because he is among the top idols.

    WOAH that's crazy! I almost cried after reading that. I feel really bad for him and someone said that his latest comeback (so amazing btw) Paranoia was about him fighting his inner demons and what happened in 2019. 2019 was not a good year for many idols it seems, especially Jihyo and Kang Daniel. Are people over it or are people still hating on him because of what happened? And it all started because of a really stupid reason. KPOP fans are really, really harsh sometimes. There are a lot of people who support the idols but haters are inevitable and they always seem to bleed through the support that is given and it affects the idols in a horrible way. Like I can't stress enough, idols are humans too. And kneeling is because they want to speak out for something they believe in but isn't well-received around the world apparently. Also one of the reasons why I wish that dating lives were private of idols. The truth is, haters are always inevitable and privacy simply doesn't exist for a KPOP idol it seems, same with most celebrities. That's why I would avoid fame at all costs.

    it seems to me that Daniel was the victim of an organized hate campaign in 2019. Everything that he would do would be turned into something negative and exacerbated to the max. It was constant harrassment, belittlement, mocking, criticism no matter what he would do and and it was coming from both antis on korean plateforms and sns, and the medias themselves. And i have no doubt that this organized hate had something to do with him trying to leave his former company at that time, knowing how vicious the industry can be when you dont conform.