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  • Hello hello. I have sent you an reward. Not much but it's something, so redeem it when you come online, okay? I'll be waiting.

  • what does a classy tea party mean???

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  • omg is this like ur third revamp

    • Lol yes. I left during the first revamp tho/ I had just started using the site again may of last year :cryingr:

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    • wow, thats insane lol. how long have u been into kpop?

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    • since about 2010. i only started legitimately following and stanning groups since 2012 tho.

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    • oh my godddd wow

      and uve been on forums ever since? what was the ver first akp like lol.

      also whats the biggest diff between kpop then and now

    • i mean honestly akp has barely changed lol. people are still toxic, there are still trolls, some of whom have been around for a LONG time and were even on onehallyu back in the day. it was probably a little more vile back in the day bc they used to have a bashing thread where people said som pretty terrible stuff about idols and got away with it, which bred higher levels of toxicity. and modding back then was way more lax. they rarely deleted threads unless it was smtg crazy. the modding is the biggest difference i think. mods "care" more about users being rlly rude to each other.

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