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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • wanna play connect 4

    • What's that?

    • 4 in a row game


    • Awww I have just finished working, I don't think I have active enough brain cells to play :-D sorry, maybe another time <3

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    • okay

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  • u nailed on that thread 3048_Pepe_Sword.gif

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  • SM artists fan?

    • Not all of them but over the years I found I'm more likely to like an SM artist then other company artists lol. Mainly because of vocals and consistent music quality.

    • who do u stan :danceb:

    • Super Junior and NCT. But RV is my all time favorite GG and I'm liking Aespa so far too. I also listen to EXO casually and enjoy SNSD's performances a lot

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    • NCT is amazing :omgr:

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    • Who do you stan? I think I know you stan Ateez right? Correct me if I am wrong

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  • one piece fan :?::!:

    • Yep. And you?

    • hell yeah, best anime imo :!:

    • I genuinely like the whole crew. If I had to choose favorites it would be Luffi, Zoro, Sanji and Nami. But I love everyone else including Chopper. How about you?

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    • zoro and robin

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