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  • It’s really sad that your thread about genocide in Gaza was closed because of those stupid Zionist trolls and now they keep on commenting on very thread you make about Palestine, anyways all I want to say is that you have my support

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    • It's disappointing that the mods succumbed to the pressure and locked the thread instead of taking more severe action against the trolls and repeat offenders. But I am genuinely not surprised, I saw this coming the moment zionists and their supporters started throwing accusations of terrorism and threats around. That's how they move always.

    • Yeah I was really disappointed but the mods they could’ve just gave those trolls warnings or whatever not close the entire thread but it’s not a first where Zionist plague a place and make it hard to live in

    • That is how has always been. They never want to moderate, they just lock it and punish users that posted according to rules.

      Let me brighten a mood a bit. I still haven't moved on from mods locking "permission to dance bop or flop" thread, and it's been, how many years? 3? I was in the middle of replying and mods locked it!

      That was a interesting thread, armys discussing about polarizing song. And instead of moderating it, they just locked it. Still mad 😄

    • I think that the only threads that should be closed are the racist and misogynistic threads other than that threads with sensitive topics should be allowed especially when mods preach freedom of speech the people that reply and don’t respect the rules should the ones getting flagged not the op that created the thread

    • The same west that's racially profiling people for doing peaceful protests against the government's policy still pretend to wage wars to spread freedom and democracy. It's also interesting how the opinions of the people whom they're allegedly liberating don't matter at all, it's like "I don't care what you think or how you feel, I'm going to liberate you by force, and I'll destroy your beloved country and kill your people while doing so"

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

  • it would be very kind of you if you could suport the badge-petition for the Japanese group JO1, even if you don't interact with anything at the end, just give me your name on the list by buying it and I'm happy, thank you in advance

    • I'll gladly help, just give me a link and I'll purchase the petition ;-)

    • thanks, it's actually easy to find, you go in the akorn shop and on the right is a list of cathegories, just click in the petition one and than you see it

  • would you possibly be willing to just have a "Guild: MerryLand" added to your profile description?

    I just need two more members to make my Momoland Guild dream come true! :pepe-sad: Zero requirement on your part, just a good will gesture! :pepelove1:

    • I'm sorry, I wish I could help in a different way ;(

    • Itz ok, thank you for considering my request and replying to me :borahae:

    • You're welcome. Good luck.

  • I like our matching hualian aesthetics 🧘‍♀️

    • mine are better :mooning:

    • No. 🧘‍♀️

    • Hua Cheng would turn on you so fast for saying anything with XL isn’t #1 ☕️

    • omg that's actually accurate jnsjjns,n;,k


    omg i'm still trying to finish the book. its so long ;(

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  • :akorns::eyes:

    donate akorns pls

    • I'm poor :sadr:

    • Let's make a deal

      If you donate now, you'll never be poor again in the future (But you don't know how FAR in the future)

      Sounds like a good deal, right? :nct10:

    • How much do you want? :pepefrog:

    • As much as you want :akorns::pepe_akorns:

    • Thank you!! <3

  • I’m reading all the mxtx novels in their English translation :pepe-hehe:

    • I got mdzs as an early birthday birthday gift and I'm getting tgcf soon :pleading:

      But I haven't started reading yet. I saw some complaints about the quality of the translation, i hope it's not too bad :eyes:

    • Yeah it’s not good. I don’t like sukia she’s not a good translator the criticism is deserving. It’s ok as a free translation nothing to complain. But when it’s seen an editor and is being sold that’s pretty low quality.

      But anyway I still enjoyed reading it again keke

      SVSSS had the slightly better translation because it wasn’t sukia 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

      I bought all three on kindle keke so I immediately read it.

    • That's really ironic, for the translation to end up being bad after the fiasco with exiled rebels when it was revealed that suika got the mdzs deal :pepeshut:

  • Regina George

    Had to look that up :pepe-hehe:

    • omg you don't know Mean Girls? because you really should watch it if you didn't already, it is a classic lmao

    • Lol

      I don’t watch girl bully dramas :pepe-hehe: :pepe-cut:

    • It's a movie and it is really REALLY hilarious :cryingr:

    • :oks::danceb:

  • The thread was locked while I was away. Thank you for the love to my hot Li Xian dp. :pepelove1:

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    • You're welcome, I remember someone asked you about him in a thread a while ago and you said he is actor and recommended some of his works but I can't really remember the recs. Does he have any works with a historical setting?

    • It won't let me react to your post, weird.

      Well, to be honest, he is not the best actor out there but he is so handsome and that is enough for me. :eyes:

      I think I talked about Go go squid , his most popular drama which s about computer security competitions. I haven't watched his historical drama yet- I am taking a break from Chinese dramas these days.

      If you decide to watch a Chinese drama, you should watch the Long Night with Bai Yu. He was in my sig for a while. It was really really good.

    • I looked up the long night and it sounds interesting, thanks for the recommendation :lover3:

    • My flop self missed this notif. :pepe-sad: Old age is upon me.

      Yw! If you ever watch it, please let me know what you will think of it! :pepeflushed:

    • alright, but it will probably take me months to get there lol, i have a long waiting list of mangas/animes/novels/dramas to do OTL

  • Toхiс аrmу post in anon uo?


  • Your Buggy DP is superior 8)8)8)

    • I miss him too ^^

    • Maybe when he comeback he will be already King of Pirates ^^^^^^

    • Final op showdown : Buggy The Legend vs God Usopp let's go :pepe-cowboy:

    • Haha I'm more hyp for this showdown then Luffy vs Kaido :claps:

  • Were you the one that made that NCT thread in the anon section? :pepe-hehe:

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    • I have no idea what you're talking about :pepe-smug:

    • We have a lot of fans. :pepe-hehe::pepe-hehe::pepe-hehe:

    • The way they POUNCED on what used to be a positive thread :pepe-life-support:

      And the way they claimed they're an nctizen lurker lmao

    • Btw I wasn't even aware we had "friendly" lurkers in the guild :eyes:

      Obsessed much?

    • I have an idea who that might be. :pepe-popcorn:

  • Do you hate hate Aespa and My's ? :-(

    • What makes you think that? I like Aespa, I'm even part of the official taglist and a honorary member of the guild.

    • I don't know I see a some My who say bad thinks about NCT so I thought you start hating them like this thread :-(:-(:-(
    • Do you mean my post in that thread? Maybe you misunderstood me or maybe I worded it in a weird way. What I meant was that people are already saying that Aespa can only win if SM manipulates the shows and buys the award for them, and I hate these arguments. People are already preparing themselves to call it rigged and undeserved IF Aespa wins a daesang and that sucks, I personally genuinely think they deserve to win on the account of both their numbers and the huge impact Next Level has.

      As for the NCT thing, I didn't really notice but I'd definitely hold those specific fans accountable for their own actions and not blame Aespa. I truly love Aespa.

    • Ohh okay I was worry that you don't like me or other mys anymore because I really think you are one of the coolest user here <3<3<3

    • Aww don't worry about that, I would never. You're pretty cool yourself :pepelove1:

  • You need to bow down to our lord and savior his Royal highness the crown prince

    • NO BUT FR FR



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    • he makes such a perfect Xie Lian. i was sold right away :love:

    • how am i going to wait for this to actually start airing :pepe-sad:

  • You can’t escape without seeing this

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  • Chounim stop bullying tic tac toe challenge :pepe-sad:

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • wanna play connect 4

    • What's that?

    • 4 in a row game


    • Awww I have just finished working, I don't think I have active enough brain cells to play :-D sorry, maybe another time <3

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    • okay

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  • u nailed on that thread 3048_Pepe_Sword.gif

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  • SM artists fan?

    • Not all of them but over the years I found I'm more likely to like an SM artist then other company artists lol. Mainly because of vocals and consistent music quality.

    • who do u stan :danceb:

    • Super Junior and NCT. But RV is my all time favorite GG and I'm liking Aespa so far too. I also listen to EXO casually and enjoy SNSD's performances a lot

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    • NCT is amazing :omgr:

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    • Who do you stan? I think I know you stan Ateez right? Correct me if I am wrong

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  • one piece fan :?::!:

    • Yep. And you?

    • hell yeah, best anime imo :!:

    • I genuinely like the whole crew. If I had to choose favorites it would be Luffi, Zoro, Sanji and Nami. But I love everyone else including Chopper. How about you?

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    • zoro and robin

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