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  • You have the best username omg

  • Bye.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • I am bading a badbye to this forum.

    Wishing for BTS's Disnandment, fall, Declinement, accusing them of other's failure, accusing them of stealing other's success is somehow taken as Opinion here.

    And Enjoying BTS's lose is taken somehow Christmas party here.

    The forum is more gross than ATLR.

    • Will miss you. Hope that you will come back at some point. Take care

  • Butterboy's thread have been opened.

    Some people really got offended that athelete's group did not care about their fav's songs & that's why tried to create chaos on the thread to intentionally close the thread.

    Hope, nobody will reply to them & silently report them (Don't know if it will work or not).

    Don't want this thread to be closed again.

  • Hello. Could you post anything in here so the others know the thread has been reopened? I've removed a few of the earlier posts so we can all move on and have a respectful discussion. I don't want the thread to stop as a result of some petty argument.

  • :mooning::mooning::mooning:

  • gimmie your akorns :lover2: