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    I think this is my problem with the song too but to be fair I think this is only a problem during the first half of the verse, once they introduce the piano it starts flowing smoothly together. It's also not a problem for me during the chorus because the layerd harmonisations and chanting create their own melody. But during the verses it truly sounds like they took the singing from one song and inserted it over the melody of another song.

    It does get better after the first half. The roll it up ( I don't remember if those are the exact lyrics) part fits perfectly. I also liked the the bridge wasn't over the top. It was a nice touch and it fit as well.

    Having listened to it again after sharing my opinion yesterday, I think that there's not a clear melody so it's hard to remember anything but the flute sound. And I still think that the vocals don't match the instrumental so it's hard to listen to it for this reason.

    The idea was really interesting, the execution was not successful, imo

    As for the arguments about the songs. I will regret saying this but here's my observation.

    In the threads or other similar threads, there are some Armys who are very blunt and say the song sucks and it's noise, unbearable etc etc.

    Other people have a different M.O. Someone says something vague but really shady but everyone knows who they mean and the others go 'OMG BESTIE YOU DIDN'T! THE SHADE, LOL'

    In my book both M.O.s are shade.

    And this will be my one and only posts in this thread. I am out.

    It's unusual, Yes. Off tune, I don't think so. In consecutive listens, It didn't stand out and was mixing well with the whole song to me.

    To be honest, I don't know much, if anything, about notes and stuff. So it might not off tune be but it does sound like that too my ears. Like there's something wrong with it.

    Anyway, I know NCT music can be polarizing so I tried to express my opinion as respectfully as possible.

    I have to admit that their producers often have really unique and creative ideas for their songs but the problem is that they don't know where to stop and that can make the song too much in a bad way.

    Like the flute was a really interesting idea but it sounds off tune and because it was used so much, it was a little annoying in the end.

    It also feels like the vocals were taken from another song and added to this instrumental. At times it felt like they don't match this song.

    Except what do they have this year? A song that got out charted by multiple entries and needs the judges to win? Just like those other songs.

    2 years ago judges were for charity and fixed awards....times changed a bit right?

    2 years ago BWL won and it was huge, so no. There was no charity or fixed awards.

    I guess you mean people giving Twice a hard time for winning in 2018 when there were way bigger songs. But FL wasn't strong contender anyway so no many Armys cared.

    But far be it from me to take a gotcha moment from anyone. This is my M.O. too.

    I heard Army saying a couple years ago a certain song should win since it outcharted the other nominees, well Celebrity outcharted Butter and Next Level is ahead of it in UL's, longevity and index so I think most of the Army I know would agree, Butter doesn't indeed deserve to win SOTY.

    Well, in those Army's defence, those who claim that it should win, have 250+ PAKs, days or weeks at number one and a lot of international achievements to support their claim rather than Twitter fancam views. That makes it less embarrassing, if you ask me.

    Anyway, I think the SOTY daesangs this year will be given to all the big contenders so I hope it won't be that messy.

    It's true they are getting a lot of hate and it's unfair. But I have come to accept it as the huge grip 3 fate, being a fan of another huge group.

    The majority of people complimented her performance and looks. But people didn't think the song was good enough for her. That shows that people think she can pull off a much better song. That get skills are much better than the song.

    The problem is that they rarely release music and when there is s comeback announcement, after fans waiting for ages, there's a lot of hype. And it feels like an event for kpop but the song often doesn't match the hype. The same thing happened with Rose's solo.

    Everyone has been waiting for years and it was really underwhelming.

    LSG was well received her and elsewhere. So it's not like everyone will always blindly hate their music.

    And to be honest, BP is the perhaps the only big group that rarely change their style and feel kinda stagnant in their artistry. It is always a pretty mv with little to no storyline but aesthetically pleasing random scenes. And the song often follows the same formula, even when the sound isn't exactly the same.

    So I guess casual listeners are tired of that.

    I guess blop.

    It wasn't bad but it lacks something.

    Despite the beat, it lacked energy, it felt like something was missing. The Lalisa part was repeated too, too many times.

    At 2:27 it was like I was listening to the radio and I changed the station by mistake, it was a while different song and the transition was super weird.

    Not necessary at all.

    They lost a great chance with the choreo. Really underwhelming for a main dancer as Lisa.

    She looked really good though, especially in the pole scene.

    It may grow on me but for now it's underwhelming and not that exciting.

    Why are you getting more and more bitter every day in this forum? Everytime I see you post something in the past few days it's an uncharacteristic "gotcha" type comment :pepecute:

    First, I don't post a lot lately.

    Second, I don't think I am any different than most people here. This is something you would write as well, having seen your posts. You even can people hyenas. So, are you bitter too?

    Anyway, I am not that attached to kpop anymore. It's true I can be seen as a bitter old bitch. I don't really care to be honest. It's nice to talk about the follies of kpop fans. So it might be a gotcha moment and now I gave myself one.

    Am I fair or what?

    I predict that both will win.

    I think I will be saying it a lot this year but isn't it nice that now Daesangs should be given to artists based on numbers? Kpop fans used to hate this with a passion.

    May I hope they we wont get the usual threads saying that there should be other metrics in order to determine who gets what?

    Finally we are all on the same page now.