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    SM bridges tend to be so out of place in a song. You might have a futuristic song with Ross' keyboard sound effects and bed squeaks and then suddenly it feels like someone just changed the radio station and a whole different song is playing, just because they want to flex a high note that belongs to a whole different song.

    But my main issue with those bridges is that they are so overdone. They just have to have them almost every single time.

    The first half of the song was nice enough but then the rap made me cringe a little. It felt unnatural and it ruined the song a little for me.

    I liked the vocals, especially the black haired girl that sang 'like a bee' first.

    It's not a bad song but totally underwhelming for a debut that took so long. It's just a typical YG song they have released a thousand times.

    With the group singing towards the end, the customary big vehicle scene while rapping and the typical gangsta, swag YG lyrics and face expressions. It could be a either a Treasure song or a BP song.

    They brought nothing new to the table and it feels like they want a new 2NE1/BP. That would be bas because I think these girls do seem to have potential.

    I am Craig this is not for me.

    It's odd that even though it's such a hype song and the video is so intense, I felt zero excitement.

    I wonder whether it's because it's what one would expect from them so it's not that exciting anymore and it feels like I have heard this song before.

    Hands down the best gg mv of the last few years. It's been a while since I was shook by visuals that much.

    When I first listened the song, I was a little underwhelmed and disappointed because Better Things was my jam last summer. But since I had to watch the mv again and again for the visuals, it took two listens to like it.

    It seems that I will be playing it a lot.

    Akmu was/ is (?) number 1 on melon but not many people cared much either. The Korean charts are not what they used to be and being successful there is the cherry of top, not the cake itself. Unless you are one of the few popular members that will manage to do variety shows and even get a role in a drama , while you can that is because the Korean gp is extremely fickle, the money and popularity are elsewhere.

    I think it depends on how you see it. Some 4th gen stans are in their bubble and they think that no one cares about other groups but it's just that the vs threads about the two biggest ggs are all we have here these days because kpop has slowed down. People do care enoughabout Stray Kids or other groups.

    When a group gets successful, and remains successful, that means people like them so their success it deserved but it's the career trajectory that makes all the difference. So here's my essay about it.

    Even non fans agree that BTS more than deserve their success because it went against the status quo and the way things used to happen in kpop until that time. Not only did they have to work with limited budget and resources, they also had to deal with the industry working against them. There are plenty of stories of how they were mistreated and not taken seriously, even on air.

    They were even taken to court, something no other group had to face, afaic.

    So, it's admirable that they never gave up and they kept working hard for their fans. Even on top, they had a rookie mindset to giving their 100% percent in every performance. They also singlehandedly managed to make their company huge and became a symbol of Korean culture abroad in the process.

    Twice was considered a failure because success was expected from them. Jyp had other really successful ggs so their results were a disappointment for the first few months because they didn't live up to people's expectations.

    Despite their huge success, they kept working hard for the fans and they try different things. People thought they were over but they never gave up and always reach new highs internationallly.

    BP's debut was highly anticipated so their success wasn't a surprise. They debuted with a hit song, had cfs from the first days of their debut. YG was the main reason for the initial success with their connections and string YG brand at that time but people liked the members and that's why they stayed successful. Back then you could see how much for they were on stage and that's what brought people in their fandom. I think the hiatus cooled down their passion and now their stages are hit or miss. Maybe they prefer the celebrity life now since it's easier and less exhausting than being an idol.

    NJ's initial success had almost everything to do with the concept. They did something different and unique and I guess people liked that. I did too a large extent. But the girls work hard too. They can also utilize the Hybe connections, resources and money and that made promoting them way easier than other ggs from smaller companies. They can go all out to a degree that even BTS never got.

    My thoughts on the songs

    3D: when it was released I was still on my Seven high so I didn't appreciate it fully. But now I really like it a lot. My only complaint it ends a little abruptly and it shocks me every time.

    Closer to You : I think this is my favorite song in the album. The vocals and the music are chef's kiss. Words can do justice to how much I like it. 100/10

    Seven: it was love at first listen and it's still going strong. It makes me feel good and it's totally addictive. The only problem it's that it's my ring tone and every time I listen to it, I think someone is calling me.

    Standing Next To You: very 80s and MJ. I love love the vibe of the background vocals. His vocals shine as well. I love that it's different from the other two singles so far. I am happy with his choice.

    Yes or No: very early 2000s vibe. My old ass would love this back in the day. It's a good song but this sound is not for me anymore.

    Please don't change: very radio friendly song. It has potential to become a hit if promoted. I really like it.

    Hate You: when it comes to slower songs, SGOT feels more Jungkook and I prefer the other one to this one.

    Somebody: this is my kind of song. Love it love it love it

    Too Sad to Dance: reminds me of Justin Bieber songs. I like the whistling in the end.

    It's nice but not for me.

    Shot glass of Tears: this feels very Jungkook for some reason.

    All in all a very good album. He really put a lot of thought in it and I am glad it's successful. He totally deserves it.

    Flop. The word baddie being repeated to oblivion and the rap talking was annoying but it still managed to be flat. The mv was a huge no.

    I know that they tried different things this comeback but it's fascinating that imo, they didn't manage to pull off successfully any of the three concepts. The choice of songs had everything to do with that.

    They knew this but due to hubris, arrogance and trying to make a political move to benefit themselves they were looking to use BTS to sway the Younger generation into their ideals on politics this is normal in like every country how politicians out of touch with reality and the young people of their nation will go do shit they think is hip or cool and will earn them brownie points when it's A something the people NEVER asked for and B isn't solving a issue people have. This was their solution to our current issues with inflation, housing crisis etc and the current issue in which military enlistment was due to be decreased and calling reform to goto full professional volunteer military force like that of the USA. But instead of tackling that they go hero derp🤡🤡🤡 idol exemption with BTS as the face of it great idea 🤡😂🤡!

    Instead of that now we have I clowns 🤡🤡 arguing over wether BTS deserves it etc and fighting Koreans over irrelevant shit they don't care about when they have real shit that needs solving.

    Well, this is a kpop forum and we talk about things that are relevant to kpop idols and Korea. Shocking, I know.

    At the end of the day none of the posts here will make any difference even if we wear our fingers talking about it but since the very definition of a forum is discussing things and expressing opinions, this is what happens here.

    I suppose you have problems you need to solve and random opinions of strangers shouldn't be your first priority nor should they trigger you. Lead by example. :-)

    You are a little late. You should have told this to all those Korean politicians that dragged the discussion for quite some time and made the country look embarrassing instead of telling me.

    Unfair or not, at the end of the day it was Korean politicians who dragged this issue for years and made themselves and the country look embarrassing ( along with the other companies inserting themselves into the situation to benefit from the discussion) while 3 of the BTS members are already serving and the others are going.

    I think at this point it's pointless discussing it. According to those articles, Faker is more popular, more important and he did for the country way more than BTS so kudos to him and his team for getting an exemption.