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    I. Introduction

    Minzy, born in Seoul, January 18 1994, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and dancer. Minzy debuted with the girlgroup 2NE1 in 2009 before leaving the group and her previous company YG Entertainment in 2016.

    II. Career

    Minzy was discovered through a dance video uploaded on YG Entertainment's website, after which the CEO Yang Hyun-suk contacted her. Minzy's position in 2NE1 was that of a main dancer, though she was also appreciated for her singing and rapping. The group debuted in May 2009 with their first single "fire", at which time Minzy was only 15 years old. In April 2016 Minzy left the group and the agency YG Entertainment. Because of this, she didn't take part in 2NE1's last song "Goodbye", which was released in 2017.

    In May 2016, Minzy signed with CJ E&M's subsidiary label Music Works. In February 2017 Minzy participated in the second season of the success variety show "sister's slam Dunk". In April 2017, Minzy released her solo debut "Minzy Work 01: "Uno"" along with the title track "Ninano". On December, 2018, Minzy released her first English language solo single, "All of You Say".

    In 2020 Minzy left Music Works and founded her own entertainment "MZ Entertainment".

    III. Discography


    Single Release Year
    Please Don't Go - with CL (2NE1) 2009
    Ninano - with Flowsik 2017
    All fo you say 2018
    Lovely 2020
    Teamo 2021

    Extended plays:

    Minzy Work 01: "Uno" (2017)