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    Exactly! Like the way they don't even see that canceling him for that only show how right Jae is.

    Yeah, the way they didn't see that Jae is only trying to show fans that they shouldn't be that harsh so the idols don't have to filter themelves that much. Because honestly, fans sometimes forget about that, but idols really have to be careful about every word, the moment they slip and someone misunderstands, there is a problem. So they are forced to be super careful. Not becuause of their companies but fans themselves (and fans like to make it like it's al company's fault)

    Exactly. I've got flack from idiot fans for it but i tell you the truth how it is. Fans are the number one reason for mental health and suicide of idols

    All the being perfect shit is presented to the idol by the company for t their own protection because the company knows what will happen to the idol if they don't act that way. So your idol acts fake so their fans won't destroy them. Once the real them slips through the mask boom they get a taste of how terrible their fandoms are when they rip at them over the tiniest insignificant things

    Ikr? I would probably snap in front of everyone and tell them to leave me fucking alone and worse

    Good they can enjoy a bit normal lifes now tho ...well except Yoochun but really he messed up a big time

    Looking at Everything these idols go through i think yoochun deserves a little sympathy. Remember here in Korea mental health is a joke, plus add the toxic idol culture of being perfect even when being wronged by others and working even when sick or injured. Then the fact fame and money isolates you from having a love life. So I'm not surprised he turned to drugs. The saseang shit plus everything else must have taken a serious toll on him. We are just lucky more idols keep it together. We have had enough suicides and drug users to understand that these people need healing and help more than anything else from their fans and the general public

    So not everyone is one board with this ?

    Also what has shrinking population got to do with 7 men enlisting or not?

    Why won’t they let them still work as a Group but as in community service, where most of their income would be donated to government aid organizations or something, like this they are serving but also still promoting their country 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Just like Ifans tell us to mind our business and stay out of stuff not about them and we have no say in the Matter. The same applies to all of You.

    This is a subject that concerns us Koreans, and is very critical to our nation, culture and society. Your opinion on the matter means nothing

    Ughhhhhgh i fucking hate this dumb bitch. Because this unfortunately makes life harder for many forgieners here in Korea. She just adds to the stereotype of forgieners being hostile or difficult that's the main reason why most Koreans don't seek out friendships or relationships with them. It's unfortunately easy for our people to be xenophobic because we are primarily all one race one nationality one culture one society. So these negative interactions further reinforces the bad thoughts people had, this is even worse because it happened to BTS which a vast majority of people here love or atlest cheer for as a national treasure, so mistreating in person personally them be it clout or whatever just amplifies the hate. We as a species should be together but unfortunately idiots like her sets back progress.

    This stuff unfortunately comes from both sides be it jealousy or people living their lives through others achievements and its as pathetic as hardcore sports fan wank. Every fandom has toxicity including Army we all know quite a few that are in it. The stupid retaliation bashing comes up because, a good amount of the toxic fans will play the achievement game and go yay ur favs are trash because they can't do xyz BTS dicks on your forehead. It gets amplified as the whole fandom accepting the toxic lifestyle because so many of the fandom will mindless follow something with BTS attached to it. People will go with the flow instead of reading what something is about and just join in like " yeah bts wooo we number one." Instead of looking at the situation and going" we don't tolerate this or that." Does everyone in the fandom do this? No does it represent Everyone no? But enough do which gets us here

    Another example is Twitter there was a user who got bullied by toxic bts antis parading as fans. But actual army jumped in on the bandwagon instead of calling out what wrong despite knowing what the members would not approve of the behavior from the fandom. So it's understandable when folks from the outside say oh they are a cult etc.

    The brainless follow anything bts is another reason so many fans got ripped off from fake merchandise to tickets etc, so many people seem to lack a healthy skeptism which doesn't mean question everything, but atlest observe it to be right and question when something doesn't seem right.

    don't Koreans realize that Kakao was/is preparing for IPO?

    when Big Hit did it they were all happy, what's a problem with Kakao then?

    they can't live without Kakao Talk yet they complain lol

    Because we are a nationalistic society here in Korea. Kakao though nessesary has had its own issues before. Also because of this quirk of our society, we turned a blind eye to HYBE doing it because they have BTS and BTS is God. At this point HYBE can't afford to make any type of mistake because of BTS

    And if you say anything along the lines of what I’m saying as a kpop fan, you get called a kboo by ignorant kpoppies LOL. It’s a fact that kpoppies don’t gaf about Korean related issues in general and only care about who they stan. They like separating their favs from the general Korean public. And imagine being called a kboo when you’re literally HALF Korean :pepe-clown-gear:

    What's more clown world 🤡🤡 is when they think their favs will think differently 😂😂😂 newsflash your favs are koreans too just like all the gp and knets you cry about. Unlike the west where there's a huge difference between people's because of massive culture differences,etc that isn't really much of a thing here in Korea. When you have a people who all share a common history ancestry culture identity and image its quite difficult to find many of them to fundamentally think differently on a subject. Example some would say our more progressive BTS would be more tolorate of Chinese. But in reality they wouldn't if we had a serious conflict with china like a war. All that "progressive" goes out the window. This is exactly how people like Trump got elected in America you have overwhelming majority of people who felt something or someone is doing some great harm to them that they are willing to overlook certain ethics for their safety and security and most people will do this even if they think they won't. And that was from a people with various ideals images cultures and histories doing that. What do you think will happen if you subject a people who all share a common everything? Suddenly your BTS is almost the same as every knets overnight they may not agree on everything but they will agree on most of it and in this scenario that's all that matters .

    I wish kpoppies can be more aware of this information right here so they can stop being shocked at why knetz aren’t welcoming of the Chinese anymore lol They think they’re being sinophobic and xenophobic for absolutely no reason. Um…no. It has to do with a multitude of things actually that goes beyond kpoppie comprehension 99% of the time. They’re just outsiders looking in but always want to be on the opposing side of knetz even when it has something to do with their history, culture, and politics.

    Most of those people unfortunately are hypocrites often preach this or that while speaking from privilege of a western democracy where they never had to fight for or worry about anything. Where other countries do have those issues. Our country has technically been at war for nearly 100yrs we have never signed a peace treaty with China nor its ally north Korea so fighting and border skirmishes have happened and are not out of the realm of future engagements. Alot of those koppies want to have what we have as Koreans without understanding what it is to be Korean hence why they are soo culturally deaf and ignorant yet preach about others being ignorant 🤡🤡

    China has none to blame but itself for it's poor Outlook for its citizens. We here in Korea have grown more and more intolerant of Chinese. Not because we hate the people, no it's almost entirely to do with their government it's policies and unfortunately the behavior their government expects of them in other countries.

    A research paper summed up our sentiments here.

    "A recent poll revealed a significant shift in the public image of neighbouring countries in South Korea, which could influence presidential contenders’ foreign policy objectives. According to a poll conducted by Hankook Research and the South Korean online publication Sisain, the South Korean people have the lowest opinion of China, with only North Korea and Japan rated higher. While the Moon Jae-in government maintained the policy of strategic ambiguity with its relationship with the US and China., On the other hand, the conservative camp which is in a more favourable position to win has been critical of China and the North Korean regime.

    As per analysts, four key incidents have fuelled anti-China sentiment in South Korea: the THAAD deployment in 2017, Beijing‘s response to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, and China’s attempts at “cultural imperialism” in late 2020. In addition to this, Koreans have also reacted decisively against the attempt of the Chinese Communist Party to showcase China’s cultural supremacy as well as claiming some of the cultural symbols of Korea."

    As a result of this The current young generation hates China more than even Japan. They are not anachronistic, and the South Korean youngsters realize that China is the main hegemonic power that they must fight. They also hate Beijing’s “cultural imperialism” and want to snap all ties with the authoritarian nation."

    This is our reality here in Korea

    looking at the facepalm votes on your comment....I disagree with them. from observation and experience, girls definately have more drama than boys. it isnt even about girls only but even some female family dynamics, women will be the ones who instigate or have drama amongst each other. talking from experience here.

    This is an uncomfortable truth which is why so many disagree with it. I see alot of this stuff even here in Korea. This isn't some half baked idea either as others believe it is. You have nothing hut to look at research papers and the millions of years of human history and social studies to see this. Plus the"patriarchy" has nothing to do with how we as individuals treat it each other that is bullshit by trying to offload fault to someone else instead of taking accountability for your own actions.

    I have seen those same experience in my own family, friends coworkers and strangers be it at work school on the street or in government. Also seen it repeated overseas when traveling to different countries plus the backlog of history to look at as well tells you some shred of truth is there in regards to this. Hell even ny own mother has told me this. Can't believe some 🤡🤡🤡 said this was because of patriarchy. That's sad to try and blame someone or something else for your own behavior. That would be like me saying oh i smacked this kid i don't like at school because its men fault 😂 🤡🤡 lol nope only i would be responsible for that nobody else.

    clearly no one cares at all besides the 1% of it. I don’t care whose feelings I’m gonna hurt but this is the truth and yes, I am including my favorite groups in this too. When groups get invited by show hosts or always debuts their new songs on it, you’re benefitting the show host more actually than the group unless there is ACTUALLY some controversial or dramatic actions made like Ashlee Simpson losing her career over that lip sync and that Milli Vanilli case, that way artists are the ones who benefit in a way that their name gets more widely known. It’s also a good way to profit off it by shaking up some controversy and releasing a song only for people to be curious and search their names up.

    One factual thing is, no matter how big the kpop group is, the audience is not gonna give any fucks. They’re there for a sole purpose, its not to listen to a band they don’t know of. And that’s why you mostly hear screams and those are that 1% of fans.

    I‘m not gonna use the “I love my favorite groups but…” excuse and bs

    I’m straight up gonna say the western gp aint gaf about my favorite groups, your favorite groups and kpop groups in general. Deal with it. The hot 100 is just one major significant example. Take Butter and Good 4 You as an example. I don’t think there has been any song in history which spend 11 weeks at no.1 but only spend 20 weeks in the top 100. Big sign of red flag generated cause of multiple versions, mass buying and a lot of money is given from fans residing in Asia while Good For You is still smashing the Top 10. And take note G4u was released earlier than Butter. This makes billboard look like a joke. I don’t care what hatred you have towards me, feel free to leave opinions.

    Ok so does this apply to BTS? Because I don't think it applies to BTS. Everyone in kpop is saying if they can do it we can do it

    Interesting that you choose to get behind someone who is spending their time insulting everyone and cursing in every post. And the fact someone talking about gender stereotypes in relation to what happened in a thread today is apparently " toxic bs" for you says a lot about your mentality.

    Lol get behind? No I stated i can understand some of the reasoning behind the anger and gave examples why certain ideas or movements can get a bac rep from others when they should be supporting it. Unlike other people You don't have to be my friend or enemy for me to understand something or even disagree or agree on a subject its a part of being a understanding human being. And here you are trying to assume about me, that says alot about you and that's not a good thing.

    I'm not here to push a narrative or agenda I have no skin in the game so whenever i weigh in on something its unbiased. Facts and the truth do not care about your feelings. 1+1=2 and no amount of feelings or whatever will change that. If the truth is uncomfortable than you are living a lie

    I see that one person is quite angry in regards to this. But I can understand the sentiment.

    A vast majority of the "woke" is toxic bs that is clown world 🤡🤡. You know that is truth when some people will get pressed when it was said" everyone here passed through the vagina and was born from a woman" that was said to praise mothers and that is 100000000000% fact everyone has been born through this way since the beginning of time. But people choose to be offended by the statement. So i can get why the other person is pissed off about woke people

    There is no more succinct way I can think of to show that all the "nice" gestures and words you yourself heaped upon a group of people was nothing more than lip service in the face of some cheap laughs. All of that good will *poof* - erased in a couple of sentences. Bravo! :claps:

    The sad fact of the toxicity of cancel culture. You could literally be saving lives daily donate to charity save babies every day cure cancer pull people out of homeless etc. But that one time you make a joke or do something that is arguably harmless. You are an ist of some sort and that singular action is what defines your entire existence none of that shit you actually do matters. The holier than thou complex of it is pure hypocrisy.