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    some people are genuinely sick oh my gosh

    i hate that people are insinuating that coups either "faked" or "timed" his injury and saying stuff like "he better not ever be seen dancing again", my man did not choose to get injured and wasn't the one who decided to get exempted

    he's been on hiatus for more than half a year rn and honestly god knows when he can go back to his normal life(perform on stage) the same way pre-injury again, it must be so stressful on him

    Ignore the sick individual. Their idociy in no way represents the ideas, feelings, views and values of Korea and Korean people as a whole. That being said ironically most people here actually feel bad for him not hate on the guy.

    Can you return to a normal life after a grade 5 determination? Yes and no with him the type of injury unfortunately almost always never returns to pre injury conditions permanently, so it's not uncommon for many athletes and others who's careers center around using their body usually ends up retiring as they are forced to give up their dreams due to the injury. Scoups can return to doing seventeen but likely won't dance as hard or as much. Example heechul of super Junior has a similar leg injury and even after 10yrs and surgeies he cannot do suju dances much, it's the reason he does mostly tv shows and when doing suju he mainly sings because dancing is quite painful but manageable, so he's only able to do it for a short duration, plus there's always the chance he could reinjure himself doing it which is why he rarely if ever dances these days. A similar fate could be facing seventeen's leader. He gets no hate because Korean men understand what it feels like to end up being crippled and thus don't hate him.

    A doctor likely would tell him to consider changing his career because quality of life is more important to the medical community.

    I'd rather you be able to walk and return to normal activities without needing assistance or having a limp etc that would cause more issues over time or being resigned to a wheelchair.

    People who weapinizes these idols medical conditions deserve a good slap across the face. These a real people just like your own loved ones

    Which basically proves that all the uproar about BTS' military service was just envy and jealousy by less successful Korean men who wanted to bring them down.

    That cost BTS at least 1 billion, or more realistically 3 billion , and world domination.

    I expect some of them to give up Korean citizenship, which is not really that valuable anyways, for some other country and never pay a won of tax to Korea ever again.

    🤡🤡🤡🤡 STFU about this stuff if you aren't a man or Korean. You know nothing. This was not about their success or contributions or people being jealous 🤡. The reasons this all came up has to do with the past and alot of cultural baggage from the early 70s upward. But you wouldn't know about any of that or the previous rulers in Korea. Idol life was always looked at unfavorably as not "a real job" because of the fact many powerful people and celebrities got waay too much special treatment over the hard working citizens of the nation who had to bear everything from war to famine to atrocities like the gwangju massacre some of these events are less than 40yrs ago so very fresh in people's minds that idols today from these areas were themselves or know family that was directed affected by it .

    It was not uncommon for celebrities to get exemption or some form of special military service and didn't have to do anything, this happened with actors and idols once hence why soo many people always held a negative image of them. This has lead to serious rifts in society hence why today the military doesn't exempt anyone including BTS, people who were angry about it were mostly older generations because they feared a possible return to the old ways that Everyone strived to move away from.

    The debate about exemption was never about their accomplishments or being jealous it was about being fair to everyone in society.

    Because once you open that door anyone can claim it and say xyz is more deserving.

    BTS has made great accomplishments here, but in the same vain i could say well I didn't make billions of dollars but I did invent a smaller portable AED my invention likely has saved thousands of lives and is undoubtedly more important than someone guys making music and $$$$. But no everyone still had to serve regardless of this so in the end no exemption was a way to appease everyone by keeping things fair.

    Horrible treatment by clowns 🤡🤡🤡 shouldn't be reciprocated. Yoongi nor scoups are laughing their injuries their pain their struggles those are real things and shouldn't be played with. Each fan guilty of this should stand before both idols to be slapped into next week for it and Banished from ever even being called a army or whatever fandoms they come from. Fuck people like that.

    This shit is beyond pathetic this is like some dumbasses sitting in a hospital lobby trying to say the peron with cancer and the other with heart failure should be fighting over which illness sucks more 🤡 like what who does that? Nobody

    Surprisingly, Knetz aren’t mad. They fully agree with the military’s decision on exempting him over this injury. They’ve been quite sympathetic especially since he has been graded level 5.

    It’s mainly the international Kpop fans that are experiencing mass hysteria over this news.

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    Because fans are clown's 🤡🤡 nobody here is upset over this at worst people here pity him. Getting a grade 5 from the military really let's the gravity of the situation in for most people, because if they consider you unfit to do anything then it must be really really bad. They don't give out grade 5 for nothing.

    Also whoever keeps taking about army being mad about it? Well those fans are 🤡🤡 clowns I know they are talking about Yoongi for that one if you aren't a man or Korean stfu about what you think should happen with these guys regarding military service. Two shame on you, BTS would hate to have YOU as fans the fact you'd use the members injuries and pain as some tool and weapon to dismiss someone else's injuries is beyond disgusting you don't know how serious these things affect them.

    The reason Yoongi wasn't exempt is because his injury was related to his shoulder, this is something that can be repaired with surgery, also this area does NOT have to bear the entire weight of the body, unlike the knee this type of injury scoups has is life changing, many with ACL tears including professional athletes don't always return to work and have to give up their dreams, because they cannot ever return to doing things normally, no amount of surgery can ever guarantee 100% stability.

    I guarantee you scoups wishes it was his shoulder, because atlest he'd be able to walk and still have one good arm instead of needing a cane or having to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. People need to STFU when they don't know shit about these types of injuries. Neither invalidates the other though one is more serious than the other.

    And they are claiming that he was mentally ill yet he wasn't.

    I don't understand why many Western countries support the ongoing genocide.

    He is a us military vet killing himself by setting oneself on fire. 🤡 That's the literal definition of mental illness when you have zero self preservation regardless of the reason to go do that.

    Damn it's a full exemption. I wouldn't be doing choreo anytime soon if I were him lol, Knetz bout to be maaaaddd.

    Nah they won't. People are only mad if you cheat the system. You given a grade 5 is something people feel sorry for you for. If you recover then that's a blessing for you. Scoups may never dance as much as he used to again depending on how it heals. Example look at heechul his leg injury never healed perfectly so even though he can dance, over time the pain is unbearable so he can't do choreos Long could be scoups might have him do like 3 songs and sit the rest of em out and just sing

    Soo for everyone else tldr female idol dating is just buzz and costs nothing, nobody loses a job loses money or go bankrupt.

    Male idol dates? People go bankrupt lose jobs money losses people get kicked from groups etc the world ends protests and the company building gets set on fire and a member attempted assassination. Crazy how that works

    Likely freak accident. There was a photo shown of the place where they fell and the people fell through the floor. If the floor itself was weak and gave way then thr building owner would be liable, abandoned property or not whomever gave you permission to enter the property for whatever reason takes some responsibility for what happens there.

    Not a career lol. Just some attention

    It works for male idols lol show some muscles and abs and everyone suddenly has your number and everyone is trying to cast you in dramas, cm deals and modeling lol.

    Half those industry folk don't even listen to your group's music they just see hot guy and be like you're hired!

    Because the people doing this stuff don't care about that nor do they THINK. They just act on silly emotions and never think what a b boycott is about. Want to end the conflict? All the idiot college kids go to your elected officials and protest and then goto every legislative hearing and vote VOTE them out of office and demand changes. You have this power in a free democratic country. Boycotting hybe isn't going to make the war stop

    Wait. About this. X is a platform of information. Elon can show support to Israel, but you still can share information about what is happening in twitter, leaving that would be a bad idea. About the iphones, they have to throw away the phones that already bought? How that would help?

    But you see that's the hypocrite shit that turns people away from their cause. "About the iphones, they have to throw away the phones that already bought? How that would help?" It would help if they lead by example. These are the same people that will demonize cancel others and tell idols they are baby killers for wearing certain clothing they own or use the Starbucks tumbler they own. So yeah if they threw away the item they already owned then maybe people would do the same. But to sit here and demand others do it but you don't is beyond hypocritical.

    i'm surprised people don't see the satire in this lol :sweat:

    People don't see the satire because as a result of this conflict we literally see antisemitism about aa high as it was in nazi Germany happening right now across western countries where you see clowns 🤡 from colleges literally chanting death to jews etc and school presidents doing Nothing to the point these people were literally brought before fukin Congress! You literally see people marching in the streets saying free Palestine while chanting Hamas death slogans of rivers to the sea while holding flags with Islamic texts on it that literally translates to death to the jews death to America etc with a Hamas leaders face on it that these clowns 🤡 think is a freedom fighter 😂 this is literally a dude that kills you own countrymen and wouldn't hesitate to kill you yet these people are ignorantly cheering for him . So yeah nobody is seeing the statire and taking this shit super seriously. It's extremely dangerous when useful idiots can be lulled into allowing or commiting atrocities because of social media likes all these people are doing this fake woke virtue signaling bs for social media im helping brownie points none of them even know shit about the conflict or the history of the situation or who literally owns that land

    This boycott is bullshit because Hybe is not going to stop making bussiness with big brands, and most of the fans are not going to stop cosuming Hybe products. Palestinians are already are doom. Israel have the support of EEEUU, so nobody have the power to confront them. Gaza will belong to Israel, Israel will do it, dont matter how many childrens they have to kill, it will happen soon or later.

    So, is useless. If they really care and believe boycotting this brands is going to make something, then they better stop supporting any kpop company, because Hybe or any company iwill not stop doing bussiness with those.

    They don't care they just like fake woke virtue signaling bs hypocrite shit. Because if they were serious they would have been boycotting the Syrian civil war the war in yemen hell even boycotting Iran when they killed that young lady in street. Wheres all the outcry? Oh right Israel wasn't involved in any of that so they couldn't get mad🤡.

    Wouldn't it be more logical to pressure big companies, schools and universities in the West not to give job and educational opportunties to Jews rather than targeting a Kpop company who has a collab with a particular music producer?? I mean all Jews will definitely support Israel. Wouldn't the impact be greater?

    🤡🤡🤡 Can't be serious lol that's literally the definition of racism. The same could be said about Muslims because they are all terrorists and all these holy wars and terrorism comes from there including 9/11. But the difference here is we KNOW that this statement isn't true the vast majority of people there are not evil etc. but your clown ass can say that about Jews? 🤡🤡😂😂 If all jews are bad then so are all arabs.

    Can't wait to see the debut let's see how good he is solo. As for everything else? The whole gaslighting bs is just meh it's nothing serious. The whole player thing lol it's what fans want they literally joke about idols being bad boys frat boys so🤡🤡🤡 can't be mad. Plus whatever relationship he was in they fully agreed to everything with him. People saying bad shit after a breakup should never be trusted without 100% proof. Also the idea he was having some beef with NCT sounds dumb when after the whole scandal happened Lucas has been spotted with wayv and NCT members multiple times and then again with SHINee members etc if he was "bad" none of these people would associate with him. People need to get off their high horse Lucas isn't a bad guy you 🤡 clowns are acting like hes fukin Seungri or Adolf Hitler himself wtf is going on? Did Lucas rape murder and kill some people did i miss something?😂

    Like we all know how influential South Korea and Hybe is in Middle East politics. I mean, Hybe and BTS can easily end the war there!!@! Just send BTS there for peace talks.

    Ikr demand BTS goto Qatar and negotiate with Hamas and boom war over🤡 ( yes i bet you these people think like that 😂 cause yes South koreans can just tell Israel and the entire middle east to stop killing each other and play nice 🤡)

    There is no logic to fighting for the innocent lives being ended in Gaza?


    Don't be a clown 🤡 there's no logic with this fake woke virtue signaling bs hypocrite bullshit. Jungkook did collabs with fifa, Saudi arabia etc there's no fuss no boycott. Suddenly a war breaks out BUT instead of protesting, /boycotting your own government and pressuring your elected officials the things you can actually change by voting them out of office etc. NOPE lets start a boycott against big major businesses that operate in multiple countries like that's going to stop the war🤡. A silly ass boycott that 98% of your own people in the west don't even know about. Yet this is somehow some fuckin kpop idols problem? Yes let's burden some random Asians 6,000miles away that have no connection to the situation yes a people that are entirely disconnected from this by region, religion culture and traditions is somehow supposed to know about this boycott bs when your own fuckin neighbors don't know about it let alone care 🤡 also the hypocrites didn't delete their twitter and Facebook accounts didn't throw away their Samsung and Apple devices or their car and PC because all those businesses from Tesla, GM, Ford, Intel, Nvidia, Google, AMD etc are owned by or do business with " Zionist"🤡 lead by example and maybe the world will follow you. But yeas telling a company to stop making money totally works 🤡.

    Hypocrite shit. Syrian civil war over half a million dead. Boycott clowns? Nope silent

    Yemen? Silence, attacks on innocent people doing their jobs on cargo ships? Silence.

    Egypt builds massive border wall with Gaza because they don't want Palestinians there and now even built a 10mile buffer zone a no mans land guarded by mines and soldiers gee i wonder why😂. Funny how none of these boycott clowns never learn dick all about history, the conflict or the people who causes all the troubles just maybe you'd know why no Arabic nation accepted them and even literally deported them but i digress.

    But oh ya everything Israel fault because jew hate is the new you can't be racist to white people narrative 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡