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    Lol I got bored one day and was like okay wtf is all this shit on akp what's akorns since people talk about making threads for it so i looked at my account and saw its a currency for random shit and I had lots of it not knowing it's just accumulates 😂got a badge and then eas like hmmm avatar? People need to see our lord and savior Lee Minhyuk aka huta of btob

    That's too bad. But also I'm not very surprised. They became defined by their relationship and the relationship was almost bigger than either of them. That often leads to resentments, I think.

    True they didn't live peacefully with this relationship like say rain or exo Chen. They open flaunted it and used every opportunity to commercialize it from drama shorts to love MVS etc etc. I'm definitely sure there's resentments and regrets. I have always said never give up your dreams etc for love because love is fickle and there's no guarantee it will work out Long term and if it fails you're stuck asking " was it worth it?" For her? She can bounce back she's an established singer etc. Him? Maybe not he was a rookie boy group member. For love he basically sacrificed his career and dream. I bet there's many regrets now. Everything he did was to revolve around her from his current fashion trend and image change to even his name change. The nail that sealed it was public for a long time. He expressed wanting to marry and proposed. But she on a somewhat recent tv show said she didn't want to get married when an interviewer asked her a question. This is why you don't tattoo your ex name on your body you will regret that shit

    And that's why you should never ruin your career over someone you don't know what may happen in the future

    True never ever do stupid shit in the name of " love" love ia fickle and if you cannot sincerely guarantee long term don't throw your life away over it. This means don't do things you will regret like tattooing your ex name on you lol. Or giving up your dream or career to be with them full time. You will seriously regret it should it not work out.

    He's trying to be JYP only JYP had succeeded at having a successful solo career and a company with lots of successful idols. Let him dream of being JYP 🤡😂😂😂

    That's sad but at least they broke up on good terms.

    I wonder if Dawn will regret leaving Pentagon for Hyuna now. I remember that's what everyone said when they were kicked out of Cube.

    Potentially, which is why I was never fully embraced the whole sacrifice the world for some love thing. Because what if you don't workout in the long term you may end up with many regrets. That's why I frown upon things like tattooing your bf/gf name on you etc.

    They are on good terms and will remain friends. That can ve very true and i hope it is, but even with that you can still harbor regets and in some cases because of celebrity this could be just for show. Because of how high profile their relationship was literally none of it was private they took every opportunity to share everything romantic publicly, no private relationship like Chen of exo. So even if they didn't end on great terms they would have to say they did because their relationship and everything after it was soo high profile that unfortunately people would curse and berate them if it were shown they broke up on bad terms

    About dance routines, I think both BG and GGs include impressive dance moves, formations, and dance breaks and showcase their skills. To the point where it's just typical, and only a few stand out as super impressive. Then maybe those ones that stand out tend to be BGs because in general, there are more BGs that are striving to be "the best of the best in talent" or stacked, meanwhile GGs strive for just "a good performance"

    Nah it's just boy groups. Almost every dance that took off in popularity is bg and whens the last time you seen girl groups doing infinite scorpion dance or pulling off the insane coordination of stunts and shocking dance moves in stray kids exo and bts dances? Never when BP are doing backflips over each other and all that crazy shit I'll reconsider it. But by in large girl group dances are not that serious crazy or flashy.

    When GG start doing this shit sVFSB5Rfr9FaQ_XAPiKonTtAmqMzfcV2vHLzieSRtJtl1oYN-CANkxL2Vm9GPTFEmP9toN0imQgNTjg-Sf6noYgafXP6O6HxAwg=w1600-rj-l80-nu-e365

    Then we can talk 😂

    The only way I can see this be a thing is because girl groups have it a little easier. Besides their target audience, their music and image is better consumed and tolerated by the general public, leading to them having a easier time performing. Where's boy groups don't have that luxury and are entirely dependant and focus heavily on their fandoms and trying to acquire more fans, thus the push is to put out max performance 24/7 120% all the time. This is the main reason they have ridiculously crazy dance routines that blow everything else out of the water, ind addition to all the members needing to be more than just a visual you must be a dance king, a producer songwriter be the best vocalist that could vocal or be able to rap Eminem and Snoop Dogg and win lol

    This type of pressure isn't usually on GG, so it's easier to lipsync and nobody cares but boy groups cannot do it very much or they will get destroyed by their fans for not being authentic way before any antis or gp call them out on it

    There has been murders, referee lynching, violence, carnage and mayhem - but we're dramatic?

    Just be happy kpop fans aren't there. But they have tried especially 2nd gen fans from period blood to literally assaulting an idol with a brick, to breaking into their home and taking pics in bed with them while they were unaware sleep. To the cream of the top of trying to literally murder one by poisoning him with a drink by infiltrating the staff. Luckily his life was saved at the hospital. Kpop fans have been trying to out do sports fans. Pray they never get there.

    Forgot to add full on fan wars actual wars when fights would be fist fighting and Even bring a knife over whos bias is best etc

    They mean Jungkook looks like kame. He's been doing wearing and the fashion king of jpop before anyone in BTS were born. Jpop would be where kpop is today if Japan didn't suffer island syndrome. Which basically means ignoring everything but yourself. Jpop has been doing all the stuff kpop has for decades including gathering forgien talent's Johnny even has a agency in California that got new people to Japan. Had they fully embraced getting the world, they would be top dog right now. If they had embraced social media early and started non paywall stupidity version of vlive and didn't go copyright crazy they would have had extremely supportive fanbases worldwide like we do with kpop, they stanped that out by stepping on the necks of fans every way. Translations? Zero support, fansubs? Copyright strike, share photos from events or do fanclub pics like fansites do? Copyright strike. Upload anything online including fan edits? Copyright strike.

    Kat-tun has done successful world tours before including in the us market. They would have been where bts is today had jpop not squandered the chance at world dominance. We overhere in Korea saw this and took the jpop system that Johnny's made 60yrs ago and hit it out the park on improvements.

    Aww, that's cool! What I love about Vlive is they make it so easy for fans to access. There's a translation on almost all the videos for most artists and it's really easy to find a certain Vlive from a certain year. So that's really nice.

    I also like how a lot of the groups upload the same things that they would upload to YouTube so a lot of the stuff from YouTube is on there and it's easier to access. I remember for Twice's page, they have all the old videos but not all of them are available on YouTube so you'd be able to access those really old ones there with captioning.

    Vlive also has a real time translator. Usually a group of people hired to interpret live. It was hilarious to hear idols wowing and stuff when they began paying attention to the chat feed and would ask if the translator was there and they would get a response from them 🤣