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    So they expect people to just give up on their friend? A person they knew for years and went through a lot of hardships because of a scandal?

    Especially in situations like this you need someone who stays by your side. They act as if B.I is Don Corleone or something.

    These people got this moral high ground, yet truly lack emotional intelligence.

    It's all hypocritical virtue signaling bullshit because we all know these people would do the same thing had it been them in that situation.

    I don't know if Wonho really left on his own terms or his company made him say it. Agree about YG, normally companies do kick out idols for drug scandals but since it was done by YG who had history of scandals like these it felt unfair.

    I think he did leave on his own terms Wonho really loved monsta x hes the type that deeply cares for those he loves. The wicked witch that was after him started going after everyone ij monsta x to get him the bs against him wasn't enough so they started targeting Shownu etc notice how all that stopped the second wonho left

    the fact people are trying to debate what's art is hilarious 😂😂 pure clown world shit. Trying to shade him like he's some sex offender or something creepy is pathetic as fuck and just stinks of double standards. The pictures are literally done by the artist herself you can find it on her Instagram she even sells the vagina pics on t-shirts. Its hilariously hypocritical of these people talking about jaebum when 98% of kpop fans have a thousand naked got7 and other idols pics on their phones and in posters and pic collage on their walls no one bats an eye to the many dick size threads and bulge posts on here and other sites like twitter the amount of thirst you see over jungkook let alone any other male idol is ridiculous even them thirsting over minors like jisung of nct always begging him to show his abs in vlive he even used to gesture by putting his hands together to resemble handcuffs as a warning to the audience "FBI open up"

    Nobody bats an eye to any of this behavior a good amount even encourage it. But that moment a man does something? He's demonized for it

    i swear, if it was a girl tagging d!ck$ on her wall nobody would have batted an eye. they would say good for her she is just owning her sexuality. ^^

    Ikr and what makes it worse is we know it happens and nobody cares, remind me again how many threads on this website, and even twitter where fans have dick size threads, bulge threads and abs threads with hundreds of pics of idols close up on their pants etc i can just look at the ridiculous thirst over jungkook alone not to even mention the countless others hell even people thirsting over NCT jisung asking him to show his abs at almost every vlive for years and he was still a minor until this year. If you watched their lives he would make a gesture to show you that you were fucking up he would show his hands together like handcuffs to let people know FBI open up!.

    But all this shit is common and nobody bats and eye to it. But a man has something quite tame like it on a wall. Suddenly oh shit dudes a creeper or possible rapist etc get the fuck out of here with that double standard bullshit.

    You're right if a girl did it people would support it saying she's owning her sexuality etc if people did drag her they would get cancelled instantly and bullied until they left xyz platform

    He has his own studio not a label.

    Lay has his own company.

    I see well still think they should turn all of exos music etc over to chanyeol or Suho. Wouldn't recommend lay because he hasn't been in the group in eon's and with his support of the CCP it would more than likely jeopardize exos future as China's ban on kpop and general problems with Korea would pressure him to neglect or cease any resources dedicated to it.

    I feel like he was joking....

    I don't expect any idol to say stuff like this seriously!!!

    True a joke but a real joke😂 because let's be honest and realistic, these are celebrities their entire job is making money off of their work. Obviously they will be happy with more money. Fans are ATMs we all know this it's just people are delusional like their feelings are going to be hurt by some stranger you will never know personally is being paid by you because you like their content. This is no different than you buying your next IPhone when the last one broke, you know apple doesn't actually give a single fuck about you but you still go buy that next IPhone. So why should anyone be offended by his comment? This is true of all idols BTS exo etc all of them.

    This problem can be fixed overnight. BTS judt needs to address the toxicity in the fandom do a group vlive and also have the members individually address their own fans.

    Hybe can also release an official statement regarding fan toxicity and strict legal action.

    But unfortunately these things happen alot in kpop fandoms because these people are making their idols money so these issues get quietly ignored by the idols and agencies by in large

    The shade to JYP!!! I knew his ass got back to meddling in their music because they wanted to be a fun group and he was low-key pissed that they were doing well without him.

    I think Jaebeom should take his time. He obviously knows his worth and I love that he's sticking to his guns. I hope he finds a company that can treat him well after all the shit at JYP.

    Hmm I think he would fit in at aomg jay park is really cool and doesn't really bother his artists about their music. Yugyeom seems to be enjoying the place so maybe jb should give it a shot also helps when you are in company with people you already know.

    Congrats you just saw the real face of kpop fans. This isn't just a twitter thing it happens everywhere

    Are you srsly comparing a small drug purchase with all the sh*t Seungri accused of?

    I’ll support bi if he comes back he was done dirty by yg

    Lol doesnt matter what he's accused of. If all the evidence, witness testimony amomg other things are saying he wasn't part of it, then are you still believing that bullshit or what? 2+ yrs of investigations between the police,the military and hell they even roped the USA FBI into it based off this ridiculous meida hype bs that 90% of what was reported was proven wrong about.

    But oh well i guess random person saying its all true is right then guess we don't need legal systems police etc because oof those people don't know anything at all🤣🤣 seungri isn't the god father or secret president of earth nobody's pulling strings for this dude😂 hell the only people to get strings like this pulled would be BTS why? Their reputation etc is too big and"scandal" would damage the countries image enough that government and private sectors would try to quash it. Seungri ain't that lol

    ugh stupid covid i'm glad i had my vaccinations i hope they recover safely :crys::crys:

    Yep and unlike the USA over here in Korea the pandemic was controlled by quarantines,masks and social distancing no shutdowns or idiots majorly ignoring the rules. The downside we are not America= the country that created the vaccine. So as a result nobody has access to it as the policy is to vaccinate its own population first before world distribution. So the clever way people here got the vaccine is taking a vacation in the usa especially family who has dual citizenship. Eventually idol companies will start doing that sending idols to the USA for a music video or something else that will take a month+ just to get them a vaccine.

    You jumped to a lot of dumb ass conclusions. Where you feeling triggered? You can do genetic testing from blood, that is usually confidential information. If you are handing your genetic material out to strangers they can find out a lot about you. I'm not sure if SM perserved the blood or how it was sold, so to assume the is not longer viable without more info is dumb. Either way it is stupid to ever give away your genetic material without knowing what is going to happen to it. Science has been able to extract genetic information from very old samples before.

    Whoopty doo they can run a genealogy report hurray for them. What else would they learn? Nothing just what your family tree was, something most saseangs will find out by stalking your sns or following you home.

    There isn't much else they can learn besides family tree and disposition towards genetic diseases etc stuff that isn't free or cheap and only works on good dna samples not damaged one's. No saseang is a mad scientist or anything so they aren't learning shit about you.

    I watched that horrible kpop evolution YT show and when they talked about how SM sold the blood of HOT members, that was so crazy and gross. That is genetic material that I hope isn't viable anymore.

    😂😂😂😂 it's blood, there's nothing you can do with it but get sick from injecting it or eating it. ( Sick if its not the same blood type or the blood contains disease) blood is only " viable" for about a few hrs at most at room temperature.

    If you think viable for kids?😂😂😂 Then you don't know how sex or biology works which would mean you are waay too young and should be in school not on a kpop forum. BTS isn't teaching anyone academia. The same applies for cloning.

    I am so sad for Jimin. Imagine how he feels about this happening without his consent. These solo dickheads don’t even consider him as a human worthy of respect. They just want to flaunt the price it sells at later on to boost their own ego

    Im sure he wouldn't care at all why? Because caring about everything that can happen with you would ruin your mental health and leave you crippled. Im sure him and BTS knows full well when becoming celebrities you are technically a product almost anything about you will be marketed in some way. There are certain boundaries but they fully aware people will cross those boundaries in secret or in public. This is why saseangs etc thrive today because there's money to be had off everything. This isn't something new it happened with beiber, many idols before them g dragon etc happened to many western artists etc people out there creep or not will pay top dollar for that stuff regardless of how gross, strange or absurd the object is