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    Yes this is actually true, do some of the idols do it because they are brainwashed 10cent army? Yes but the vast majority aren't. If people would get their heads out of their own asses go live overseas for awhile, you will see just how dangerous the CCP is. What you just described in your post is 100% true that does happen should you not tow the party line.

    Im a pessimist i pray im proven wrong daily since our real world is so shitty lol

    None. I watched all 2nd and 3rd gen rise and fall, nothing 4th gen does will be sufficient. BTS was is lightning in a bottle, that's one of those once in a lifetime success hits, nobody else will get that high again. There has been no group in history top number 1 for almost 10yrs straight get like a billion fans and turn a fledgling company into a multi national multi billion dollar conglomerate that's projecting towards trillionare status on the levels of Samsung microsoft oil companies and apple where everything they produce is in just about everything you own. That's where hybe is going. When BTS eventually retires no one else will get that high again. No music group in history ever got close to being hundred millionaire's let alone billionaires but at this point BTS will be the obly one's. That type of success won't happen again.

    Ur the one who calls them nosy ass rugs in the first place and told them to be quiet but then u tell them to respect ur opinion :pepe-toilet: well u need to respect marklee's opinion first when he said that :pepe-tea:

    Exactly a negative opinion like that without an explanation is bullshit you can't say respect my opinion after insulting someone or an organization etc. If that were how things work then I could literally call you a bitch among other things then say oh respect my opinion. Yeah that wouldn't fly now would it?

    The question is, would a normal korean enlistee be assigned as a social worker if he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism?

    Yes he would. We have these rules for a reason 😂😂 why was this dumbass question asked?.

    One comment answered this well. " These commenters have no male friends or else they wouldn't speak about this". As a Korean man myself yes everyone regardless of status gets the same treatment. Baekhyun having public service is normal because of his condition. There's no hiding this the MMA wants to toughest strongest soldiers for active and reserve, anyone with an illness or disability is almost always instantly disqualified, you are tested and evaluated by military doctors, and everybit of your medical records and history is presented to them. Hell they even find shit you didn't know you had. The criteria for service is strict. For all the international fans if you have family in the military especially you americans, ask your service member folks how serious shit is maybe then you will gain some understanding.

    Not a fan of all noise music going on between bg groups but Wayv seem to not go overboard with it and they look like a mature group which I prefer. I feel like they mix a bit of chinese music style but I could be wrong.. I don't understand much about that stuff :peperain: I think they have one of the most potential between nct units

    Mature?🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Just you wait till you see the shenanigans they get upto they are some real comedians naturally funny af

    This is sad that this has to be said. Its common sense to be neutral, the legal system says innocent until proven guilty for a reason, and everyone should stick to that. Both parties can and do lie so don't just believe everything you hear, unfortunately too many people have this sjw holier than thou mentality and are 1000% hypocrites in every way also they never apologize when they get anything wrong. Mingyu was one woojin was another the list goes on and people wonder why kpop idols have the highest suicide rates of any industry and mental health issues, fans/stans are the literal worst thing for their health these people need to do better stop being shitty and treat these idols like humans with dignity and respect treat them as you would your own loved one your own family etc then these problems will start to dissapear.

    Im 4 but 3 lol that one hits nail on the head for alot of people that do this holier than thou gloat as they praise the world's top kpop group so lol

    All this because of their trainees are on a survival show now that k-netz took notice they’re backtracking lol. A sellout for China money just like the many Chinese idols.

    Exactly and this infuriates me but oh well what can we do. Almost every pos company and government sells out to China i guess they have literally all the money in the universe. You wonder why disgusting terrible people and regimes like Nazi stayed in power for centuries now you know why. Also they never fall peacefully they never leave through peace only war, only bloodshed gets rid of them, a terrible price we will someday to pay

    Exactly this is very true. This is why we have a housing problem here in Korea and i hear its the same in the USA rich chinese people buy houses and never live in them because the property is a safe way to tie up money without fear of the government taking it from them. The CCP can't touch the money if its tied up overseas. They go against China and boom they will lose everything, if not their freedoms or life. They will loose everything else. Only way they will go against them is if you can get them their family and friends and possibly their finances out of China permanently.

    Not everyone in china is a brainwashed idiot. Let this sink in. There's no google, facebook, twitter etc in China most from china using allkpop and all these other apps do so secretly because they are not supposed to have it it's ilegal punishable by prison. These people often use a VPN to bypass the great firewall. That's a big majority of people who break that law. If they were " loyal" they wouldn't be doing it at all.

    Yes chinese citizens are brainwashed. But a good amount of them can see the flaws of the nation and say something about it privately i know a few people from China who came here and deprogrammed. Idols? The majority especially in kpop were taught the truth and had the luxury to see it from their vast fanbase their own group members lives, the varying countries they toured. Yeah some might still have retained brainwashed idiocy But the CCP really does put immense pressure on celebrities to push the narrative a show of power to everyone to say no matter how big you get, you will always be beneath our thumb.

    Ih that bit about Chenle 🤣😂😂 his family is Rich the only way you get rich in China is if you are apart of the ccp or directly benefit it as the state owns all property you can't" buy" a house in china etc. So Chenle is safe since hes associated with the ccp by blood

    You can't expect other people to risk themselves. I wonder if all the critics are brave enough to go against an authoritarian government themselves. It's easy to say so when you live in a free country.

    Now, they have to choose between China or the rest of the world. Since they chose China, well, you can drop your support. Just don't expect them to join in an insurrection. Even the richest man in China can't go against the CCP.

    Thank you for being smart and educated about the world. And not some silly snowflake living in a bubble, hats off to you for knowing how the REAL world works. Too many people today forget life outside the hen house is full of wolves and they are always circling and hungry

    i wish all these idols dont bring politics into music industry

    But sadly, it has been the case.

    I hope Yuqi is not forced to do such thing too.

    She has been escaping fron spotlight all these while, she better keep quiet

    They are forced to the tension between the chinese government and other nations is at an all time high unfortunately that shit is forced upon the entertainment industry and they have to act in kind or else. China is not the usa, South Korea etc you can't do whatever you want there without consequences serious consequences including death. This isn't America where u can say fuck the gov, country, president and nothing happens.

    His approach to this is actually a bad career move. He should have told them to fuck off and quit to become a full time streamer. His view count was solid and he'd be making more money than he does as an idol if he were actually allowed to monetize his content. He must really have a passion for music.

    Go back and read my comment theb you will understand why they do this. Short answer they have too much to lose by going against the CCP and im not talkingabout money either

    Hard to justify calling them "disappointing" when they are the wholly owned property of the CCP - and must express the exact opinions provided for them, or else.

    Thank you someone else who isn't an idiot and understands the CCP is a literal devil on earth worse than north korea quite literally. Those chinese celebrities literally have a gun to their heads. If they don't do it their family and friends suffer the consequences. Only way for them to do whatever they want is to permanently leave china and get all their family and friends to leave.

    The netizen trying to provide some wacky reasoning to justify this nonsense by saying that it is okay to sing in English because english is an international language is just funny to me.

    By their logic korean groups like bts blackpink or superm shouldnt be going on american shows singing in korean neither then.

    That's not the reason, you have to be Asian or live in asia to understand this problem. Its a nationalist, ethnic problem. For many generations it was koreans and chinese didn't like one another much, this was mainly due to huge cultural differences in the past. Most of the issues have been smoothed over the current issue is purely political. You see China is basically North Korea just Rich, they brainwash the people, have them say / promote bs fluff pieces about the CCP. The nation also heavily censors everything also bans kpop and other things Korean. China activity uses cultural appropriation Real cultural appropriation not the bs westerners cry about. They have publicly tried to rewrite history to reflect everything from kimchi to kpop to honbok etc is chinese and have gotten a good amount of the people there to believe it. The government often has problems with Korea. Oh and the censorship is soo strong that Wayv would never actually promote in China, if any of the members shared any world view that doesn't put China in first place they would get cancelled in china and if they are in the country at the time, even be arrested or punish their family and friends. This is why Jackson and lay got so much hate for promoting the government and police during the hongkong riots, despite knowing the truth and having the privilege to live somewhere where you are free ie Korea, they still promoted the police. Why? Because if they didn't they would have been sent to prison just look at the most famous chinese people that didn't do something favorful for the government see what happened fa bing bing and jack ma being some of the recent ones.