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    Life is a series of multiple choices. You sometimes find yourself standing at the fork of a road, which forces you to make a choice. Whether the decision is wise or not, it can be a major turning point in your life. A single choice can lead someone’s life in a completely different direction. This notion is what The Lawyers wants to portray.

    A Two-Faced Monster Named ‘Choice’ To be or not to be… You face many different choices over the course of your life. Sometimes they can be something so important to decide life or death; sometimes they’re trivial choices, such as deciding what to eat for lunch. Even in a single day, you run into many occasions that you have to choose one over the other. Now, the person you love asks you to choose between love and ambition. You’re confused since you’re aware that you must stay the course whatever you choose.

    The Moment of Naked Truth There’s a secretary working at a law firm and a honest and experienced lawyer. Her ex-boyfriend who has turned into an evil man gets involved in the case they’re working on. It’s becoming a tug of war between desire and reason. They ask themselves. “What do I really want?” “True love? Or satisfy my ambition?” At the moment they make a decision, they take a irrevocable step, which they will remember for the rest of their lives. They get more and more honest about the way they really feel.

    Loving someone is like showing your true self and waiting to be judged. Whatever costume you wear, you can’t disguise your true self when you’re in love. This drama portrays the conflicting lovers who must decide between love and ambition.