For reference, Seo Shin Ae went to the same school as Soojin

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    1. Wow.... So she was really trash

    2. I feel like she probably had a lot of courage to post this on her IG... She must've have it hard because of the assailants and the wounds must've stayed for a long time. Now it's retribution time. Thank you for your courage

    3. Damn... She's a mess trying to act with that human mask.. She doesn't know how scary the world can get

    4. She never mentioned anything about her until now... I'm speechless that the company is here trying to sue others

    5. So shocking... I still remember Shin Ae gaining national attention because of High Kick, but Soojin went as far as bullying even an actress

    [enter-talk] I'M SEO SOOJIN'S VICTIM

    (comment on Idle Soojin's video)
    "No but I was thinking "there's no way" but turns out it's really Seo Soojin who attended the same school as me. Do you remember me? I was a fellow schoolmate ㅋㅋ you always showed up to my class and at that time, you were in Kwon Mirae ssaem's class (t/n: Korean classes have representative teachers) and I'm the kid who transferred during the later half of middle school 3rd yearㅋㅋ I remember so many things too but hearing you talking about how you had it hard is just... Succeed even more, once you succeed, come look for me and apologize, then I'll be ok"

    (t/n: cumulative records of OP being at her school)

    That's my certificate of enrollment at Waw Middle School

    That's my account, that's the proof I edited my comment once

    Her twitter: https://twitter.com/Qwy2H8dHw1DtJWS

    This is my Twitter

    As for me, I'm another person different from the one who exposed her on IG and on Evertime.Kr (t/n: this post will be translated below)
    This is the first time I'm posting on PANN

    1) I went to to Waw Middle School.
    - I was in a different class from Soojin, and Soojin was close to Kang XX from my class so she would come to my class very often

    2) Victim of school violence

    - There's a front door + back door at Waw Middle School, a lot of students took the back door when they entered and there was also a futon room at the back door. The assailant would always sit on the futons and grab the kids there to take their money

    - As an instruction from the sunbaes, the assailant would go around classes and say stuff like "I'm here to collect money" to take money from others

    - There was a guy who was one of the sunbaes who even went to juvenile due to school violence, he would smoke in the small vacant area behind the school with the assailant and get penalized for smoking from time to time

    - When in school, North Face was the most fashionable padding (t/n: they call 'padding' = padded jacket/coat)

    - Seo Soojin asked to give my padding but I refused

    That was the moment she slapped me across my face and scratched me with her nails, but fortunately I wasn't hurt.
    But at that moment, Soojin was already in possession of my padding

    Kang XX who saw this happen in front of them told her to stop. To me Kang XX wasn't my assailant, and they weren't tormenting me. So please don't say anything about them

    At that time, the assailant wore my padding and wrote at the back with a marker "This [coat] is fake. Are you a beggar?". It's the first time I told my parents about it on that day and asked them to transfer me to another school.

    There were a lot of other instances, but it pains me too much to think about it, so I'll stop here

    3) The reason I'm writing this post

    After I transferred school, I learned that she debuted under Idle's group as Seo Soojin.
    I watched her debut video and saw my assailant talk about all the hardship she went through to debut and it kind of arose some compassion in me, so I wrote the comment that I wished her to succeed
    and that once she succeeded, that she would apologize to me.

    But this time around, since school violence exposing posts became a big issue, I couldn't hold back anymore and wrote the post.

    To all the fans, can you understand how it feels like to ruin someone else's life?

    post response:
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    1. [+339, -0]
    Find strength. I saw that you wrote your story under "Life Stories" but you'll gain a lot more traction if you switch it to "Enter-talk" if you click the red text on top (?)

    2. [+299, -0]
    Just how much did you suffer all this time,,

    3. [+202, -0]
    This is the victim's IG

    4. [+125, -0]
    I have nothing to say...ㅋㅋㅋ The victims keep appearing and Seo XX actress nim also posted on her IG "None of your excuse" so I really wish that the commenters shielding her use a bit of their heads

    4. [+106, -0]
    It's my first time logging in PANN and writing a comment, I'm an ajumma in my 40s. School violence... It's something that you leave in the past but still creeps out in the present right? I still can't forget what happened to me back in 1998. I wasn't a victim of physical violence, but more rejection. My dad was a taxi driver, My classmates seeing me arrive at school in my dad's taxi started bullying me since then. I ate lunch alone, I didn't want to go to school picnics so I told my parents that I was in pain and went to the leg surgeon myself to ask them to give me a leg cast. It was even scary for me to eat kimbap alone. PE classes were like hell. And I would always give the excuse that I had menstrual pains to skip them... I would ask myself every time I sat in class "will they ever change target".. that's why one day I came home and asked my parents to transfer me. My mom was determined to speak with the kid who tormented me. That's such a distant memory... She grabbed that kid in front of the shopping center and started talking to them. I was hiding from afar and I still can remember what my 17 y'o heart felt at that moment. I still remember thinking that that kid wasn't inherently a bad person and maybe my mom was the one who was going too far with this.. During 2nd semester, I remember having intermittent conversations with people.. Time passed, I became an adult and I became a mother myself.. I can relate to how much my mom's heart was hurting for me... I became so sad.. I want to ask so many questions to these kids from 1998. Now my first child is about to enter elementary school.. Every day before going to bed, I pray with my child "Don't let them go through bullying" As 20 years passed, the details of those days are fading, but what I can never forget... is that I feel like I am worthless, trash, and stupid. ..That feeling of self-doubt is vivid even at this moment when I turn 40. I support you OP


    t/n: this was the first post that got out from her bullying allegations


    "They(?) said we had to go change the water and took me to the washroom. She then said "You hit her first" and [one person] slapped me on the face. And she said "Then you hit her" and I had to follow her order and started hitting my friends. Then me and my friends started hitting each other across the face.

    She would make me drink all the left over drinks she had and make me pay for them.

    She would also steal other people's uniforms and not return the money she owes people. She would swear at me for being heavy.

    She also rode the motorcycle of an oppa and make the neighborhood so noisy. She drank and smoked too.

    She was going to the academy on one day and it was the day that I couldn't make it. She then texted me telling me I had no choice but to show up.

    I told her "Sorry this will be hard" and apologized to her and that was the moment she told me she would send a text to all the other iljins and me included "From now on, XXX is the new reject". I was so scared that I called her and kept apologizing"

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    original post: here

    1. [+1,646, -12]

    Regardless of this post, there's so many posts exposing school violence nowadays... Which makes me wonder how can celebrities think they can become one if their pasts are filled with bullying or crimes?... Don't they think about everything being exposed in the future?

    2. [+997, -28]

    If this is true, her image will be completely blown away, she has so many female fans

    3. [+580, -4]

    I still remember a victim wrote this before


    (t/n: Op is writing about how she'll reveal everything in a community soon and that she can't hide it anymore, Soojin was an alleged bully to OP's dongsaeng)

    4. [+568, -108]

    Is this ginally getting out?ㅋㅋ Congrats Soojin-ah it's retribution time

    5. [+559, -6]

    Hul she just became a model for Peri Pera... If this is true, she'll have to pay for the penalty



    Fan: Did you see how the person who claimed that April Lee Na Eun was a bully is now being charged with a lawsuit? If you didn't see, that's what happened

    OP (t/n: she's the same OP as the previous post): Yes I did but since this the truth it won't happen ^^

    Fan: But when are you planning to release this? Did you think about settling down with money with the company?

    OP: She ruined my dongsaeng's school years and you think she can pay back with money?

    Fan: If it's true, then didn't you think that Soojin would come directly to you and apologize and settle with money?

    OP: It's true that Soojin needs to apologize, but the fans who are also threatening me right now should apologize with her too

    post response:


    original post: here

    1. [+639, -1]

    Look at them saying "that's what happened~" "Have you thought of this?~"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a load of bullsh*t

    2. [+505, -6]

    The fans' level, going around threatening people

    3. [+448, -2]

    Why do they all act like bullies? Is this a concept?

    4. [+117, -0]

    The fans definitely look dumb here... She's the b*tch here but they're here coming out of nowhere and swearing at the victim. Do they not realize that the victim can f*cking sue them back? ㅋㅋ

    5. [+77, -1]

    Idle fans are usually bullies themselvesㅋㅋ

    6. [+62, -7]

    Ew why are Soojin's fans so sh*tty

    t/n: ++ there's another post that kind of summarize the whole thing on Pann, if you guys are interested, you can see it there


    Looks like its alot and it all cant be false.

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