• Oh thank God. I need twice to stick around for a few more years so I can finally leave kpop lol

    join the guild you dumb dumb

    how do they even know this?

    once love you, you are just that funny to us <3

  • I'm confused. They didnt renew yet right? and of course they renew in 2022, since its a 7 year contract

    Short answer, basically we don't know/it hasn't been announced. But enough evidence exist to suggest they are/have renewed already.

    On topic.

    These reports from that account mean nothing to me, this report basically says the time period for renewals. Like Itzy's and Stray Kids are also here even tho they are like 4 years away...it really doesn't seem realistic that they would know this or that it would even have been discussed at this point.

    Like that would be as hearing about Twice renewing in late 2017 early 2018...like it makes no sense. It's just the dates of the upcoming contract renewal. Every piece of info that account post is public, it's available to anyone who looks for it. If Twice, BlackPink, Stray Kids, NCT, etc all had renewed their contracts already new sites would be reporting it, companies would have confirmed or denied it too.

  • I cannot take this serious at all sadly, you guys are getting your hopes up over literally nothing

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    They also predicted 450k sales for November as well so it's just one of those normal stock reports.

  • Oh you're still around ¬‿¬

    See that's why they don't bann people, in the end AKP wins :akorns:

  • ripia

    Changed the title of the thread from “TWICE CONTRACT RENEWAL WITH JYPE in 2022” to “[Speculation] TWICE CONTRACT RENEWAL WITH JYPE in 2022”.

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