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  • I hope we get more TWICE x SKZ collabs! Tzuyu and Bang Chan's cover of Taylor's ME! was cute

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  • hi random but i need an allkill user to test this for me


    can you see the option '4th transparent badge' here?

  • i saw that you're from rural Kansas but the thread is closed

    Are you a fan of The Wizard of Oz?

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    • Yes I love that movie. One of my favorites lol

    • That's nice to hear! I had to get ruby slippers after seeing them (well something similar at least haha)

      I've been getting into classic movies lately too, rewatched part of Gone With the Wind yesterday, such a good era of movies. What are your other favorites? ^^

    • Nice! A fellow classic movie buff. I watch TCM a lot. It has so many great old movies from the golden age.

      I have a lot of favorites but I'd say Casablanca would be my go to. And perhaps It's A Wonderful Life. I never get tired of those.

      Do you watch TCM at all? Or just buy or stream?

    • I'll have to check those 2 out! :)

      TCM is where I watch all of them too! 😅 It's great and they're introducing me to so many movies I wouldn't have come across otherwise

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~

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  • Would you be interested in buying a limited badge for Twice's Perfect World?

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  • *sings in Kai* hello, stranger

    So what are you up to?

    It looks like Nayoung is appearing in a drama?

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    • Hi Soshi!

      I just got back from a long work break.

      I saw Nayoung was in a drama. I've gotta watch it sometime. I am excited to see her again.

      She did an OST!

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      How are you? Been keeping busy?

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    • I'm fine, I don't have too much work these days so I've been hanging around here a little more.

      I will see if i can get my hands on her drama at some point. IOI posted a picture recently for their anniversary and it was bittersweet to see them all together.

      Have you been vaccinated yet?

      Here they are going to start massively vaccinating soon. With our own vaccines.

  • Hey, have you watched Hamilton? Loooooooooved it!

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    • Hey Soshi!

      No I have not. It's good?

    • Its awesome! Love it from beginning to end. You can watch it on Disney+.

      And if it ever gets a Korean version I want Suho to play King George :-D

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    • When I get Disney+ back in the future I will try and watch it!

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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    • But I don't really like that song haha.

      I like Gone better.

      I will stream it instead!


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    • That is acceptable. You saved ur self from flopping :cursing:

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  • :mukbang:

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  • giveme all your akorns flop

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  • would you like to join a mafia game? if so get in here!

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  • biggest tzuyu stan :?:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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    • Haha well I'm a very casual fan.

      But unfortunately I don't have the emotional connection. So I don't consider myself a stan proper.

      I eagerly await a Jennie love ballad though. And Stay 2.0.


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    • FLop emman lol :cursing:

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  • Hey dude!

    Have you watched any anime recently?

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    • Hey man!

      Yea I've w watched Dorohedoro and Violet Evergarden.


  • username

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    • Maximilian. How you like the new place?