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  • Happy (early) Valentine's Day! Have a great 2024!

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  • which kpop girl is your #2 fav after tzuyu?

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    • Im Yoona (SNSD).

      Yoona and Tzuyu are my two co-ultimate biases.

      Yoona was the first idol I saw way back in 2007 when my friend showed me SNSD's Into The New World, and fell in love at first sight lol. Then Tzuyu came along and I was smitten as well.

      What about you? Don't you like (G)I-DLE?

    • Nah, I don't like gidle anymore, ever since they went from 6 to 5 i completely lost interest.

      My favourite idol is yeji,

      2nd is park soeun.

  • Is that person in your signature Tzuyu?

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    • Yes! It's Tzuyu from TWICE's Cheer Up comeback promo teasers. :)

    • Thanks! I was wondering because your signature has 3 of your fandoms.

    • Yes my other ultimate, SNSD, and a current 4th gen bias WOOAH.

      What you have Tzuyu as your display picture! Didn't you recognize your own bias!?? Haha.

    • ^^ I guess that Tzuyu is on your profile picture as well.

    • Tzuyu is my whole aesthetic lol. Display pic, signature, badges. Even my sub-title "Tzuyu fanboy" is Tzuyu.

      We Tzuyu stans must promote her well! She deserves it!

  • Woo!ah! are fucking great, man. Probably 3rd group I liked the most after Kiss Of Life and Cignature while doing the evaluation.

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  • Give me 1k akorns plz i give you chewy's phone number no cap

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    • Angel's don't have phone numbers! Is this a Tzuyu imposter you have? :/

      How do I even give acorns away anyway?

    • hehehe so you would go on my profile, click the 3 dots near the "search content" button, and then the dropdown would give a transfer akorns option.

      You like Kazuha right? :pepe-notes: The akorns are for our Le Sserafim guild, in return for your contribution, I can give you a special "Kazuha's simp" designation just for you.

    • All done. A gift.

      Oh you have to pay to join that guild??? Exclusive lol.

      Yes, I'm a casual Kazuha fan! But actually my bias in LESSERAFIM is Chaewon.

      By designation you mean like a subtitle or something? On our profile or DP or something?

      Don't worry about that.... I'm strict with my profile! Only Tzuyu lol.

      Think of the akorns as a gift for a fellow Allkpopper.

      Good luck with the guild!

    • Nope anyone can join the guild, it's for the emblem.

      Ahh ofc but if you would like a special title for our guild alone (just to be displayed with the guild info like "kazuha's husband: emanresu", not on your profile) so that you have a special status, then just let me know! THANK YOU

  • Omg you’re still on here

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    • Holy shit Sehun..... Long time no see!

    • I know I’m in uni now…no time for akp! I still come back here sometimes to keep up with stuff. Everything good w u eman??

    • How's school treating you? Enjoying it? Yea, I hear you on lack of time. I'm not nearly as active as I used to be. Too busy with work. But I still love it here. Even if so many users have gone. Glad to hear from you! I will keep an eye out for you here if you're around occasionally. P.S. Do you still love Yoona?

    • Ugh it’s a pain in the ass but i will manage hopefully lol and yes I love yoona and the rest of grandma generation. I’ll try to come here during a breaks if I can lol. But for real I really don’t recognize anybody on the new akp. Maybe it’s for the better, nobody will remember my trolling past 😂

  • Hello! I missed you, how are you?

    Keep being awesome.

    Please come back more.

    Stay on the other side.

    • Hi Chan!!!! I got back on a day or so ago!

      Good to hear from you! How have you been?

      Holding down the Blink Fort.?!


    • Hi! It's great to see you again. I've been alright. Yep, but not here. I've been on the other place much more recently and I love it there.

    • Oh K-P-S??? Is it booming there? I haven't been there in a long time.

    • Yep. It is! In fact, it's more popular than it's been in a long time and a bunch of people here have made accounts. You should try visiting again sometime if you want.

    • I will! Are you going to be over there mostly now?

  • hii

  • Donate akorns juseyo

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :

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  • Oh my Yves, you're back!

    P.S.: I greatly enjoyed the IVE debut as well, Yujin and Wonyoung looked like they reached their final evolutions in the M/V. :teeheek:

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    • Hey Morty Long time no see!

      You finally made it back to Allkpop! How you been?

      It's nice to see them debut! I gotta get out of IZONE mode though. That's my hurdle.

    • Indeed~

      It was a rather random return lel, the layout wasn't really for me so I didn't feel like coming back at all. T^T
      I've been great! I just got done with my assignment for the night so I'm doing the before-bed check-in here. :teeheek:
      What about you? ^ ^

      Well, it was surreal for me too to see both of them out of IZ*ONE and performing in a drastically different setting, but I got used to it with about three watches. :")

    • I'm good! Busy with work but finding time for kpop now and then. Good to have you back,! I followed you back!

    • You always have these phases of being busy with work but unlike most others, you have the tendency to bounce back. :teeheek:
      You too! It feels more familiar to see the Tzuyu DP in my Following and Follower lists now.

  • Hello! Do you prefer Alcohol Free, The Feels or Scientist?

  • eman! remember me?

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    • You're gonna have to remind me! I have the memory of the golden retriever. ;(

  • Hello! How are you?

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    • Hey Soshi! I'm good! Just keeping busy with work! Got a breather for a bit!

      How are you?

    • I'm fine, with tons of work.

    • Oh no. I'm sorry!

      Do you get any breaks?

    • Listen to this in your downtime!

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    • I'm back to working all week, and now I have new responsibilities, sometimes it feels like I'm running at top speed with no finish line in sight. ||

      Thanks, I used to like that song a lot. :*

  • I hope we get more TWICE x SKZ collabs! Tzuyu and Bang Chan's cover of Taylor's ME! was cute

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  • i saw that you're from rural Kansas but the thread is closed

    Are you a fan of The Wizard of Oz?

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    • Yes I love that movie. One of my favorites lol

    • That's nice to hear! I had to get ruby slippers after seeing them (well something similar at least haha)

      I've been getting into classic movies lately too, rewatched part of Gone With the Wind yesterday, such a good era of movies. What are your other favorites? ^^

    • Nice! A fellow classic movie buff. I watch TCM a lot. It has so many great old movies from the golden age.

      I have a lot of favorites but I'd say Casablanca would be my go to. And perhaps It's A Wonderful Life. I never get tired of those.

      Do you watch TCM at all? Or just buy or stream?

    • I'll have to check those 2 out! :)

      TCM is where I watch all of them too! 😅 It's great and they're introducing me to so many movies I wouldn't have come across otherwise

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~

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  • Would you be interested in buying a limited badge for Twice's Perfect World?

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  • *sings in Kai* hello, stranger

    So what are you up to?

    It looks like Nayoung is appearing in a drama?

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    • Hi Soshi!

      I just got back from a long work break.

      I saw Nayoung was in a drama. I've gotta watch it sometime. I am excited to see her again.

      She did an OST!

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      How are you? Been keeping busy?

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    • I'm fine, I don't have too much work these days so I've been hanging around here a little more.

      I will see if i can get my hands on her drama at some point. IOI posted a picture recently for their anniversary and it was bittersweet to see them all together.

      Have you been vaccinated yet?

      Here they are going to start massively vaccinating soon. With our own vaccines.

  • Hey, have you watched Hamilton? Loooooooooved it!

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    • Hey Soshi!

      No I have not. It's good?

    • Its awesome! Love it from beginning to end. You can watch it on Disney+.

      And if it ever gets a Korean version I want Suho to play King George :-D

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    • When I get Disney+ back in the future I will try and watch it!

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  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • :mukbang:

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  • giveme all your akorns flop

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  • would you like to join a mafia game? if so get in here!

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  • biggest tzuyu stan :?:

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  • Stan bp :cursing:

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  • Hey dude!

    Have you watched any anime recently?

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    • Hey man!

      Yea I've w watched Dorohedoro and Violet Evergarden.


  • username

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    • Maximilian. How you like the new place?