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    And it's funny you mentioned Sakura.

    I praised her public response to the criticisms of their Coachella performance. I thought she demonstrated exceptional character and leadership with her response. She showed grace, maturity, and confidence and poise. I'm not her Stan but that act of character gained my respect. She met the moment.

    Funnily enough my endorsement was on of those instances ISaid found me cringe lol.

    Lol. Different strokes.

    And my response is I reject your narrowing of the definition of talent. Especially in the context of Korean pop idols. It is not just about performance talent in isolation.

    I'm pushing back against your very definition that I believe belies a misunderstanding of what kpop idols are. They are not just mere singers and dancers though that is a core aspect of their ostensible "career". This isn't just a music industry. It's an idol industry. That role implies a breadth beyond mere singing and dancing.

    In any case, Yama did not specify "performance talent" in his title. If we want to have that discussion in a that strict sense, the thread prompt needs revised. And Yoona will hold her own in that discussion fine.

    Also, you seem to call me cringe a lot. You often respond in this way to my posts. I feel we have very fundamentally different world views, and for some reason my takes often bristle you or respond how ridiculous or off putting you find my takes.

    That's okay. We see the world and obviously kpop, differently.

    Sure, but including other things is more about personal preference, than actual talent. I mean, how you want to measure who's the prettiest, for example? Everyone has a different taste, but we can measure vocal, rap, and dance skills.

    And we can measure acting and social skills These are skills that require work and development in addition to natural ability. Yoona has excelled in both.

    I also think the maintenance of character and conduct is a talent that takes determination and work. It's often easier to forgo these things, especially with modern culture's embrace of selfishness and lack of standard as in vogue. While not measurable perhaps. I see those that maintain their moral foundation against this tide as exemplifying a form of hard earned talent of sorts.

    Again, well perhaps disagree on this. No worries!

    That's strictly performance talent. In my eyes, especially in the context of kpop idols, that does not encompass the true breadth of what an idol is.

    In any case, to each their own.

    The multiple mentions of Yoona in the thread single handedly triggered me out of a month long hiatus.


    How are we defining "talent" here?

    It seems to me the way "talented" is often employed in these sorts of arguments is either a very narrow framing that limits it solely to unabashed vocal prowess, or alternatively a weight on the scales activist euphemism for a certain type of diva stage persona.

    Yoona is neither. She is not a stand out vocal. And she is not a CL style diva archetype that so many attribute multitudes of claimed depth to.

    But... Yoona shines.....

    She serves as an archetypal example of the pinnacle of what traditional idols as multi dimensional entertainment and role model figures can be.

    Yoona sings beautifully within her range and on modest fare, with heart moving results, just see her string of releases in Mandarin like Red Bean or her When the Wind Blows.

    Her dancing is strong and a highlight of SNSD's performance line. See nearly their History of performance releases and stages.

    Yoona is the quintessential kpop girl group center, anchoring the visual and performance vibe of Kpop's most storied girl group in SNSD.

    Beyond mere performance talent, she excels at so many other touchstones of the multi dimensional idol as jack of all trades archetype that seem to be lost in these kinds of discussions.

    She acts. Slowly building her talent from very modest ability to one that can hold her own in high profile dramas and movies, going on to a string of extremely successful movies like EXIT and dramas like King The Land. She's no Oscar winner, but I find she is perfectly suited for breezy romantic comedy and lighter fare. She shines in these roles.

    She hosts. Leveraging her immense charm and likeable friendly personality to host countless awards and shows and other venues.

    She models. Her radiant and deer like youthful beauty has allowed her to ascend to the heights of CF and product representation, making her one of Kpop's most successful product models.

    Also, she possesses a rare quality of genuine genuine kindness and humility. A warmth of character that is out of style in today's edgy culture. Countless testimonials from understaff and anyone who has had the privilege of meeting or knowing her attest to her unassailable goodness. This may seem like "not a talent" but when combined with her immense work ethic and motivation in her career and endeavors, it combines to make her one of the very best examples of an idol as role model. She is someone you can look up to, admire, try to emulate and be more like.

    In my opinion her multi faceted career, personal achievements, role as performer and singer, and as all around entertainment figure and role model, make her far from "least talented".

    It's insulting in my eyes for her to be characterized as so.

    In terms of what being an idol traditionally meant. Yoona is a rare find.

    Why, Why, why?

    We have a thread dedicated to Tzuyu.

    I know there's that thread. It's a cool place for people to post images and updates and stuff.

    But I like to make my own dedicated Tzuyu threads.

    It's the fanboy way haha.


    Tzuyu: The Angel From Taiwan


    A Tzuyu is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.

    Taiwan must be the luckiest country ever!

    Heaven smiled on them and sent them the greatest gift of all.

    The Angel from Taiwan.

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    you mean safety shorts?

    there is no way they will get rid of that

    but overall I've noticed that few female idols recently wore much 'lighter' safety shorts, like with less fabric, more tight on the body, don't know how to describe it properly

    I'm not a fashionista like JYP lol

    Yea. The combo of wearing a skirt. But then wearing shorts under it is just dumb.

    I get why they do it.

    But then just don't put them in skirts. Wear something else then.

    It's a universal impossibility that an outfit consisting of long ass shorts jutting out under a skirt will ever look good.

    It will always look awkward And goofy.

    Oh my. I just now realize this song is very nice.

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    You put her in Babymonster and you cant tell the difference. She is really damn good

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    Why did you only now realize it!?

    It's always been great! Haha.

    For some reason I am inclined to remind people about this thread:

    She's already on my list!

    Arin was there before I even typed it lol.

    Her talent is attracting fan boys like me and emanresu!

    I know.... Arin is the kind of girl you go to war for. Launch literal ships.

    Man I want to show you this live from way back of Arin. She went back home to her home in the countryside of South Korea. And she had this whole live where she is romping around on the farm, runs into cow poop and flies so cutely, and ends with her giving Miracles (the fandom) a present where she had made a decorate display for them on one of the rock walls off a dirt road.

    OH. MY. GOD. It was so charming. One of those times where you just know.. wow this person is special.

    I can't find it as V-live discontinued and I can't find it on searching either... Darnit

    Obviously because of her talent

    I think you're being shady and meant this to be diss.

    But yes.. Arin shines because she is a very talented idol.

    Arin is actually one of the very best idols in the traditional mold.

    Raw vocal talent is not necessarily her strength. But she is a standout in most everything else that makes an idol what they are.

    A top draw in their performances as a lead dancer. At the center of their appeal in fan service and vibe setting, much like the appeal of Sana in TWICE. She hosts. She acts. She has solo releases. A top visual. A charming and infectious personality and serves as a main stan attractor.

    She's the kind of idol companies dream of getting in their group. That embody the group energy and serve as critical mass the groups appeal revolves around, and can latch onto.

    You build groups on idols like Arin.

    So yes.. Arin is one of the very best and talented idols.