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  • Stupid question but does your username have to do with BLACKPINK and Rihanna?

    Kill This = BLACKPINK
    Fenty = Rihanna

  • hii

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3
  • hewwo :)

  • What's up? Wow, you like Blackpink, Twice, and Itzy all at the same time. :wow:

  • I love your aesthetic!! You like Ariana too? :pepeflushed:

    • Thanks !!! Yes she is my favorite western artist !!!

    • Yw! < 3 And me too!! My favorite song of hers would have to be ghostin! My favorite album would have to be sweetener! :3 Hbu if you’re okay with saying?

    • Ghostin is such a sad song I can’t listen to it 😭😭 sweetener is among my fav album from Ariana (aftertun, and positions) my fav song from her is get well soon I love this song

    • Omg true, it is really sad but for some reason it brings me comfort, probably because of how beautiful and raw it is :pepecute:

      And omg I love that song, as well as those albums! Amazing taste! Get well soon is such a gorgeous song < 3 I listen to it when I’m feeling sad or anxious, and it always cheers me up!

  • Your Ryujin signature is hypnotic, please don't change it!

  • rihanna?