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  • dary!!!

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    • hi shy oml I'm so late :cryingk: how is life ?? <3 were u able to adjust easily to the new forums?

    • Yeah I did. It's not easy navigating around but I gotten used to it. HBU? how are u? how's your baby?

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    • btw I guess u can tell that I removed discord :/ it just seemed that most of the user base (well the teenaged ones due to school ig) just kinda all went inactive at one point?? But for whatever it's worth, I can install it again if u want to catch up. (Or do u have another Social??)

      My baby is now 1 year and 3 months and is now learning how to walk! I've been fine, still single and looking :-) HBU? Btw I saw that u became a mod within days of the new forums opening!

    • I do have Twitter & Instagram but I barely use it. I’m not active in any social media right now :( and yeah a lot went inactive on discord too

      Omg that went fast! I still remember how small he was -curled up in bed the last time you showed me their picture. :love: I hope you’ll find someone soon dary. You deserve someone who will truly love you.

      Still single haha but not looking, just busy with work and also on akp stuff. Thank you yeah i applied and they accepted me, this is my dream job to be part of the awards and tech team <3

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    • I uploaded some recent pics of him!! here!!

      You live in France right? I'm glad to hear that you're single and happy with it, when I tell people that I'm single for a year already their responses give the impression that it's an unnatural thing kinda? :-(

      I'm looking but in no rush, after the fiasco with the father of my child I know exactly what I need in a guy and refuse to settle!

      Where do you work? Do you ever plan to take a vacation to the Caribbean or US one day? Hehehe

      (Also found any new groups to stan? You're more of a boygroup stan right? hehe)