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  • Hey comment tu dates la belge! :flirt-pepe2:

    Prête pour la coupe du monde? :eyes:

    • Ça spoil les nationalités ici :eyes: haha je vais pas regarder, toi si?

    • Je peux le cacher si ça dérange et utiliser un surnom reconnaissable du genre "seum" ou "choco" :eyes:

      Bien sûr que je vais regarder :-P

      Vous avez toutes vos chances en plus :-P

    • Ah ouais? Je connais rien au foot je sais juste quand ils perdent ^^ c'est quand exactement?

    • Ils ont de bons éléments ;-)

      Ça commence ce dimanche ¬‿¬

    • Ah ouais? Mais vraiment la flemme de regarder déso :sweat: trop de trucs à faire

  • Hii Water! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • Hi ! Well, I'm doing great. What about you?

    • Good to know you're doing great! I am too!!

      Anything you up to? :check-bee:

    • Nothing in particular. & you? :whatb:

    • I see. Nothing much, just school works.

      Will you buy any of the Twice badges when they are in the shop?

    • I didn't really follow the whole thing but yeah maybe

  • hey! :mvbee:

    • Hey ! Alors comment ça se passe ?

    • Écoute ça se passe très bien en Corée. J'ai pu visiter un max de choses donc je suis plutôt content. :yesr:

      Par contre faudrait que je prenne le temps pour aller chez YG et brûler leur bâtiment

    • Fais gaffe qu'elles soient pas dedans lol

      Mais à propos d'un truc en particulier? ou pour faire bonne mesure

    • Pour leur mauvaise gestion du groupe :-)

      Mais bon c'est trop tard la :-(

    • Noooo :wilds:

      Et au final t'avais trouvé un fancafé/autre pour vendredi ?

  • salut chère voisine !

  • Here are the recs!

  • Hii

  • thanks for following back beautiful human ;-)

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  • Hi, can you please vote for me here?


    Thank you! :jeongyeon3:

  • HI <3

    If you haven’t already can you vote for ONCE CULT in our outfit thread?~

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  • Would you be interested in buying a limited badge for Twice's Perfect World?

    Sign up here!:

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  • Sorry to bother but I know I should know but who is that on the left gif on your signature?

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  • I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M NOT FOLLOWING YOU... :pepe-life-support:

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    • well.. I don't understand this system here so don't worry about it :smirks2: I'll follow you back though :flying:

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    • Haha okay <3

      Thank u~


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  • How do I get that TWICE thingy on your dp with all of the members names on ur profile pic

  • Your Jeongyeon DP looks really good with the emblem

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  • My next video will be How would TWICE OT4 Ft. Jeongyeon sing Bet You Wanna by BP Ft. Cardi

    Chaeyoung = Jennie

    Dahyun = Lisa

    Mina = Jisoo

    Jeongyeon = Cardi, wanted to do something different for TWICE and give Jeongyeon a cute rap verse, switch up the normal formula ya know?

    Nayeon = Rose

    • It would be interesting, however I recommend you to specify that in the video description !

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  • Btw I forgot to mention to you;

    I'm doing two series of "How would TWICE sing..." projects

    they'll both be consisting of my own special sub units;

    The first one will be:

    How would TWICE OT 4 sing BLACKPINK discography

    Mina = Jisoo

    Nayeon = Rosé

    Chaeyoung = Jennie

    Lisa = Dahyun

    and the second series will be:

    How would TWICE OT5 sing Red Velvet discography;

    Chaeyoung = Irene

    Dahyun = Yeri

    Nayeon = Joy

    Jihyo = Wendy

    Mina = Seulgi

    And then in the future I maybe doing How would TWICE OT9 sing Girls' Generation.


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    Hope u love it tried to make it as fair and accurate as possible.

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    • Oh wow ! I can totally imagine them singing it like that ! Great job :claps: and thank you !! I didn't expect it so soon

    • any other twicepink requests? Im posting Really tonight

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    • Ohh I'm looking forward to it ! Not for now, but I'll think about it :danceb: thank you so much

    • i do other non Twicepink videos so any other requests lemme know

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    • Alright, thank you !

  • The two Chae's! You sir/ma'am have taste in biases! imagine a collaboration between the two think; Irene & Seulgi

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    • Yes 2Chae is love <3 sadly I've lost hope for any TwicePink collab long ago ;( but since they're friends, maybe in a distant future we'll get some public interaction who knows...

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    • What other friendships do we know about TWICEPINK members? All I know are Nayeon & Jennie. I think the others have mutual respect for each other.

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    • From what I've seen and what has been said, from the trainee days, it's Nayeon with JenSoo (originally more a friend of Jisoo from what Nayeon wrote in her thanks note in The Story Begins) and ChaeLice with Chae and Tzuyu (I've only seen Rosé and Tzuyu interact once though). From one interaction it seems Lisa and Mina are also good friends, which isn't that surprising if we consider they are both friends with GOT7's BamBam (maybe there was like a group of foreign trainees beyond the Thai friends, but it's just speculation). Also I've seen Nayeon goofing around with Rosé, and Momo's a huge BP fan but she used to act shy around them so she probably doesn't know them from trainee days. (Now she might be in touch thanks to her soul sister Nayeon, but since it's been a while since I saw them together, I can't tell :/ ). You can look out for TwicePink videos, they're cute :saint:

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    • Do you have any "how would TWICE sing BLACKPINK" requests? Or How would BLACKPINK sing TWICE requests

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    • Hmm.. How would Blackpink sing Girls Like Us & How would Twice sing Really? What have you already done?