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  • I love the Onces on here. Such a chill fan base.

  • How do I get a TWICE trophy?

    • Same as when you buy the Rose one. Go to akorn shop and buy badge, then tell Shy/Ves in the conversation which badge you want

    • How much are they?

    • 250, unless you already had 4 badges

    • Do they only show up after i've reached 250? Cause I went to the akorn shop I didn't see the twice badge

    • It's not buying Twice badge. But, buying badge and you tell the mod you want it to be Twice badge

  • Chaeyoung is beautiful!

  • Why does Jae-6 call you Mr. Freezer?

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    • He said I seem cool

      I said he is cooler like a refrigerator

      He said I'm like a freezer

      And because I sound lame so he thought I'm a boomer and put mr in front of it

      He didn't know I'm only 3 years older than him

      Now I'm freezer boi

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    • That's right freezer boi :S

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  • How's your day been Mr Freezer?

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  • You seem cool ^^

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  • You finally got your Hyewon badge!

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  • The Simpsons suck! :eyes:

  • so why havent you joined our guild yet?

  • Are you a Once? Just wondering LMAO

    • What can make me a Once:

      1. Twice is the one and only Kpop group that I really like (the other I like is just a filler)

      2. I follow and watch most of their contents and performance

      3. They make me entertained (happy if you wan't a strong word)

      What can make me a not Once:

      1. I don't buy their albums (maybe I will when I have escaped this student phase)

      2. I don't do crazy streaming, once when TT is in a race to 400M (I just listen to it when I want, but when I listen to music, it's theirs mainly)

      3. I don't subscribe for their content (like Vlive or Bubble) and vote for them (for awards shows)

      4. I've never been to their concert

      Conclusion: I like Twice very much, but don't do most of activity fans would do. Or, conclude it yourself :-)

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    • I'd consider you a Once! As long as you support the girls! I've never been to their concert either and I never bought an album for a while but I've considered myself a Once since the beginning of August.

      I don't really stream, I just listen to their songs a lot and only on YouTube. I'm not super committed on streaming, I just listen to their songs whenever I want. But I do follow all of know, basically everything Twice related. Even JYP Entertainment... :oops:

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