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  • it would be very kind of you if you could suport the badge-petition for the Japanese group JO1, even if you don't interact with anything at the end, just give me your name on the list by buying it and I'm happy, thank you in advance

  • Thanks for following back. I've watched some of your posts and you look nice ;-)

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  • Jeongyeon, Lisa, Ryujin, Isa and Lia would make a fantastic girl group!

    Jeongyeon - Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

    Lia - Main Vocalist, Visual

    Ryujin - Main Rapper, Vocalist, Center

    Lisa - Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

    Isa - Vocalist, Maknae

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  • akorns noona :crys:

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • Can i have some akorns for the enha le badges

    plsssssssss :pepecute:

  • whos in ur sig? shes stunning!

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  • Hehe I like your username :|:|:|

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  • Lisa, Jeongyeon and Lia look gorgeous in your badges!

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  • did u unstan nmixx :peperain:

    • Lol, nope. I'm just happily enjoying their debut until the hate calms down. :pepe-hehe:

      Not my favorite debut, but I'm enjoying the performances and spent half of yesterday watching reaction videos. :pepelove1:

    • what do u think about the song?bop,blop or flop :whatb:

      Im enjoying their performances too :cheersc:

    • Well, I'll say it's a blop. But, all of my initial feelings about the song after the leak were realized. I'm not in love with Jinni and Jiwoo's rap at the beginning, but after Kyujin comes in, I like everything that comes after. Not in love with the chorus though. I really like the switch up in the middle as expected. People say the switch up is very ITZY, which makes sense and explains why I like it. :pepe-hehe:

      I also do not like the outro with Jinni. Overall, I would not be surprised if the song does not do well. It definitely has grown on me the more I watch reaction videos and see them perform it, but I can't see myself necessarily adding it to a playlist and rocking out to this on a walk or while at the gym. But who knows. That may change. I've already started singing it. :pepe-comfy:

      I don't know if anyone has posted K-Netz reactions to the lyrics, but I really don't understand why they would have such nonsensical lyrics in Korean. People have no idea what they are saying, and they say it's because of all of the English. But, honestly, I have no idea what they are saying either. Then they have a Spanish chorus, lmao? I really don't know who JYPe was targeting with this song. But, I'm just hoping the next song is better. I don't have high hopes for this song doing well, but I also don't see the appeal to some other songs that have blown up. So, we'll see. :pepepizza:

      Tank is a BOP as expected. I hope we get some music show performances of that as well.

    • Same it's a blop for me and jyp better give them a better title track next time :pepe-cut: i like tank too :blushing: i was addicted to the 'freaky fishy fishy' part lmao :smirks2: yeah i really hope we'd get some music show performances for tank :pepe-sad: who's ur bias btw mine's jiwoo :pepelove1:

    • Right now, it's KyuJinni. Kyujin is #1, but Jinni is a close 2nd. Though, I have been wrecked by Haewon and Lily a lot lately too.

      I'm hoping Kyujin and Bae get well soon enough for music show performances. I want to see OT7 performances. :froghype:

      Also, have you seen the whole Ateez thing? :pepecry:

  • Hey :jeongyeon3:, are you gonna use those akorns? :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: I could really use them

  • I love your pfp!

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