• I. Introduction

    Sieun is a south korean singer and actress currently under High Up Entertainment.

    She is a member of the girl group STAYC.

    II. Career

    Park Si Eun originally made her debut as a child actress in 2014 through the children's television series Pluto Secret Society.

    On September 8, 2020, she was revealed as the first member of STAYC.

    III. Filmography


    Television Dramas


    Pluto Secret Society
    Pride and Prejudice 2014
    Six Flying Dragons 2015
    Signal 2016
    The Good Wife 2016
    The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop 2016
    Queen for Seven Days 2017
    Criminal Minds 2017
    Rain or Shine 2017
    Still 17 2018
    The Crowned Clown 2019
    Everything and Nothing 2019
    Mystic Pop-up Bar 2020

    IV. Sieun Facts

    - Sieun is the daughter of Park Namjung.

    - Role Model: IU.

    - She can play the piano.

    - She was on The King Of Masked Singer.

    - She trained for 4 years.

    - She appeared in the movie “Today’s Love”.

    - She has a younger sister (Siwoo).

    - She, Isa, Seeun and J are roommates.