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  • Hello! :mvbee:

    i noticed you visited my wall :beehaw:

    so now i visit you :ooo-bee:

    • Right

      I accidentally visited it

      I meant to look at "recent posts" to see if you were online for the murder mystery game but I went into your profile instead

    • Oooo :smirks2:

      No, i didn't get the chance to play

      its hard for me to get online on the weekends :(

  • I noticed some people are using this wall like a blog

    • Hmmm should I set my avatar

    • Scary experience I had the other day. I saw two people wearing those winter beanies with strings and I thought of NewJeans (because they wear winter hats for their winter comeback)

    • I hope no one thinks my username is hipster or supposed to be some aesthetic or something. I really don't want to be grouped in with people who would have a username like "username." or something

    • Today Hurt was playing at the supermarket but I pretended I never heard it before √√

      I didn't hear what song played after that though because I left as soon as possible.

    • At this rate it will take forever for me to get 10,000 Akorns so maybe I should make more threads at once.

      Edit: Or start giving myself the best answer, but then if I can give myself the best answer then I can just make another comment in the same amount of time

  • hello

    • Finally I'm at 25 and I can post on my own wall

      I don't remember in which thread I found your profile but I noticed your username is Beyblade and I also watched Beyblade Burst, I'm up to the middle of season 6

      Idk just didn't expect to find people who watch Beyblade in AKP

    • omg slay !!!

      ive only finished up to season 2 of burst but i absolutely love it ;( i gotta get a move on fr fr.
      i grew up with metal fusion lol and watched a bit of the og !!

      RIGHT ive met a few ppl on here who've dabbled a bit in playing it but i have yet to met someone else who watches it omgggg. :froghype: