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    I've noticed that performance centered GGs just dont have the same longevity or peak popularity as others. Itzy, NMIXX, Loona, Everglow, Dreamcatcher, even Gfriend. It's not enough to be amazing at dance and have great stage presence, to get to the very top you need other things. An IT GIRL, visuals, or vocals, or things even more intangible than that.

    If you look at the top groups, no one would consider them stage demons as a whole but boy oh boy do they have other assets in abundance (Ive, Aespa, NJ, Idle, BP, RV, Twice, MMM, etc).

    This is why i worry about LSRFM tbh. The girls are being praised the exact same way Itzy was being praised, but Hybe better be careful about pigeonholing them as only stage dancers (if they care about Korean relevance for this group). LSRFM members, even my cherished Sssamkkura, just arent seen as It Girls or visuals when compared to the Wonyoungs, Karinas, Minjis, Jennies, Jisoos, Nayeons, Hwasas, Irenes etc of the world. Unfortunately there isnt much Hybe can do about this issue except to keep promoting the girls and hope one of them at least breaks through to the general public.

    ITZY has IT girl potential though. Yuna literally went viral from her U-Go girl performance (she also apparently started some bag trend too), and Ryujin is constantly trending for her visuals and was called a "blue-chip" in the industry.

    They just aren't marketed as It girls like those girls and women you mentioned.

    I mean yes.

    But, the really pretty kids will probably go to the bigger agencies 1st.

    Like, Sullyoon literally had multiple agencies fighting for her just because she was that pretty.

    It'd be hard to win over a visual like that from a big agency.

    Though not impossible, I feel like that was more prominent before the 3rd gen though. Main examples being Hyeri and Hani, who literally dragged their groups out of nugudom by being visuals and becoming "It" girls. Same thing somewhat with Seolhyun.

    After the 3rd gen though, there has not been a visual member that has really helped a group blow-up. Though, they have opened up opportunities for themselves like Chuu, Yeonwoo, Nancy, Naeun from April, and most recently Tsuki.

    It would probably feel like that to people who only follow the top 5 trendiest GGs right now.

    It is true that JYPE does not promote them well though, but despite that, Ryujin still seems to have a lot of buzz. Just last week she trended like 5 times and was the talk of the community sites for her visuals.

    But, yeah, since JYPE groups do not do a lot of solo promotions outside of comebacks (and the fact that ITZY has not had a comeback in like 7 months), they aren't being talked about as much.


    bypannchoaJune 07, 2023

    Cha Seowon released the drawing of the original author of his drama before leaving for the army and he also pinned to the top of his feed, it's a drawing that the author drew as a fanart after the last filming
    After announcing his marriage, a part of his drama fans started terrorizing his IG

    (t/n: his drama is a BL drama called Unintentional Love, where he's the lead with B1A4's Gongchan)



    These aren't just international fans and Chinese fans, but there are even people from Korea hating on him

    t/n: we will not translate all the comments, some will be paraphrased
    - You're honestly disgusting, you had other ulterior motives
    - You honestly don't have any manners nor sense of responsibility, you're selfish. I can repsect your choice but I can't congratulate you. I hope your future wil be a thorny path, don't you even dare mention the other actors and your dongsaengs again, of course, it's not lik eyou even cared about them in the first place ㅎ I don't want to see your face again
    - You gave me the worst kind of memory for this work, thank you for that, I hope you'll always suffer in your life. The other actors and the producers all suffered and they'll remember this forever. You were irresponsible enough to get your unmarried girlfriend pregnant, you're the worst actor Cha Seowon
    - I'm sure you'll delete this post since you don't have any attachment to this drama
    - You're such a disappoitnment, you have no dedication to your job. Have you never considered your coworkers and the stagg? Whether you have a girlfirend or not, I don't care, but you should've never picked this drama, you shouldn't have even promoted this. You should've never said anything and let the drama flop. I'm not saying your acting is bad, I actually enjoy your acting, but you've done wrong. This is it. Farewell Cha Seowon
    - Pay back the debt you owe the producers and go apologize to the actrs one by one. You're selfish actions ruiend the promotion o fthe drama. You've also never considered us, your audience. Don't you know how many people enjoy your drama?
    - You're honestly such a selfish person. You've thrown away all the hard work of other people
    - Your damn timing honestly
    - Cha actor trash, have you ever thought about the other staff and the actors, Gongchan? Gongchan is so precious you're so cruel to him. You've never thought about the fans, you're breaking their hearts
    - Remove this from your pinned post
    - Ah seriously you make no sense. Your news gave a mental breakdown to everyone. Ah honestly I don't even know anymore. I was waiting for season 2, you ruined everything

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    1. Seriously the BL drama industry is hopeless.....

    2. People here telling others to not swear at BL fans are even funnier, they deserve the hate

    3. Why are they like that... BL fans are honestly insane...

    4. This was just as expected ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. People who usually enjoy BL genres, not only dramas, but novels, webtoons, dramas, manhwas, etc. aren't this abnormal... But there's something about the BL drama fans that's just creepy

    6. Are they in their right minds? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Telling this to an actor?

    7. I bet actors in the future will think twice before taking a BL drama work

    8. Hul...

    9. What's up with those weirdos?

    10. I've tried fangirling over BL dramas, but there are so many crazy b*ches among the fans that I stopped

    Not strictly. I think I know most of the titles though.

    Hmm, okay, so here are my top 15 Twice songs from their Korean albums:

    1. Fancy

    2. Talk That Talk

    3. Cry For Me

    4. Sunset

    5. Hot

    6. Candy

    7. 21:29

    8. Brave

    9. Espresso

    10. Basics

    11. Yes or Yes

    12. Touchdown

    13. Oxygen

    14. TT

    15. Dance The Night Away

    B-sides I'd recommend checking out if you like straight pop: Basics, Oxygen, Candy, Sunset, and Hot

    Slower more ballad or R&B b-sides: Espresso, 21:29, and Cry For Me (technically not a b-side)

    Meanwhile me as a man.Why would I need a bag when I can just put my phone, bank card and keys in my jeans pockets lol

    Must be nice lol!

    Let's see, in my bag, I have my wallet, my phone, my keys, my work badge, 3 sets of headphones, a phone charger, 3 Covid masks, 2 things of hand sanitizer, 2 packets of Kleenex, a 6 oz tube of lotion for my hands, a container of fruit for a snack, and my lunch. Not including my lip gloss and chapstick that I have in the tiny purse pockets.

    And, that's just my everyday work items. Not even taking in account if I am going out somewhere.


    Yuna's Zara rock flap shoulder bag





    Jennie's COS quilted oversize shoulder bag



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    1. Ah so that was Yuna's bag.. I'm not lying when I tell you that I saw at least 2-3 people with that bag on my way to work every day

    2. I think that Yuna's bag is just a steady trend nowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It fits a bunch of stuffs and it's just as pretty. It fits any kind of outfits whether you want to be casual or dressed up.. it's the best.. The only downside is that there are a bunch of fakes now

    3. I freaking like Yuna's bagㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's seriously f*cking comfortable.. I think it's a steady trend now

    4. The COS' cloud bag was always a popular item. But I feel like now that Jennie wore it, the competition to purchase it became even more intense ㅜ It was already an item that got sold out right away.. And Yuna's ZARA bag is just ㅋㅋ they should just call it the Yuna-bag at this point ㅋㅋ I think they released a mini version too ㅋㅋ

    5. Seriously these two are the real deal

    6. I also bought both of these bags. They are so comfortable and pretty

    7. I've seriously seen Yuna's bag so many times around

    8. I bought both of these bags before they wore it. I'm shocked that they became a trend

    9. COS is going overboard with the colors and sizesㅋㅋ


    10. Yuna's bag is so reasonably pricedㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think that ZARA released a white version too

    (T/N: for those who are curious, the bags can be purchased here (Zara) and here (COS))

    I feel like they started chasing trends after After School did somewhat well, which makes sense.

    As a nugu, you have to do whatever you can to capitalize on any success. I think the shift they made with their last comeback was weird, but their sales actually increased. I was interested to see if they could sustain that increase or even see a rise, but they never had a comeback after that.

    And now, they's on Queendom.

    Let's hope they get some good attention with this.