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    I. Introduction:

    “Tentastic! Hello, we are PENTAGON!” —PENTAGON

    PENTAGON (펜타곤) is a nine-member boy group under Cube Entertainment. They were formed through the competition reality show Pentagon Maker and officially debuted on October 10, 2016 with their self-titled mini album.

    II. History:


    In December 2015, it was reported Cube will debut a new boy group within the first half of 2016. On April 26, 2016, Cube released a teaser video for the group. Prior to their debut, the final lineup would be determined through Mnet's reality survival show Pentagon Maker. At the end of the show, E'Dawn, Shinwon, and Yan An were eliminated with the remaining members to debut.

    PENTAGON was expected to hold their debut concert on July 16 but was delayed to the 23rd before it was cancelled for unknown reasons.

    2016: Debut with Pentagon and Five Senses

    Cube announced on September 30 that PENTAGON will officially debut on October 10 with their first self-titled mini album. It was also revealed the group will be debuting with 10 members including the eliminated members.

    The group released their second mini album Five Senses on December 7 with "Can You Feel It" as the title track.

    2017: Japanese debut, Ceremony, Demo_01, and Demo_02

    On March 7, the group announced the fanclub name as "Universe". The group then released their debut Japanese mini album Gorilla on March 29. The album consists Japanese versions of songs from their first two mini albums as well as two original tracks.

    PENTAGON released their third mini album Ceremony on June 12 with "Critical Beauty" as the title track. The album also includes their pre-release single "Beautiful" which was produced by Jung Il Hoon of BTOB.

    2018: Violet, Positive, Shine, E'Dawn's departure and Thumbs Up!

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    2019: "Cosmo", Genie:us, Sum(me:r), and "Happiness / Sha La La"

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    2020: Universe : The Black Hall, We:th and "Eternal Flame"

    On January 22, Cube Entertainment confirmed PENTAGON would be making a comeback with their first full-length album in February. At midnight KST on January 28, they released a spoiler video on their official SNS. This was followed by a trailer on the 29th, revealing the release date to be on February 12. On the 30th, the album's name was revealed to be Universe : The Black Hall.

    On September 17, PENTAGON confirmed that they are planning for a comeback. On September 24, Cube Entertainement uploaded a video trailer for the group's upcoming release. It also marks Yan An's comeback to the group. On September 28, it was confirmed that PENTAGON will release their tenth mini album We:th, on October 12.

    On December 15, Cube Entertainment announced the release of the digital single "Eternal Flame" on December 18.

    2021: Love or Take

    On February 10, 2021, Cube Entertainment confirmed that PENTAGON will make a comeback in mid-March. They released their 11th mini album Love or Take on March 15.

    III. Members:

    Hongseok (홍석) Lead Vocalist 2016–present

    Shinwon (신원) Vocalist, Rapper, Visual 2016–present

    Yeo One (여원) Lead Vocalist, Visual 2016–present

    Yan An (옌안) Vocalist, Visual 2016–present

    Yuto (유토) Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer 2016–present

    Kino (키노) Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group, Center, Composer 2016–present

    Wooseok (우석) Main Rapper, Maknae 2016–present

    Jinho (진호)[7] Main Vocalist 2016–present **INACTIVE DUE TO MILITARY ENLISTMENT**

    Hui (후이) Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Composer 2016-present **INACTIVE DUE TO MILITARY ENLISTMENT**

    IV. Discography:


    Studio albums

    Universe : The Black Hall (2020)

    Mini albums

    Pentagon (2016)

    Five Senses (2016)

    Ceremony (2017)

    Demo 01 (2017)

    Demo 02 (2017)

    Positive (2018)

    Thumbs Up! (2018)

    Genie:us (2019)

    Sum(me:r) (2019)

    We:th (2020)

    Love or Take (2021)

    Digital singles

    "Beautiful" (2017)

    "Stay" (2017)

    "Eternal Flame" (2020)


    "One" (with (G)I-DLE, BTOB, CLC, HyunA, Jo Kwon, Yoo Seon Ho) (2018)


    "Twenty-Twenty OST Part.1" ("Twenty-Twenty") (2020)

    "Replay OST Part.1" ("Honey Drop") (2021)

    Other releases

    "Basquiat" (2020)


    Studio albums

    Universe : The History (2020)

    Mini albums

    Gorilla (2017)

    Violet (2018)

    Shine (2018)


    "Cosmo" (2019)

    "Happiness / Sha La La" (2019)

    Digital singles

    "Daisy" (2020)


    Digital singles

    "Gorilla (Chinese Ver.)" (2017)

    V. Concerts:

    Solo concerts

    Tentastic Vol.1 ~Love~ (2016)

    Tentastic Vol.2 ~Trust~ (2017)

    PENTAGON 2017 Tentastic Live Concert in Japan (2017)

    Tentastic Vol.3 ~Promise~ (2017)

    Tentastic Vol.4 ~Dream~ (2017)

    PENTAGON! Great Live Concert in Japan 2018 "Your Whiteday" (2018)

    Tentastic Vol.5 ~Miracle~ (2018)

    Online concerts

    We L:ve (2020)

    World tours

    2019 PENTAGON World Tour 'Prism' (2020)

    VI. Filmography:

    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016)

    Road to Kingdom (Mnet, 2020)


    Reality shows

    Mix & Match (Mnet, 2014) - contestant

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant



    Age of Youth 2 (Cameo) (jTBC) (2017)

    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant



    Spark (Naver TV Cast, 2016)

    Age of Youth 2 (Cameo) (jTBC, 2017)

    Joseon Beauty Pageant (KBS1, 2018)

    The Witch Store (V Live, 2019)

    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant

    Favorite Entertainment (MBC, 2020) - contestant


    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant



    Spark (Cameo) (Naver TV Cast) (2016)

    Age of Youth 2 (Cameo) (jTBC) (2017)

    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant


    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant



    Spark (Naver TV Cast, 2016) - cameo

    Age of Youth 2 (jTBC, 2017) - cameo

    Web Drama

    Convenience Store Fling (Dingo Music 2021)

    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant


    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant


    Reality shows

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet, 2016) - contestant

    Favorite Entertainment (MBC, 2020) - contestant

    VII. Writing & Producing Credits:


    Hongseok wrote, arranged, & composed 4 songs (under HONG SEOK(10012819))

    Shinwon wrote, arranged, & composed 6 songs (under SIN WEON(10019475))

    Yeoone wrote, arranged, & composed 9 songs (under YEO WEON(10012817))

    Yuto wrote, arranged, & composed 38 songs (under YUTO(10012821))

    Kino wrote, arranged, & composed 42 songs (under KHI NO(10012820))

    Wooseok wrote, arranged, & composed 79 songs (under WOO SEOK(10012818))

    Jinho wrote, arranged, & composed 12 songs (under JIN HO(10012815))

    Hui wrote, arranged, & composed 58 songs (under HU I(10012816))