• I. Introduction

    Hongseok is a main vocalist of Cube Entertainment's boy group Pentagon.

    II. Career

    Before joining Cube Entertainment, Hongseok was part of YG Entertainment and participated in reality survival program 'Mix & Match' in TEAM B. He was eliminated in the final episode, which led to him not debuting in iKON. He left YG Entertainment later in March 2015.

    He joined Cube a few months later in July 2015.

    In 2016, he was in Mnet's reality survival show Pentagon Maker, and made it to the debut lineup of Pentagon. He made his debut with the group on October 10, 2016 with the release of their EP 'Pentagon'.

    in November 2017, Hongseok had his acting debut in the movie 'The Love That's Left'.

    III. Videos

    'drivers license' cover

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    IV. Trivia

    • His nicknames are Yang Jr, Hongseokkie, and Honggie.
    • He participated in 'Ice Bucket Challenge', and The 'Miracle365 x Ice Bucket Challenge Run' to raise money for ALS.
    • He did autition for model and vocal teams at JYPE 9th Audition Final Round in 2012, but did not make it.
    • He modeled with HyunA for Clride.n.
    • Hongseok's favorite comic book super hero is Iron Man.
    • He is in the "extra Squad" with Shinwon.
    • He likes working out.
    • Jinho claims he is the best at cooking and has the nickname 'home mom'.

    (Credits tokprofiles.com)