• I. Introduction

    Yuto is a lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub vocalist of Cube Entertainment's boy group Pentagon.

    II. Career

    Prior to joining Cube Entertainment, he trained at JYP Entertainment. He made it through the "Cube Star World Audition" global selection and became a trainee at Cube in 2014. Yuto was part of the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Ssireum Basketball Futsal Archery Championships. He took the gold medal in the men futsal.

    Yuto was part of Mnet's survival show 'Pentagon Maker' in 2016. He made it to the final lineup for Pentagon, and debuted with the group on October 10, 2016 with their EP 'Pentagon'.

    III. Discography

    Title Date Released
    Kuro 2019
    Pencil 2010
    Sight 2020
    Flower 2020
    You are the main character
    Dreamer 2020
    Honki ft. Houdini
    傷〜wounds〜 2021

    IV. Videos

    Yuto solo rap 'Toxic'

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    V. Trivia

    • He can speak Japanese and Korean
    • The Pentagon members nicknamed him 'Takoyaki Prince'
    • He has played baseball for 6 years and soccer for 2 years.
    • He has the deepest voice in Pentagon.
    • He always buys tofu when grocery shopping.
    • Yuto likes black clothes.

    (Credit tokprofiles.com)