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    Well just like how the groups are temporary their success is the same but we do have to acknowledge that without Produce and the group from the show none of these trainees, ex-members and members would be where they are now.

    Nuest had a revival from the show, Sejeong payed not only her trainee debt but the members of Gugudan’s debt with the IOI money and Sunghoon would most definitely ended up like his HOTSHOT bandmates, disbanding with nothing to their name if he didn’t join Produce and became a Wanna One member.

    Even though Produce is rigged it handed them a plate of success and a new start compared to their lives before. It’s why so many join the show in the first place because of their current situations. So it’s honestly not a waste of time.

    tbh, don't blame Cube for cutting off resources for CLC. At some point, you have to cut your losses. Even before the LVER incident, Cube had already given CLC 4 years and 9 EPs to get semblance of success.

    Well Cube could’ve terminated their contracts instead of doing nothing with the girls.

    Anyway, Elkie would know better than any of us what they went through in that company. I don’t like her after the whole China stance but I do feel sorry for her and the other CLC members. If when they disband I hope Sorn comes forward and talks about the problems they faced.

    I have two in mind. Cho Bum-jin of VM Project. He worked on twice’s “Better” and I really would love if he came back and produced their music videos. And I didn’t know this studio worked with Sunmi “Tail” I enjoyed both of their works from my faves. I also see the studio worked with most of IU music videos, Idle “Hwaa”, Hwasa “Maria”, Taemin “Criminal” and etc. So OP it seems this is the guy for us lmao.

    And the other studio is dirextorhqf who worked on Jus2 “focus on me”. Now that music video was so crisp and clean! Honestly would love something of that quality for TWICE.

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    But I’m checking Naive and they haven’t posted any teaser or preview of ITZY “mafia in the morning” so whoever is directing and producing ITZY music video may work on TWICE as well? Or Twice may go back to working with Tiger cave :eyes:

    Jihyo was also bullied in school for looking exotic so she’s been through a lot in life. In my opinion judging from what we see of her I do think her strong, upright personality comes from what she’s experienced and how she’s grown as person. I would think she and the others alike would have compassion for Hyunjoo but not only do you need a great leader but you need to have cohesiveness, balance? in the group for the group to function. Having a strong minded leader is not enough if you have other people with different personality traits not working together. There’s so much you can do as a leader if the whole group doesn’t mesh well. There’s so much you can endure before it eats away at you.

    Age hierarchy is nothing if you have a shitty personality.

    lol I was going to order those yesterday but I instead bought another sailor moon case from amazon :wellr:

    It’s cute huh lol. Can’t wait for it to be shipped.


    But when you get the brushes can you tell me if it’s any good quality?

    Help Me is right here.

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    There’s so many holes in April and DSP stories.

    From the day Hyunjoo left in 2016. Everyone speculated she was bullied.

    When she halted her schedules it was because of respiratory issues then it was confirmed she will be leaving to be an actress. Then in 2018 she went on the unit.

    This all correlates with what she said even mentioning the fact that she got hate from the public for these instances.

    Also, Yena sister got exposed for lying. Those two dates she mentioned that Hyunjoo was sick was because she went to the hospital for attempted suicide.

    DSP is trying so hard to make April the victim using such old tactics when it’s obvious they are holding the real truth because why go so hard to sue Hyunjoo brother and her friends.

    And again I do think this goes deep with Baby Kara as I mentioned in my other thread before. Since her brother mentioned another friend she helped as to why she got bullied. Hyunjoo confirmed she started getting bullied when she was preparing to debut. Knowing the reasoning behind it may open unnecessary issues for them.

    Rumours from 2016 finally become true in the end. DSP really threw her to the wolves when she left and with the whole acting thing just for her to join the unit. She received a lot of negative comments with no proper feedback but now that everything is cleared up I hope she wins the legal battle. I’m happy she’s seeing all the support she’s getting which made her want to fight this head on.

    And DSP not only suing her brother but canceling her projects and stopping her from leaving is such a tacky move nor am I surprised by their inhuman tactics. OP you should really add all her statements. All the details she mentioned is important and was left out in your post.

    Anyway, I have a lot of precious memories stanning April and especially Naeun. I can’t believe Now or Never is really going to be their last song and Da capo is their last album.

    I helped my mom and now my brother has been coming to my bathroom salon lol. Didn’t know how bad his scalp was till he just itched his head and snow was fallin but get a fine tooth comb like this (you see the thin side that’s the part you want to use)


    and buy yourself some Jamaican black castor oil at the black beauty supply store or Walmart.


    Just using shampoo and conditioner won’t get rid of the dandruff since you are just layering more product in your scalp without removing the dandruff.

    In sections apply some castor oil in your hair then use the comb to gently lift off your dandruff. In circle motions to lift the dandruff from your scalp. Afterwards massage your scalp. It’s a process so you need to take your time with it.

    Once you do this you will see your dandruff coming out. I do this to my mom every time she wants to take a shower. I also let that castor oil marinate in her hair for 10 minutes as well for that extra affect!

    Her hair has seen huge improvement from hair growth (castor oil has great benefits) and her scalp went from being flaky, dry and red to being more healthy. It’s a process if you want to see better results but coming out the shower your head won’t be as itchy nor produce a lot of dandruff as it was before.

    Some shampoo and conditioner recommendations is sulphate free products.

    Anything Green Tea is great for dandruff. The OGX products are the ones I buy.


    If everything fails go to your dermatologist and they’ll help you.