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    • Yesss :lover3: Still the same, except I'm active less than before :pepe-tea:

      How are you? Long time no see, I see you came back in force, already in the staff :omgr:

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    • I'm just happy to see you still around ; ;
      You were literally my favorite user.
      Yeah it just kinda happened LOL
      I hope you've been well! I've been so busy with work and my kids it's just ughhh

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  • :borahae:

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  • How were you able to get animated gifs as your avi?

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    • You seem to already did it, congrats! Kinda hard to make them in the limits but still it's a gif :D

  • Hello! <3

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    • Hiii <3 <3 Glad you're here <3 <3 I love the new dp, it's hilarious :D

      Do you wear glasses irl? I do, too much PC time I guess. I also work on the PC so no escape for me haha.

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    • I am glad you are here too! Tbh, I wasn't sure whether I should stay but I have plenty of free time this lockdown, so..

      Thank you! It was supposed to be a gif but it won't work. A very kind user will try to help me resize it because I think I am doing something wrong.

      I can't do without my glasses when I read or the computer. My eyes hurt and I get headaches without them

      I am sure you look good with glasses so it is ok! Like the intellectual you are. 8)

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    • I think the revamp doesn't change anything that much, except maybe the forum is even more chaotic. People want to make a lot of posts to recover their badges :D

      I also can help with the gif dp. I made myself work :) The secret is to make it 128x128 but also resize it to the max size(approx 290 kb) to have good quality. DM me the original gif, it's really fast :)

      Thank you <3 <3 I'm sure you look marvelous with the glasses too <3 <3

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    • It will take me some time to get used to the layout but I think it looks nice.

      They told me they would not allow alts so that might make things less messy. Let's see.

      The BTS badges look so good, I might get them myself this time.

      Thank you! I will do it now! <3<3<3<3

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  • Nice dp. Hobi is so beautiful.

    Glad to see you here. Love you. <3

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    • Thank you ! <3 <3

      I'm glad to see you here too <3 <3 I was kinda worried some users will be gone through the revamp but it seems it was a fast process. :D

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  • Your dp is gorgeous!!

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  • Can you give me links to your sig??? I always lose those sexy amazing JHope gifs!!!

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  • hi can you tell me how to keep a gif profile pic

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    • You need to have a gif which has less than 300 kb and at least 128x128 resolution. Kinda hard to match these requirements so I used an online editor.

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    • Can you give link to that online editor

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    • https://ezgif.com/crop

      I cropped to make it smaller, resize to make it 128x128(make sure the crop was a square), then optimize to have it under 300 kb. The gif shouldn't have too many frames(more than 30) otherwise the quality will be poor.

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    • Thank u

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  • hey hey hey, you're moving fast with the sigs and dps and everything! :D looks good!

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    • I'm born to copy paste :D The dp is my old gif badge and the sig is the one from the old site. ^^ Looks good enough to not bother replacing them too soon.

    • just saw that the sigs stayed, yeah. Well! Fresh start and everything! Should be fun :D

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    • Actually somehow I had my previous sig, not this one. I guess they used some old backup when migrating the sigs.

  • Hello (*´꒳`*)

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    • Hello, love to see you here <3 The new forum looks great given that it's a fresh start. I'm glad we get to keep the guilds and badges aren't gone for good. Good luck modding <3

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    • Likewise, I am so glad to see many nice users have come here! Vestirse is working hard on making it look as nice as it can be, so be sure to thank her later. Yes, I am happy about that too!

      Thank you(╹◡╹)♡

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