Why korean GP don’t support TWICE music like before?

  • I agree but this is the experimental era of TWICE!!!




  • Lots of factors I guess, but as most I thought about were already pointed out. I'll elaborate further on one argument I didn't see as often;

    Lack of individual activities.

    I think what Twice lacks despite them achieving so much success is the girls having a more individual presence on the mídia. If the GP knew them better as individuals aside from just a group, probably they'd be more attached.

    I know that with individual activities there was a slight chance of happening a "X and friends" like happened with Miss A. And that's something JYP probably feared, but since they experienced it before then probably they'd know how to be cautious.

    Plus it's not like Twice has only one member who's marketable enough. All of them are very pretty, JYP could've catered to their individual inclinations (variety, mcing, CF etc.) more

    And the best part of all: after the group disbandment, or a member's departure or simply slowing down on group comebacks, all of them would have a better footing on the industry

  • That's exaclty what JYP wants to achieve with Twice.

    To be known as a group and not "X and friends"

    However, the effect is that the members on their own have less presence.

    To me, it is JYP's sketchy scheme to get the all the members to resign contract when due. If one or more of them get popular individually, it is usually harder to continue as group

  • Now I'm sad. Still grateful for the warmth feeling I got from watching them tho, especially variety shows

  • Did it ever happen to SNSD during their time as 9 membeers? 2007 to 2014? or i should say after their major hit year of 2009, were they able to keep that momentum going?

    I'm curious because I never followed the charts since I only got into kpop a few years ago. Even now I barely know whats happening with the charts. I didn't know Twice's performance had changed that much.

    Mister Mister (the final OT9 comeback) didn't chart as well or do as well as their previous releases. So even with the Jessica situation, SNSD was already slowing down but still doing well!

    Twice is hitting that point. They aren't breaking or outdoing numbers on the charts as they used to but they're still selling well!

  • You lay out a lot of good points.

    The vocal one really resonates with me and it's something that hadn't even considered.

    But you're right. That they have not been encouraged to develop their vocal abilities more certainly plays a large factor in even the material and direction they can go as there is such a limiting factor.

  • Love this.

    We all knew this would happen, Twice transitioning out of their public image would cost them. And it cant be helped, no one can stop Father Time.

    But the girls wont go down without a fight X(

  • On YouTube If you type 트와(twi) in korean, you can notice auto-suggested texts on top. The 1st is 트와이스 앵콜 (twice encore), the 2nd is 트와이스 앵콜 최악 (twice encore worst)

    It means a lot because it reflects gp's perception of twice.

  • Blackpink is barely a year younger than Twice and they're still peaking. So I don't think it's just a matter of getting old and people wanting freshness.

  • JYPE promotion tactics have never worked in the long term, that is true for all their girl groups. Based on that, I don't Twice's situation is surprising at all.

    JYPE brand is not as big as the SME and YGE, which means they would need a more extensive period of a promotion, which of course never happens past the moment the group start to get profitable, after that the company just collect their share from the albums sales and concerts/cfs until the end of the contract.

    It would be surprising if they were more popular now than before. Independent of who makes their title tracks, there is just so much you can do with the type of promotion their get.

    Outside of promotion for comebacks, the company barely let them do any activities that would help them grow their fan base.

  • Your answer is probably the best one here.

    Especially 2 and 3

  • Blackpink is barely a year younger than Twice and they're still peaking. So I don't think it's just a matter of getting old and people wanting freshness.

    Yeah but in the time they’ve both been active, TWICE has had 17 comebacks (and that’s not including their Japanese comebacks) compared to BP’s 9 (BBY/Whistle as a singular debut). It’d make sense that BP would be fresher in the public’s eyes as they’ve barely released music compared to TWICE and their other 3rd Gen counterparts.

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